Sunday February 13th, 2000 at Fred P Ott's in Kansas City, MO
Lushbox & Resident Clark.

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Note: Again I’m back to doing quickies to try and catch up and to buck that whole legitimate media outlet rumour that TooMuchRock was starting to get. Also since Fred P. Ott's has no stage lights, I had to monkey with the pictures and up the equalization so that they'd come out at all.

It’s a good omen when you’ve just signed a band to your record label and you’re driving to their gig and the radio station is plugging another one of their upcoming shows and telling everyone that the band rocks and then they play the radio "hit" from their first CD. Add in a good parking spot, and I was feeling invincible by the time I ducked into Fred P. Ott’s for a bit of rock and roll and some overpriced bar food. Being met by a co-worker’s soon-to-be ex-wife was a little odd, and odder yet was the fact that they were in attendance together. Together.

Although I was a little confused by the bill when I first saw it, Resident Clark turned in a fantastic performance. Their songs are wonderfully catchy, the band are talented, Ted Horrell’s voice is crisp, strong and recognizable. Although they play in a tired AAA genre and aren’t really pushing the boundaries they are an excellent band making great music.

While Resident Clark worked hard to push themselves into the tiny corner designated for bands at Fred P. Ott’s, Lushbox spread out taking precious space away from the growing number of fans. Although it’s not hard to pack a tiny place like this, Lushbox and their fans occupied nearly every square inch -- including blocking the exit. To this, one band member quipped "You can’t just walk out, we’ll see you leave.", and when several audience members did leave (it was well after midnight on a Sunday night) the band called them out for it – often by name.

Although the band played a sloppy set, their diverse family of fans didn’t mind a bit. Neither did they worry that the bar’s tiny PA meant the mix was never quite right or that guitarist Rob O’Toole had to try the opening to La Sala... three times before getting it right. Everyone was having fun and being bombarded by powerful pop that was two or three times the USDA’s recommended daily allowance of volume.

Lushbox seem to be entering into a golden period now with a set that is more energetic than any previous, a triple vocal attack from Brianne, Rob and Brit and a whole bag of sweetly abrasive pop songs. The new lineup is delivering on its promises.