Sid Sowder

So, Too Much Rock is entirely my fault. I designed the site, I wrote all the words, I took all the pictures. I'm not masquarading as some legit music industry website, here to sell ads or build brand equity. I started this site in 1997 as a place to document my life as it relates to music – to validate my experiences by sharing them with ten thousand anonymous people every month. Social Media on my terms pretty much before "Social Media" needed to be capitalised. It's nothing more than that. Hopefully you find value in that, and if you do, then you're welcome. If you don't, hey thats okay, it's a big net, and I wont be offended if you move on. If you need to hurl insults on your way out, so be it. You might try insinuating I'm a bitter, failed musician, as that one seems very popular.

The heart of the site is my PICS+VIDEO section. The others are pretty self explanatory. I go to two or so shows a week, and I document them. You'll get pictures, usually video, and sometimes my account of the show. Note that these are my experiences at a show, they are not reviews of the bands. As such, I reserve the right to spend paragraphs on my shoes and not even talk about a band if I want. Going to a show doesn't always have to be about the bands on the stage. Also, I may misremember facts, make blind suppositions with no basis of knowledge, or outright lie if I think it will make things more entertaining for me.

All the photos and video you see were captured digitally. This was novel (and ill-advised) in 1997. Today it's understood. Anyway, I've used various cameras throughout the site's life: Apple QuickTake 150, Epson 750Z, Epson 850Z, Fuji S9000, Canon 20D, Canon 5D MKII, and currently a Canon 6D. Because of extreme stage lighting I travel with a cadre of Canon lenses: f/2.8 24-70mm, f/2.8 70-200mm, f/1.4 35mm, f/1.2 85mm, & f/1.8 50mm. I don't crop images or correct many lighting issues, I just kinda toss 'em all on the site using Apple's iPhoto. It's mostly about documentation, not art.

All that said, please don't steal my pictures. The watermarked ones are all available via a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. If you have a delightful use for something I've shot, and need bigger images than those posted, just ask, and I'm sure I'll give ya a nice copy assuming I get proper credit. I have much better quality images than the low-res and watermarked versions posted on the site. My pictures appear on hundreds of bands' websites and press kits as well as in magazine and newsweeklies as well. Bands, if you want me to come out to your show and take pretty pictures, just drop me a line and a spot on the guestlist. Chances are I'll be there anyway if I think you're good, and if we disagree about that, well, you probably don't want me there.