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Rev Gusto

Breezy pop was on the menu on 7/25 as KC got a big helping of Rev Gusto, Toughies, and Dreamgirl. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #326 is deja vu all over again w/ Rev Gusto, The Connection, Patsy's Rats, The Bird and the Bee, Destroyer, & Ought.

Eternal Summers

KC got a blast of swirling noise pop on 7/9 when Eternal Summers and Wild Honey stopped into town. Click for photos and video of the night.


Podcast #325 has winners and losers w/ Veruca Salt, Pomplamoose, Front Bottoms, Legends, Matt Pond PA, Alex Winston, & Golden Dawn.

Taryn Miller is Your Friend

KC's art district celebrated its 4th annual summer block party on 7/3 with an eclectic event that reached out to the whole city. Click to check out my photos and video of the evening.


Podcast #324 walks the line w/ Great Cynics, Bully, All Dogs, Slouch, Mono In Stereo, Craig Finn, & Yukon Blonde.

Podcast #323 is solid like a rock w/ Pale Lips, Eternal Summers, Spoonboy, Graham Parker, Ben Lee, Mates of State, & Jimmy Holiday.

Josh Berwanger Band

KC got rocked on 6/13 when Josh Berwanger Band, Psychic Heat and Drop a Grand played Record Bar. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #322 cares w/ Girlpool, Eux Autres, Hidden Pictures, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Los Pepes, No Ditching, & Sun Kil Moon.

Podcast #321 makes with the punkrock featuring Downtown Boys, Joanna Gruesome, Upset, School, Lovely Eggs, Angelic Upstarts, Expelled, & David Bowie.

Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum

A trio of Nordic invaders played to a sold-out Boston crowd on 5/24. Check out my account, photos, and video of Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, & Trollfest.


Too Much Rock Singles Series

Last night The Uncouth! launched Volume 4 of the the Too Much Rock Singles Series with a last minute show at The Sandbox. The single's A-side is an anthemic, old-school call for unity between the punk and skinhead scenes, and celebrates KC's rich history. The B-side features a powerful take of Slade's 1972 smash "Gudbuy T'Jane" that retains all the glam stomp of the original. As always, I have no copies, so pick them up directly from the band.

KC United:

more information on the Singles Series

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Podcast #320 presents the new guard featuring Hop Along, Terry & Louie, Warm Soda, Dazies, Beach Slang, Mat Shoare, Slade, & Gridlock.

Podcast #319 finds the sweet spot w/ Sheer Mag, Torres, Violent Femmes, Mikal Cronin, Best Coast, DTCV, & Uncouth!

Podcast #318 hits the spot w/ Speedy Ortiz, Built To Spill, Wire, Peach Kelli Pop, Milky Wimpshake, Spoonboy, & Emo Side Project.

Podcast #317 stays to the right side of the Atlantic w/ tunes from Tufthunter, I'm from Barcelona, Stornoway, Evans the Death, Directions, Death Cab For Cutie, & Adna.

Jeremy Enigk

SDRE's Jeremy Enigk returned to the stage on 4/9 joining El May, & Field Effect for a night of music more sincere than fun. Check out my photos and video of the night.


pics or it didn't happen

The Easter bunny brought KC a holy quadrinity of rock w/ Swearing at Motorists, DCTV, Josh Berwanger, & Schwervon. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #316 lets go of some old frieds w/ new music from Mountain Goats, Chastity Belt, Go! Team, Matt and Kim, Billy Sherwood, GY!BE, & Mean Jeans.

Podcast #315 stretches out and unwinds w/ Nick Piunti, Modest Mouse, Stanley Brinks & Freschard, Glen Hansard, Sufjan Stevens, & Merle Travis.

Podcast #314 is punk rock in a strange strange wrapper w/ music from Leadbelly, Slutever, Rats Rest, Dwight Twilley, Modern Kicks, Mystery Date, & Hulrunar.

Sarica Douglas of Lazy

It was all chaos and KC bands on 3/7 as Lazy, Wet Ones, Gorlons, Phantom Head, & Drugs & Attics celebrated the Burger Records Revolution. Check out my account, photos, and video of the show.


Podcast #313 is like the honey badger with music from Screaming Females, Ben Lee, Hello Saferide, Juliana Hatfield, Wave Pictures, Velvet Underground, & Gang of Four.

Hannah Mohan of And the Kids

Massachusetts buzz band And the Kids celebrated the release of its new CD w/ help from Sun Parade, & Tan Vampires. Click for my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #312 asks if you smell something funny w/ Tigercats, Waxahatchee, Mecca Normal, Blank Tapes, of Montreal, Colleen Green, Buck Owens.

Podcast #311 gets it right w/ Makthaverskan, Martha, Spoonboy, Hop Along, Diet Cig, Doe, & Darren Hayman.

Dan Loftus of The New Riddim

New Riddim celebrated the release of its new album in a packed room and with a little help from openers Uncouth. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #310 is totally awesome w/ Bloods, Radical Dads, Sidekicks, Jellybricks, Fashionism, Jeanies, & Nanaki.

Kelsey Wilson of Wild Child

Austin's Wild Child sold out the Sinclair on 1/21 with help from You Won't and Pearl and the Beard. Check out my account, photos, and video of the show.


Podcast #309 promises a wild ride that would sicken even Mr. Toad w/ Decemberists, Anomie, BA Johnston, Mountain Goats, Pop Group, RA, & Pelican Movement.

Podcast #308 pops and punks w/ Belle and Sebastian, Sleater-Kinney, Good Throb, Neighborhood Brats, Deco Auto, Riptides, & New Basement Tapes.


Schwervon! and Introducing Charlie packed Mills Record Company for a 1/9 in-store. Click to see my photos of the night.


Podcast #307 is stricty schizo w/ Hidden Pictures, Popguns, Lemuria, Cayetana, Radical Face, Sun Kil Moon, & Cracker.

Hilltop Panoli of The Family Bed

Two dozen fans spent their first Friday all-ages style w/ The Family Bed, Coed Pageant, & Seakings. Click for my account, photos, and video of the night.


Top 30 Albums of 2014

While the Too Much Rock Podcast is built around singles either catchy or impossible to deny (see my Top Songs of 2014), I also like to recognize bands who put together entire albums of wonderful songs that set a consistant mood. Each of these albums below are owed an entire listen – not just a quick 30-second sampling of the hits. That said, I know time is precious so I have highlighted a couple of tracks per release that are really stand-outs. If you like these tracks, do pick up the entire album, you wont be disappointed. Pinky swear.

see my list

top albums, best of, 2014

On 12/31, exactly 14 years after the band's final show, KC's Revolvers took the stage for a raucous reunion supported by friends Smash the State and Chris Meck. Click for my photos and video of the night.


Byron Huhmann of Onward Crispin Glover

KC relived the aughts when Onward Crispin Glover and Overstep reunited on 12/29. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Top 35 Songs of 2014

As is tradition, each year I present my top 35 tracks to honor the time spent in the early '90s as Music Director at (the now-defunct) WQAX in Bloomington, IN. Why 35? Because that is how many songs I reported each week to the CMJ. So, here are my top 35 tracks of 2014, along with five adventure picks. I know it should be only three, but my charts were never very precise in the first place.

read the full article

top songs, best of, 2014

Podcast #306 counts down the best songs for 2014 w/ Ex Hex, Shellac, Family Bed, Comet Gain, Bob Mould, New Pornographers, & The Cry.

The New Riddim

KC's New Riddim gave the gift of free rocksteady to a holiday-weary crowd on 12/27. Click for more photos and video of the evening.


Podcast #305 is the 2014 Christmas Spectacular w/ Living Sisters, Sons of Great Dane, Over the Rhine, Wild Child, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Los Campesinos!, Dollyrots, Reel Big Fish, & Mark Kozelek.

Podcast #304 seems to favor the UK w/ Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bangs, Ay Carmela!, She & Him, Trash Kit, Drink, Mogwai, & Vic Godard.

Podcast #303 love an underdog w/ Empty Moon, Dead Girls, Diarrhea Planet, Billy Thermal, Lunchbox, Lovin' Spoonful, & Adna.

Podcast #302 covers the bases w/ Amanda X, Wolfhounds, Parkay Quarts, TV Smith, A Pregnant Light, Fugazi, & Frosttide.

Cameron Hawk of The Dead Girls

Dead Girls played its first of 3 regional farewell shows in Lawrence on 11/22. The power pop band was joined by See Through Dresses and Author and the Illustrator. Check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #301 feels like TMR w/ The Cry, Jazz June, Mineral, Chumped, Boyracer, Hulaboy, Colour Me Wednesday, & Desertshore.

Sallie Ford

I traveled to Boston on 11/12 to catch Sallie Ford, Crooked Fingers, and And the Kids perform for dedicated fans and the merely curious. Check out my account, photos, and video of the night.


Brendan Hangauer is Empty Moon

With the help of support acts Mat Shoare and Rev Gusto, Empty Moon both kicked off its Midwest tour and celebrated the release of its new album. Check out my account, photos, and video of the night.


Celebrate podcast #300 w/ Nude Beach, Rancid, Single Mothers, Sallie Ford, Erlend Oye, Jen Wood, & Trophywife.

Brett Scott of Maiden KC

Three KC bands decided to skip the slutty nurse costumes this year and instead transform into their favorite bands. Check out my account, photos, and video of Maiden KC, Murderhead, & Rockets to Russia.


Podcast #299 isn't afraid of you. Listen to T.O.Y.S, Crayon, Cats, Kittyhawk, Lucinda Williams, Moe Bandy, & O'Death.

Podcast #298 rocks out w/ Ex Hex, Black on Black, Stiff Middle Fingers, Allo Darlin', Popguns, Vaselines, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #297 rises from the ashes w/ Shellac, Martha, Schwervon, Coed Pageant, Mikal Cronin, John Mellencamp, & Graham Parker.

Podcast #296 is simply incongruous w/ Primitives, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Scruffy The Cat, Richard Hell, Teen Death, Folkearth, & Miles Davis.

Cody Blanchard of The Uncouth!

Punk, oi, and rockabilly shared the stage on 9/26 giving the locals a chance to stay up late, drink, fight, and sing along. Check out my photos and video of Uncouth, Degeneration, Brain Dead, & 58 Delrays.


Josh Berwanger

Three great local bands blasted through delightfully quick sets on 9/13. Check out my account, photos, & video of Josh Berwanger Band, Schwervon, & Spencer Brown.


Podcast #295 leans Nordic w/ Chastity Belt, Sun Days, School, Hello Saferide, Alpaca Sports, Tetherball, Robyn Hitchcock, & Game Theory.

Sam Hoskins of The Slowdown

On 8/30 KC stayed up late for a moody show featuring Slowdown, Capsules, & Latenight Callers. Check out my account, photos, & video of the night.


On podcast #293 I just can't seem to shake my pop obsession w/ No Ditching, #1s, Trust Fund, Sondre Lerche, Rentals, Popguns, & Cleaners from Venus.

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Upcoming shows I care about:

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8/14 Chumped @ Middle East
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9/10 Fidlar @ Bottleneck
9/14 Diet Cig @ Record Bar
9/18 The Cry @ Riot Room
9/20 Best Coast @ Record Bar
9/25 Addicts @ Riot Room
9/26 John Velghe @ Plaza Art Fair
10/7 Built To Spill @ Bottleneck
10/9 Kraftwerk @ Midland
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