Monday February 21st, 2000 at The Replay in Lawrence, KS
Nuzzle & Proudentall.

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A week ago Proudentall played a CD release party without copies of their CD but promised that the CDs would be available at this show. When Proudentall guitarist/vocalist Matt Dunehoo went to sleep on Sunday night there were still no CDs. Fortunately he did wake up from anxiety-induced dreams to a find box of CDs outside of his door on Monday AM. After nearly 5 years as a band, finally their labours available on CD for public consumption.

After driving over from Kansas City (the drive seems to go much quicker if you listen to the Minor Threat discography at full volume and scream along even when you don't know the words), I popped into The Replay a little before 10pm, well before they begin collecting cover at the door. After an incredibly lovely day I was happy to see the patio open and slid into a table in back with some of the scene kids. I had just celebrated my 28th birthday on the previous Wednesday but even at the over 21 shows, I am still made to feel the grandpa. Tonight I heard about someone who was 23 and was worried about being the old guy at shows. He's safe as long as I'm around and I do hope that Kurt Schroader sticks around in Indy so I don't have to be the oldest sXe kid alive.

Proudentall began their set at a little after eleven with the enthusiasm of a band who just got their debut CD in the mail that morning playing to a small room positively packed with friends – odd how that works out. The band's jerky intelligent songs played well to a relaxed crowd who joked with Dunehoo and called out for more of barely-still-guest trombonist Mike Walker. This was possibly the first Proudentall show that didn't involved guitar troubles or Greg Franklin.

Up next were Nuzzle from Santa Clara California. Vince told me the band were good so I was a bit worried when Vince didn't show up until the band was already setting up. However using Vince as my lifeline wasn't such a good idea as upon further inquiry about the band's sound, I learned his opinion of the band was based entirely on a button a friend had sent him in the mail. Vince is great that way though.

Turns out Vince called this one right and the noisy Nuzzle began a sweet set of emotive lyrics, over-the-top tuneless guitar, and fanatic drumming. Singer Andy was entirely immersed in the moment as he twisted and contorted looking like Joe Cocker (you know that weird old guy on the Saturday Night Live reruns doing that Beatles song). There were appropriate amounts of chaos mixed with a pattern of familiarity that always spells success.

Although the guitarist seldom played anything that could be considered the melody he was completely in sync rhythmically and would occasion join the bass for a few climbing or descending notes in a chorus. This of course meant the bass player carried the band's simple 6 or so note melodies occasionally adding some flash or frill to make sure someone was paying attention.

The band were coy and cool -- the way an out of town band who has done this before is. They were ignored before the set, got in front of an audience and did their thing, then got off and accepted the fans and well-thankers that came forward. Like the seasoned veteran I am, I got a couple of donuts and headed home listening to some odd all-babble talk radio program on the community radio station discuss an article on infidelity from this month's Marie Claire.