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Lisa Walker of Wussy

Wussy brought its soul-satisfying indie rock to KC on 6/23, thoughtfully including locals Schwervon! and Cave Girls.


Jerry Frederick of Rev Gusto

Mistakes Mondays returned to the Blind Tiger on 6/20 with a surprisingly rock-heavy line up feature Rev Gusto, Siberian Trap, & Shortsweather.


Britt Adair of The Bad Ideas

KC threw a hot tour kick off for Bad Ideas that featured supporting acts Wick & the Tricks, Faultfinder, & Varma Cross.


Podcast #363 sneaks you new music from Julie Ruin, Struts, Diarrhea Planet, And the Kids, Wye Oak, Cosines, & Lisa Prank.

Jackie Boy of Urochromes

On 6/13 six punk bands lined up to inflict pain on each other, furniture, and their own ears. Check out my photos and video of Urochromes and the rest.


Tammy Ealom of Dressy Bessy

The students may be gone, but the party raged on as Replay Lounge hosted Dressy Bessy, Leggy, & Arc Flash on 6/11.


Ian Teeple of Warm Bodies

Punk rock and skateboards are two of the most powerful forces in the universe. Check out my pics and video of Warm Bodies and Chasm playing the Harrison Street DIY skate spot.


Podcast #362 proves I'm a gambler with new tunes from Hayman Kupa Band, Koufax, Thomas Cohen, Broncho, California Snow Story, Mark Kozelek, & Daniel Romano.

Justin Jackson of Plug Uglies

Night 1 of Center of the City Fest V welcomed some perennial favorites, introduced some new gems, and even featured some punks that didn't play punk at all.


Podcast #361 is not afraid of drift. Hear new music from Plastic War, Jettison, Supermoon, Ancient Shapes, She's, Leapling, Fear Of Men, & Paul Simon.

Go Generation

What started as a night for flowery folk made its way to fiery mod-revival. Check out my account, photos, & video of Go Generation, Boot Hill, Major Matt Mason USA, Not Sisters, & Maggie Henehan.


Podcast #360 isn't too scary w/ Intrepid Hearts, Kid Congo Powers, Shanghais, Knife Pleats, Helen Love, Hurry, Those Pretty Wrongs, & Evil Conduct.

Neil of Intrepid Hearts

Punk, punk, and more punk as Intrepid Hearts, Validation, Veil, Chasm, & Phantom Head played to an East Wing crowd on 5/25.


Podcast #359 satisfies with new music from Car Seat Headrest, Childbirth, Beverly, Peach Kelli Pop, Phantoms, Backseat Angels, & Trevor Sensor.

A Giant Dog

My tour of KC's basements continued when TMR sought out A Giant Dog, Wet Ones, Drugs & Attics, & Lil Toughies on 5/15.


Olivia Gibb of Warm Bodies

Suddenly basement shows are where its at as Warm Bodies, Constant Insult, and Shortsweather rocked East Wing on 5/13.


Podcast #358 surprises w/ Francoise Hardy, Constant Insult, A Giant Dog, John Velghe, Dead Ven, Stiff Little Fingers, & You Won't.

Lethal D of Bacon Shoe

Kansas City got profoundly weird when Bacon Shoe were joined by HMPH and Lovergurl on 5/9 at Minibar.


Suzy Bones of Witch Jail

All of downtown was buzzing with First Friday activities, but it was really noisy inside as Witch Jail, Red Kate, and Blondie Brunetti performed


Podcast #357 returns w/ Deardarkhead, Close Lobsters, The Posies, The Connection, Mean Jeans, The Freeze, & Atoms and Void.

Stephanie Eckermann of Toad Tartare

All rules were ignored at East Wing when Toad Tartare, Little Big Bangs, Scammers, & Schwervon played on 4/29.


Cliff Hanger of The Freeze

Midtown punks piled into Minibar on 4/27 for The Freeze, Red Kate, & Bad Ideas.


Podcast #356 comes with an apology as well as music from Har Mar Superstar, Coathangers, Baby Ghosts, Simpletones, Margo Price, Nudie, & Amon Amarth.

Bill McShane of Ultimate Fakebook

On 4/14 four bands reunited to celebrate one wedding. Check out my photos and video of Ultimate Fakebook, The Dead Girls, Podstar, & The Touchdowns.


Red Kate

On 4/2 there was a show for, by, and of the locals featuring Red Kate, Bad Ideas, Pedaljets, & Brannock Device.


Podcast #355 resurfaces w/ Burning Hell, Weezer, Tacocat, Beebe Gallini, Colour Me Wednesday, Lush, & Comsat Angels.

Podcast #354 packs 'em in w/ Tacocat, Damien Jurado, Parquet Courts, Grubs, Free Cake For Every Creature, Milky Wimpshake, Red Kate, Low Levels, & T.S.O.L.

Podcast #353 wants you to rock out w/ Bob Mould, Puff Pieces, B-Movie, Fake Boyfriend, Leggy, Thermals, & Brian Fallon.

Podcast #352 is a paradox w/ Bleached, Dead on the Wire, Sheer Mag, Warm Bodies, Via Luna, Tortoise, & Slingshot Dakota.

Mime Game

Mime Game, Travel Guide, & Via Luna met up in KC on 3/11 to throw themselves a knotty little party. Check out my account, photos, & video of the bands.


Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus

A small but rambunctious crowd welcomed Titus Andronicus and Craig Finn back to Lawrence on 3/10. Check out my photos and video.


Podcast #351 is dyn-o-mite w/ Shotgun Jimmie, Wussy, Big Ups, Wolf Girl, Muncie Girls, Sheer Mag, & Smog.

Podcast #350 provides sunshine in the form of new music from Wall, Eureka California, Witching Waves, Peaness, I Don't Cares, Fullbloods, Boyscott, & Hospital Ships.

Frances Quinlan of Hop Along

The ladies were up front when Hop Along, La Guerre, & Doby Watson stopped by KC on 2/23. Check out my account, photos, & video of the night.


Cody Blanchard of The Uncouth!

On 2/19 4 bands invaded Mills Records bringing punk, oi, and a lot of volume. Check out my photos of Brass, Uncouth, Drippies, & Killakee Kat.


Podcast #349 where I talk to much and play Teddybears, Rob Crow, Sun Kil Moon, Prettiots, Endless Mike, & Mickey Finn.

Patrick Westerhaus of The Rackatees

Punk shows in cold basements are as Midwestern as corn. Check out my pics and video of Rackatees, Smash the State, Stinkbomb, Hipshot Killer, & Lazy Ol' Bitch.


James Thomblison of Arc Flash

I scratched the surface of KC’s music scene and discovered Arc Flash, Leggy, Sneaky Creeps, & Lil Toughies. Here is my account, photos, & video of the night.


Podcast #348 really satisfies w/ Milk 'N' Cookies, Knucklehead, Unlovables, Boy Parts, La Sera, Dressy Bessy, & Your Friend.

Jonathan Brokaw of Lil Toughies

It started weird and only got weirder. Check out my account, photos, & video of this Mistake Mondays show featuring Lil Toughies, The Drippies, & Witch Jail.


Arlington Garrett of Soda

When isn't a punk a Punk? When Soda, Phantom Head, and Warm Bodies played KC on 2/2. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #347 covers the bases w/ Booze & Glory, Pouty, Soda, Jank, DIIV, Black Tambourine, & Bill Callahan.

Yo La Tengo

On 2/3 The Bottleneck recalled its glory days as it welcomed back indie giants Yo La Tengo. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #346 opens the cupboards w/ Pete Astor, Maybe Don't, Impo & the Tents, Katie Ellen, Thee Tsunamis, Shearwater, New Order, & Hank Thompson.

Chris Wagner of Hipshot Killer

Punk rock should not be trusted to the kids. Check out my account, photos, and video of Hipshot Killer and The Big Iron captured in the friendly confines of Minibar.


Archaon of 1349

On 1/21 it was metal metal everywhere and plenty to drink. Check out my account, photos, and video of 1349, Tombs, Full of Hell, & Nefirum.


Podcast #345 is the honey badger of podcasts w/ Cayetana, Wimps, T-Shirt Weather, Spells, Courtney Barnett, Savages, & Brimstone Coven.

Mantas of Venom Inc.

Venom Inc. brought true metal to true metal fans on 1/13. Check out my photos and video of the band along with openers Necrophagia, Inner Altar, & Hellevate.


Podcast #344 feels like home w/ Murder By Death, Cute Lepers, Radio Stars, For Keeps, Hermit Crabs, DIRTYGIRL, Mommy Long Legs, & Kitty Wells.


Urochromes, Big Bleach, Phantom Head, a lot of leather jackets, a tiny basement, and a fire. Check out my photos and video from this 1/11 KC show.


Podcast #343 is nothin' but punk w/ Titus Andronicus, Hipshot Killer, Seaside Rebels, Old Firm Casuals, Lion's Law, Gimp Fist, & Sie Lieben Maschinen.

The Life and Times

Although only the penultimate show at the closing Record Bar, it served as a final goodbye for us old-timers as we celebrated with Life and Times, Roman Numerals, & Outhouse.


Podcast #342 counts down my favorite songs of the year w/ Ought, BA Johnston, Rev Gusto, Tufthunter, Sheer Mag, DIRTYGIRL, & Sweet Baboo.

Top 50 Albums of 2015

While I only play a single track from each album on the Too Much Rock Podcast, every album gets many many complete listens before I pick that track. Those tracks are recognized and discussed on my Top Songs of 2015 list, but here is where I get to celebrate the bands who put together albums that were just fantastic to listen to. The list is bigger than usual this year, but there were a lot of bands that deserved to be mentioned.

read the full article

top albums, best of, 2015
Top 35 Songs of 2015

It seems every man, woman, and child is required to produce a "best of" list each year; Too Much Rock dutifully follows suit. Starting December 25th, I begin my countdown with the "Adventure Picks" – three tracks from the previous year that I didn't discover in time but surely would have made the list last year if I had. Then we start the countdown from 35 to number one.

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top songs, best of, 2015

It's the TMR Holiday Spectacular! w/ Helen Love, Sunturns, Sharon Jones, Bill Botting, Sweet Baboo, Cassie Ramone, I Am Robot And Proud, & Summer Camp.

Justin Baird of Wet Ones

On 12/9 I went to a drunken bawl and a hardcore show broke out. Check out my pics and video of Wet Ones, Golden Pelicans, Phantom Head, & Witch Jail.


Podcast #340 is all indie pop until it isn't w/ Mantles, T-Shirt Weather, Trust Fund, Elizabeth Morris, Ratboys, Bruising, & Manegarm.

Joe Queer of The Queers

KC punks young and old showed up to honor The Queers, Drop A Grand, & The Cave Girls. Click for my photos and video.


Miss Hillary of The Hillary Watts Riot

Things got downright weird when Hillary Watts Riot, Sextonic Plates, & Witch Jail played KC on 12/5. Click for my photos and video of the madness.


Brandon Phillips of The Architects

KC got hit with the punk rock right in the face when Architects, Big Iron, & Rackatees met up on 12/4. Check out my photos and video of the night.


The Interrupters

Punks, skins and rude boys showed up on a weeknight to see LA's The Interrupters. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids

It was only fitting that The Get Up Kids 20th anniversary tour found its way back home to KC. Check out my photos and video of the band along with openers Berwanger.


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Upcoming shows I care about:

6/30 Black Pussy @ Riot Room
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7/1 Bummer @ Mercy Seat
7/3 Swells @ Blind Tiger
7/4 Sweet Spirit @ Blind Tiger
7/7 Kowabunga Kid @ Records w/ Merritt
7/9 Eternal Sleep @ Prohibition Hall
7/9 Bleeding Gums @ Gacy's Place
7/9 La Guerre @ Josey Records
7/10 Garbage @ Uptown
7/12 Smash the State @ Riot Room
7/14-16 Lawrence Field Day Fest
7/16-17 Buzz Beach Ball @ Children's Mercy
7/20 Weezer @ Starlight
7/20 Brian Wilson @ Kauffman Center
7/23 Cultivate Fest @ Penn Valley
7/27 Shellshag @ Troost Fort
7/29 Witch Jail @ Holy Cow
7/30 Wye Oak @ Record Bar
8/1 CCTV @ Snake Tank
8/3 Broncho @ Riot Room
8/11 Jack @ Records w/ Merritt
8/13 Madball @ Riot Room
8/15 Joan Jett @ Starlight
8/17 No Thanks @ East Wing
8/19 Architects @ Riot Room
8/20 Beach House @ Uptown
8/22 Sadies @ Riot Room
8/25 Molly McGuire @ Record Bar
8/29 The Body @ TBA