Wednesday June 9th, 1999 at Streetside Records in Overland Park, KS.
Tiltwheel, Panthro UK United 13, & The Hillary Step

I called Streetside Records in Overland Park to find out about the show and found out the first band was going on at 6:30pm. I just don't know what it is about The Hillary Step and early start times! I left work around 5:30 and headed out to the 'burbs in the nasty I-35S rush hour traffic. It wasn't but a few miles before my station wagon was dwarfed by the Navigators, Expeditions, Pathfinders and other moose-mobiles that inhabit the road to Overland Park.

I arrived a little after 6 to find all bands present which was a nice shock, however there was a lack of audience. Again a 6pm show time bites The Hillary Step in the ass.

I helped the band set up and hung out for a while chatting with the bands and such before THS sat down in a corner of the record store to play. The band played a quick 5 song set (the "get it over with" setlist I imagine) that was somewhat lackluster. They sounded pretty good and there was energy, but it wasn't concentrated or focused. The fact they played to only about 10 people didn't help either. After the set, the bass player from Tiltwheel asked if Giant's Chair was still together and then went on talking about how Kansas City The Hillary Step sounded.

Panthro UK United 13 set up next cranking their amps to 11 to punish the store for allowing them to play I guess? The band was unmistakably Florida pop punk with an emphasis on the punk. Sounds were fast and simple and immediately catchy. All instruments worked to hit you over the head with their sound. Pretty good band but not my thing at all.

It was during their set that hordes of little kids started showing up. Evidently a local church had sent out about 10 groups on a video scavenger hunt and all ended up at Streetside records where they had to be videotaped singing "Mmm Bop" with someone. It was nearly cute at first though it got annoying after the third or forth group.

Tiltwheel set up their gear determined to be as loud as Panthro but with twice the attitude. Before they played another group of kids came in with a video camera, Davey looked over at them and said "Mmm Bop?" they giggled yes and then after three tries he found the chord he wanted and played the song and sang and danced. The little grrls seemed to like it and be scared of it at the same time. It was kinda fun.

The band is pretty faced paced power pop owing much to late 80s bands like J-Church, and Samiam - never quite so sweet, but definitely with all the hooks. The band was having a blast and brought in another 10 or so high school grrls off the street to sit down and listen. Davey was hilarious and as someone would leave the rekkid store he'd follow 'em outside and play on the sidewalk to them. Loads of fun. They played a long, loud set which was appreciated by the core audience though the goth kids behind the counter and the patrons may not have been up for three loud bands.

I bought a couple of CDs (Carter Family 1927-1928 for myself, and a Pharcyde CD for Vanessa) and then headed home to catch the 2nd half of the Pacer game with little more than a thank you and a goodbye to anyone in the store.