Monday August 18th, 1997 at the Fusebox in Kansas City, MO

Empire State Games, King for a Day, The Get Up Kids, The Enkindels & Boy Sets Fire.

My first show since I moved out here a week ago and its hard to find a better line up. The club is at 41st and Troust this bombed out area on the near east side. The only entrance is from around back but if you see the body mod shop you know you're in the right place.

The Fusebox is like most collective organized spaces I've been to (though this isn't a collective) in that it's in a rough area, the floors, walls and ceilings aren't in the best of shape and the suburban kids have to lie to keep their parents from knowing where they are spending their evenings. There is a nice stage and a decent PA for vocals though. For the Indy kids just imagine the SitCom but with no carpet on the floors, lots of [nasty sexist] tagging on the walls, high end on the vocals and folks drinking and smoking inside. At least those were the big things that stuck out at me about the space.

Anyway show was supposed to start at 8:00 so I got there a tad early (since I hadn't been there before I wanted to make sure and give myself some time to find it) like 7:40 or something but KC time is like the rest of hawdcore time and show didn't start until after 9pm. The owner originally wanted things shut down at 10:30 though it was 12:30 before bands got packed up easily.

There were about 30 or so paying kids and another 30 in or with bands so a pretty small show. Of course it was a school night for the kids in 'burbs so who knows. The crowd seemed to be a bit on the older side and its quite conceivable that I wasn't the oldest person there. At first it was like 80% male but due to a late grrl surge it was about 60/40. No real crusty punks, a skin and a bird or two, a handful of hawdcore and sXe kids but mostly a lot of fashion emo kids including two grrls dressed to the nines who seemed awfully friendly to the bands. I say no more bascially because I'm just talking out the side of my ass here.

ESG (from MI) played first and I really enjoyed them. 4 piece with a singing guitarist in a sweater vest, great bass player and generally pretty fast for the emo camp. I liked 'em so much I bought a 7", though that was kinda disappointing.

KFAD (from parts I don't remember) played next. Pretty emo again though they were enjoyable and they had a few parts where they got up and rocked so we could all sway a little faster. Nice vocals with an occasional well placed backing vocal.

I missed GUK as I was chatting outside with Chad (shit I hope that's his name) and Nicole. I figured I'd get to see GUK a few more times since they is locals and making friends is kinda important when you just move to a new town.

TE (from Lousiville) were next. They have been doing it for a while and they showed they know how to work a crowd and they played a short (they had to) set that everyone really got into. If you haven't seen them in a while they are much like they have been for years. Kinda like a 1992 Split Lip though they are a bit more rock and roll than they used to be and a little bit of Avail and By The Grace of God sound was happening there too.

BSF (from DE) headlined and played a very intense set. One of the guitarists (all 5 bands had two guitarists) said "We've had enough of happy hardcore, lets get mean" or something like that. They were hardcore most of the time and when they were trying to get nekkid it kinda reminded me a bit of Jihad but these guys aren't that crazy. Other times they could have been "cry in your Ridilin emo rock" especially the song about realizing that things you were told by your parents when you were five might have been right after all, don't ask. Good but not as good as I was told to expect. I was told it was kinda an off show since the band was rushed and it was late.

Anyway the show was pretty friendly and laid back and the bands all seemed to know each other and joke around a lot. Not much pretention which is really odd for emo kids (atleast in Indy) and I did manage to talk to a few folks in a new town.