Monday October 26th, 1998 at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS

Archers of Loaf, Creeper Lagoon, & The Believe It Or Nots

I had arranged for Vanessa and I to meet Greg from TBION at the club around 6pm, figuring they'd get in a quick soundcheck and then we'd head out to dinner before the show. Seems like making plans is always a bad idea and Greg wasn't going to be ready to eat for a while. Nessa was starving so we ducked around the corner to Rudy's for the Monday special - a medium with three toppings and 2 medium drinks for $8.99 or something like that. Good stuff btw.

It was around 7:30 or a tad afterwards when we came back to the club. Creeper Lagoon were still soundchecking and not liking at all what they were hearing. At almost 8:00 the sound guy told them to get off the stage so the opening band could get a quick soundcheck in. They weren't happy about that either. Nothing was quick about TBION's soundcheck as it lasted as long as their set. Generally the delay was the sound guy just couldn't get the monitors happy. Later he wouldn't be able to get a deep reverb noise out of the mix, and would have the house PA up so loud I'd be in pain for days.

Around 10:00 TBION took that stage and I went up front to listen and snap a few pictures. Soon I was joined by about 30 folks (or about half the club at that time). TBION seemed to have a bit of a following and everyone seemed really into the band. Despite their pop-punk beginnings the band is that delicate mix of indie rock and emo that IS the Kansas City sound. In typical fashion I enjoyed the songs that were a little more off-kilter, though the crowed seemed to like the catchy three-chord stuff the best. Mike (vocals & guitar) wasn't much of a front man and seemed a little uncomfortable working the crowed though Greg (guitar & vocals) stepped up to the mic and got the crowed more engaged. They finished with a long sprawling instrumental number that I really enjoyed.

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Creeper Lagoon were up next and it took them a little while to get the stage set up. I'm not sure where they are from but they have a couple of CDs out and have toured supporting some big acts. This time they were out with "the Loaf." I was hella tired and at one point actually dozed off during their set but I understand from talking to a few other folks I may not have been alone. However there were 50 or 60 folks standing up front of the 100 or so folks in the club.

CL are a loose jamming sort of indie rock band with few dynamics or engaging hooks at all. They were nice and soothing (like a lullaby, only at 120dbs) but really not all that interesting. I'm not sure how long they played, but it seemed like too long before they ended their set saying "If anyone has any Broccoli please come see us." Not being hip on the lingo, my mind starting mulling it over when the vocalist chimed to clear things up saying, "He means if anyone wants to smoke some pot with us, come on up." Exactly. Take indie rock and bury it under a layer of stoner rock and voila, Creeper Lagoon.

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A half of the crowd (about 200 total) had now pushed forward to see The Archers of Loaf, but being the rude sort, I pushed my way forward to the front of the stage where I could get a few shots of the band. The crowd was really pumped and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The band was running at 100 miles an hour spitting out their short, raw, and hook-filled pop songs while jumping all over the stage. There were times when I feared for my life because their ape of a bass player was just so into it, swinging his Fender headstock much too close to my head. They were great to watch but I ducked around to sit on the side of the stage in safety after 3 or 4 songs.

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Again another show review where I can't tell you what they played, being only the most passive of fans, but it was all good. Also in my fashion, Vanessa and I were both hella tired so we slipped out fairly early into their set, but not before buying a "The Speed of Cattle" Loaf shirt at $12 for Ethan who couldn't make it.