Sunday June 20th, 1999 at The Hurricane in Kansas City, MO
Burning Airlines, Dirtnap, & Faraquet
raw photos

I had to pull a few illegal maneuvers for this show. See the Apple QuickTake digital camera that I had been using had officially died (or rather I accidentally killed it with excess voltage) and the new digital camera that I ordered over the net hadn't arrived yet. So I had to buy the camera locally (for a tonnage) and plan to take back the new one when it arrived so I could take pictures at the show. Of course I'd also have to switch a few serial and inventory numbers and such. It was worth it though.

I got to the Hurricane about 15 minutes before Faraquet went on and kinda roamed around the bar aimlessly looking for anyone I knew. Of course my pals are the fashionable late sort and since it was too dark to read The Pitch comfortably, I just sat down alone and busied myself looking like a geek.

Having only heard the Faraquet split with Akarzo I didn't feel I really had my head around the band. I suspected live they would be so much more than the sounds on that CD and I was right. First off they are a DC indie rock trio, 2/3 of which came from Smart Went Crazy. Occasionally they are use two basses though usually it's guitar/bass/drums the right way. Their songs are winding and very math rock but not in a jerky percussive way, in fact the songs flow very well creating catchy tunes from very unlikely arrangements. The band got a great response from the growing crowd and I began to envy 404 Records for having released that split.

A few friends showed up to help me waste the time before Dirtnap began. Dirtnap started off in KC before moving to Chicago and it shows as a Season to Risk and Shiner rock feel really scultps their sound. There were indie rock elements and some nice things done with the quiet parts but really I thought they were pretty dull. After Dirtnap finished their long set, a friend commented "Shiner looks different tonight.", I'm not sure about that, but it wasn't my cup of herbal tea.

The crowd stuck pretty close to the stage after Dirtnap in preparation for Burning Airlines. I dropped in the ear plugs because the house music was just WAY TO FUCKING LOUD and staked a claim in front of the stage. Comparison are inevitable between Burning Airlines and Jawbox so I wont pretend otherwise. Jawbox were brilliant, BA are more consistent. Their songs are full of power and grace, they're catchy, warm and comfortable and it all came across live as intimate despite the packed club.

The set seemed fairly short for a headliner. Maybe 45 minutes I suppose before returning for a single song encore of a Cheap Trick tune. J.'s strap slipped during the song and he finished the set kneeling on the floor singing into a bent over microphone. It was a perfect ending to a lovely show.