Sunday December 31st, 2000 at El Torreon in Kansas City, MO
Revolvers, The Break-Ups, Annie on My Mind, The Gadjits, Tanka Ray

Brandon, Our Emcee Revolvers The Break-Ups The Gadjits [more]

[Note: I took a ton of pictures but it was so packed that I couldn't get the money shots, and thus none of them seem very stunning. Over-all though this was an incredible show that I unfortunately don't have words for. Whenever that happens from this point forward I'll just use the following generic show account provided by Brad:]

this band was really good. they played real good. they sang really well, and their voices sounded really good. i also liked how they talked about fuinny things in between songs. like "we need money, so buy our stuff so we can get home" and "does anyone have any weed?" when they all jumped up in the air at the same time i thought that was really rock starish and really good for the show. overall, id say this band was a really good band that you should check out. rock!