Sunday October 4th, 1998 at the Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS

The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil

When I called the club told me the show was going to start at a 5pm, and "it probably would start on time", so I headed out of Kansas City with special kid Brett around 4:00. I was looking forward to this early show and getting home at a decent hour, but ya gotta know that never works.

It had been raining most of the day (and most of the week actually) but the trip wasn't too bad with the exception of one pretty powerful storm surge around Eudora that slowed us down from 80mph to 45mph. We got to Lawrence about 15 minutes early and ran to the Replay to get out of the rain. It's always a nasty feeling when you're the only one in a club when you think it should be full. Brett has no fears though and asked the bar tender what time the show was to start. "6pm, but none of the bands are here and it's pretty nasty weather out there."

I took a seat looking out the windows and just stared at the rain coming down. Pepper showed up a few minutes later and then we walked over to Love Garden. I didn't buy anything but they did give me back all of my CDs saying they didn't sell a one. Hella disappointing. Thinking the show would be starting soon, we headed back.

Turns out the show wouldn't start until after 7:30, and the 90 Day Men (who were supposed to open) didn't show up until after that. So for another 2 and a half hours the 50 or so folks who their $5 just hung out in the club, or outside under the protective awnings. We all complained (and bonded) and it was nice. I saw a lot of people I knew and was introduced (usually indirectly) to a lot of people I had seen at shows for the last year but never knew, so that was actually pretty good. It was fun to hear everyone's stories of how they had to drive through a tornado or a hurricane to get to the club. Punk rockers are so full of shit, ya gotta love that.

Around 7:30 or so Jets to Brazil set up in the TINY club and were surrounded by 75 or 100 folks. I was about 2 feet from the 2nd guitarist's head all night. I hope my breath was okay. The band was a four piece but I couldn't tell you who the 2nd guitarist was. I have seen him before, "so he's important" but I am not important enough to remember who he is. The band is of course led by Blake from Jawbreaker with members from Handsome and Texas is the Reason as well. I didn't know exactly what to expect but they really did kick my ass. I couldn't imagine a better show, a better band, or better songs. They were total hook, 100% indie pop. It reminded me less of the members' previous projects and more of David Lowery and Gary Numan which are of course two very good things.

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Next up was The Promise Ring. I always thought they were pretty boring but Pepper tried to convince me they had gotten much more interesting with their last album. The crowd really packed in to see them and it was hard for me to find a spot where I could spy the band. The band were tight, Davey worked the crowd well, keeping them entertained and engaged but not separated from the band. Everything about them was good. However it just didn't interest me so after about 6 songs I went outside to shoot the shit with some equally jaded kids out there.

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When the PRing was done I rounded up SK Brett and another kid who needed a ride back to KC and we headed back out to KC (but not without stopping at Dunkin' Donuts where SK Brett ate 4 donuts in under two minutes). I told Vanessa I'd be home by 7:30 or so and by now it was 10:00 so I tried to call her from the Dunkin' Donuts but the phone was dead. I didn't think much of it, I just thought their payphone was out of order. No big deal right? Yes, big deal. When we arrived in KC we found that the interstate was shut down due to rain and we had to wind our way through the suburbs to get back into midtown. Roads were covered in mud, and cars were in creeks, flipped over, and on top of each other. Turns out most of KC had been under water that evening. Who'd've guessed?

Note about the pictures: I normally don't include pictures but I figured I'd try it this time. These are pretty much the raw monkies as taken with a Apple QuickTake 150. I ran them through a quick color filter and resizer, but I didn't bothered to clean or crop. Bolded entries I think are worth viewing others pretty much suck. Please don't steal my photos without telling me, if ya ask I'll give you the original higher res beast.