TMR: podcasts

Podcast #700 gets lucky with tunes from Slitasje, The Artisans, The Fun Guy, Soul Asylum, Milly, Desolat, & Queen of Jeans.

Podcast #699 cares a lot about Bat, Soul Asylum, Radar, The Hollywood Stars, L.A. Drugz, The Proctors, Crumbs, & The Decemberists.

Podcast #698 has its nose in everybody's business including Ramones, The Sleazoids, New Race, Soul Asylum, Las Nubes, Remorsefully Numb, Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan!, Swiftumz, & The Second Summer.

Podcast #697 has the hits from Motorists, Brent Seavers, 45 Adapters, Smart Pills, Quincy, Pedro The Lion, The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, & Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper.

Podcast #696 offers you a charcuterie board of Neutrals, Get Smart, Shellac, Idaho, Orville Peck, Noelle and the Deserters, Dog Party, & Spiter.

Podcast #695 rolls the dice with cuts from The Lemon Twigs, Blotto, The Inmates, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Hot Water Music, Les Savy Fav, Comeback Kid, & Arab Strap.

Podcast #694 takes you places with cuts from Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Yankee Rose, Lunchbox, Owen, Y Dail, The Uncouth, Reckless Upstarts, & Blushing.

Podcast #693 continues to pile it on with new stuff from RxGhost, Extra Arms, Surf Trash, Night Court, The Celebrities, The Artisans, Mammoth Penguins, Camera Obscura, & Arson Class.

Podcast #692 stacks 'em deep and likes 'em cheap with blowouts from Steve Conte, Bottle Breakers, The Reflectors, The Yum Yums, Billy Tibbals, The Luxury Item, Go Generation, Itchy and The Nits, & Tyr.

Podcast #691 soundtracks my day with hits from Morgan and the Organ Donors, The Boyfriends, TV Fifty, Heavy Lag, Why Bother?, Rick White, & Hooded Grave.

Podcast #690 is what just you needed if you needed tracks from Cock Sparrer, Emperor Penguin, Honeychain, Jason Blake, The Ophelias, & Joan of Arc.

Podcast #689 is what you came for thanks to Teens in Trouble, The Jetsons, Civil Rats, Friends of Cesar Romero, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Torrey, Secret Shine, & Waxahatchee.

Podcast #688 fires it up with zingers from The BV's, Brad Marino, Burger Weekends, The Wynotts, The Spivs, Is/Ought Gap, The Marked Men, Fast Eddy, & Cheekface.

Podcast #687 is on a roll w/ hits from Heatwaves, Still Animals, Civil Rats, TV Cop, Van Duren, Broken Hearts Are Blue, Teen Angst, & The Ire.

Podcast #686 is the podcast you can trust with tunes from Doubledrag, Shadow Show, Comet Gain, Daniel Romano's Outfit, The Names, & Aprilmist.

Podcast #685 changes faster than the weather w/ tunes from Maddie Moon, Matthew Sweet, Dwight Twilley Band, Mean Jeans, Sheer Mag, Nouvelle Vague, & Dwarrowdelf.

Podcast #684 makes no sense thanks to Sex Mex, MC5, Mary Timony, Matthew Sweet, Abe Partridge, Dan Bern, & Ungfell.

Podcast #683 is something old, something new, and something kind of blue as we visit w/ Lorne Behrman, Eggs on Mars, Ducks Ltd., Gentleman Jesse, Class, Civic, The Sleeveens, & Bill Evans Trio.

Podcast #682 is a quick 30-minute journey to somewhere good w/ The Chisel, Dust Star, J. Robbins, The Prize, Chinese Telephones, The Roseline, Torres, & The Mountain Goats.

Podcast #681 is what happens when I get new records from Gruff Rhys, Hero No Hero, The Laughing Chimes, Green Day, Perilous, Sleater-Kinney, Smile, & The Cure.

Podcast #680 searches for power pop perfection w/ new records from The Crocodiles, Nick Frater, The Umbrellas, The Tubs, Nite Sobs, Uni Boys, Rick White, Caleb Nichols, & Wimps.

Podcast #679 brings a potpourri of pleasure thanks to The Pandoras, The Lemon Twigs, Raspberries, Guided By Voices, In the Pines, Of Tree, & A Momentary Lapse Of Happiness.

Podcast #678 plays catch up with releases from Class, Awakebutstillinbed, The Blast Monkeys, Vial, Wednesday, Kurt Vile, & Current Affairs.

Podcast #677 fits in my entire Top 35 of 2023 including Bonnie "Prince" Billy, The Menzingers, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Tough Age & Danny the K.

Podcast #676 is the 2023 Christmas Spectacular featuring 30 artists and over 90 minutes of festive delights and holiday head-scratchers from Superions, Ladytron, Willie Heart Eyes, Collars, The Surfisticats, The Step Daughters, Oh! Gunquit, The Linda Lindas, Geoff Palmer, The Smithereens, Colleen Green, The Candy Strypers, Lamonta, Vista Blue, The Putz, Theory of a Deadman , Peaness, Bubblegum Lemonade, Bunnygrunt, Dragon Inn 3, Green Seagull, Tarja, The Cleaners From Venus, The Classic Brown, Chris Farren, The Understudies, Catbells, Sam Billen, Bright Eyes, & Corvair.

Podcast #675 is a trip to my happy place w/ Spearmint, The Odds, Autographs, Red Rockers, Geoff Palmer, Erik Voeks & The Ghosters, Raspberries, & Redder Moon.

Podcast #674 is going to take you places with a soundtrack from Single Mothers, Raspberries, Dori Freeman, Olympic Size, The American Analog Set, & Damien Jurado.

Podcast #673 celebrates the guitar with honorees Raspberries, Leatherman, Values Here, Squint, Why Bother?, Outtacontroller, Obra Negra, & Netherfrost.

Podcast #672 asks the obvious question, why not music from Brad Marino, Alice Cooper, Night Court, Catbells, Easy Match, Dirt Merchants, Drop Nineteens, & The Mountain Goats.

Podcast #671 is programmed so you can bop and then drop w/ Who Is She?, Young Francis Hi Fi, Paul Warren & Explorer, Alice Cooper, Damien Jurado, The Distant Now, Nytt Land, & The Menzingers.

Podcast #670 is professional AF thanks to tunes from Ramones, The Travoltas, Big School, Retirement Party, Teenage Halloween, Afternoon Naps, Jetstream Pony, & Heilung.

Podcast #669 is for dappled sunlight and tunes from The Orchids, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, Rattanson, Iron City Houserockers, The Gaslight Anthem, The Mountain Goats, Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

Podcast #668 wont stop rockin' with tunes from The Exbats, Butterglory, Broken Record, Traindodge, Class, Sparrowhawk, Philip Lynott, & Kurt Baker.

Podcast #667 features all brand new records by Pale Blue Eyes, Tough Age, Sullen Eyes, Vintage Crop, Swansea Sound, Stomper 98, Intimidation, & Flooding.

Podcast #666 was always going to be an all metal affair. Join me for tunes from Storm, Ensiferum, Grimner, Manegarm, & Finsterforst.

Podcast #665 visits with some really good new records from Thank You I'm Sorry, Ryan Allen, Jeff Rosenstock, Petite League, Nick Piunti, Seablite, Slowdive, & Gemini Parks.

Podcast #664 suggests you take it easy with The Vye, The Dreaded Laramie, Cinema Hearts, The Skylarks, The Natvral, Teenage Fanclub, & Aganthros.

Podcast #663 is a delightful sampler platter featuring Worriers, The Chisel, The Uncouth, RxGhost, Constant Insult, Chronics, The Taxi Boys, & Cloak.

Podcast #662 might be the cheeriest podcast ever thanks to Lisa Beat and the Liars, Funeral Cake, Smile Too Much, The Five Year Plan, Postal Blue, Soft Science, Sea Lemon, & The Radio Field.

Podcast #661 returns with some road-tested rock & roll thanks to Chris Farren, The Connells, Dan Jones and The Squids, Queen, Boogie Hammer, BBQT, & Ratboys.

Podcast #660 invites you to spend 30 minutes w/ Oil Change, The Pooh Sticks, Tamar Berk, Telethon, the 1981, Drop Nineteens, & Heidi Lynne Gluck.

Podcast #659 gets the glow up thanks to Cyanide Pills, Graham Parker & The Goldtops, Dwight Twilley Band, The Whiffs, Big Dipper, Landfill, Screen Door Submarine, Ferris Wheel Regulars, & The Ape-ettes.

Podcast #658 may be a bridge too far with tunes from The Drowns, Guided By Voices, Big Dipper, Danny the K, Molly Tuttle, & Agriculture.

Podcast #657 requires you verbally consent to rock because Bryan Bielanski, Big Dipper, Crabber, Parry, Stay Lunar, Private Lives, The Ape-Ettes, Honey Spider, & Rick White.

Podcast #656 is a power pop powerhouse featuring Cyanide, The Barreracudas, The Flashcubes, The Goods, The Barracudas, Ron Emory, The Penske File, & The Oxys.

Podcast #655 spins the tunes you need to hear from Ian Hunter, The Particles, Jeanines, Skating Polly, Taxi Girls, Don't Sleep, Carissa Johnson, Militarie Gun, & Mountain Goats.

Podcast #654 suggests you spend your hot summer nights with Gumbo, Slip-ons, The Embarrassment, Fastbacks, Camp Cope, Sweeping Promises, The Dead Milkmen, & Spine.

Podcast #653 takes you on a wild ride featuring Snapped Ankles, The Budweisers, Pretty Matty, The Photocopies, The Sensibles, Internet Dating, The Mountain Goats, Nature Boys, & Brennen Leigh.

Podcast #652 will be blasting from every boombox at the beach thanks to Bully Pulpit, Corvair, Pony, Eggs on Mars, Fourth of July, Lo Fives, Sex Mex, & Dream Wife.

Podcast #651 powers through with help from Hard-Ons, Swimming Tapes, The Jack Cades, Panic Pocket, The Sparks, Couch Serf, & Nostalghia.

Podcast #650 is what a Too Much Rock podcast sounds like w/ new tunes from Andrew Connor, Fastbacks, Night Court, Rainy Day Cat Parade, Rancid, Aggressive, Joust, & Nightosphere.

Podcast #649 is the gumbo you need with music from Ghost, Crass, Spider Babies, The Aquadolls, Beach Fossils, & Iris DeMent.

Podcast #648 makes life better with tracks from Shit Present, Trash, Les Lullies, The Jackets, B.A. Johnston, The Ballet, & Dropkick Murphys.

Podcast #647 goes into overtime to catch tracks from New Pornographers, Cindy, Ashenden Papers, Pale Saints, Darkfield, Perfume USA, & Interrupters.

Podcast #646 has what you need with tunes from TV Party, The Naggs, Suzi Moon & Billy Hopeless, Why Bother?, Poison Ruïn, Blowers, The Ocean Blue, Dragon Inn 3, Dropkick.

Podcast #645 finds some pop in John Prine, Curious Things, Steve Adamyk Band, Street Sweeper, Breathless, The Hidden Cameras, Boygenius, & Chime School.

Podcast #644 packs in the tunes from The Unknowns, Worriers, The City Lines, Sibling Rivalry, The Dollyrots, The Ophelias, Cocteau Twins, & Mork.

Podcast #643 is, as always, just the records I bought this week from Calvin Johnson, Damien Jurado, Warren Zevon, Airiel, Clan of Xymox, & The Hold Steady.

Podcast #642 is all fire with cuts from The Reds Pinks & Purples, Dari Bay, The Speedways, Paint Fumes, The Bings, Ramones, & Unwound.

Podcast #641 has you covered with cuts from Jenny Omnichord, Pat Benatar, Laurie and the Sighs, The Flirts, Whitney's Playland, Gretel Hanlyn, & Heidevolk.

Podcast #640 looks in Too Much Rock's shopping cart to find tracks from Via Luna, Death Valley Girls, King Tuff, Screaming Females, Civic, & Thorr's Hammer.

Podcast #639 has a tune for every dancer thanks to En Attendant Ana, Quasi, Eyelids, Lucero, Heartbeeps, Greg Wheeler & The Poly Mall Cops, & Clan of Xymox.

Podcast #638 returns with unexpected delights from Pink Phase, The Telephone Numbers, Silver Biplanes, The Whiffs, Star Collector, & Abandoncy.

Podcast #637 visits the land of forgotten albums to hear Silver Jews, Laura Jane Grace, Blanketman, Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy, PJ Harvey, The The, & Mensa Deathsquad.

Podcast #636 is a roadtrip with Lola Lola, Ramones, Kepi Ghoulie, King Tuff, Dot Dash, Pool Kids, & Hollowed.

Podcast #635 hopes that you're paying attention to Fucked Up, Billy Tibbals, Blunt Bangs, First Base, For Tracy Hyde, Sweet Baboo, & Moscow Puzzles.

Podcast #634 hopes you like songs from Juniper, The Chisel, Boogie Hammer, Margo Price, Tim Kasher, Field School, Belle & Sebastian, & The Roseline.

Podcast #633 time travels with records from Iggy Pop, Cozy, Epicycle, Ravagers, The Briefs, The Aislers Set, Gaze, Dear Nora, & Deerful.

Podcast #632 is still digging out from 2022 with tunes from Ravagers, Horsegirl, Cola, Happy Accidents, Kiwi jr., Decimal Dust, Static Phantoms, Weird Nightmare.

Podcast #631 catches up with gems from Gladie, The Loyal Cheaters, The Maharajas, The Melmacs, Blanky, Green on Red, Caitlin Rose, & Constellatia.

Podcast #630 counts down my top songs of 2022 including just the cream from Jon Spencer & the HITmakers, Dropkick Murphys, Ravagers, Wet Leg, Orville Peck, Craig Finn, & Dry Cleaning.

Podcast #629 is the 2022 Christmas Spectacular. This year we have 32 festive soon-to-be favorites from Titus Andronicus, Superkick, Boyracer, Vista Blue, The Dollyrots, Creem Circus, The Voltz, Swansea Sound, Lisa Mychols & Super 8, The Puppini Sisters, The Surfrajettes, The Photocopies, Stupidity, Cindy Lawson, Stop Calling Me Frank, Beebe Gallini, The Krayolas, The Figgs, Shy Bits, Modesty Blaise, Corvair, L.A. Exes, The Hannah Barberas, The Shop Window, Silver Biplanes, The Boy Least Likely To, The Reds Pinks and Purples, Sunturns, Rosie Thomas, Phoebe Bridgers, Daniel Gum, & Peggy Lee.

Podcast #628 believes in the magic of indie pop with tracks from Martha, Heavenly, The Photocopies, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Poster Paints, Soft Blue Shimmer, Darren Hayman, & Worriers.

Podcast #627 continues the streak w/ Public Opinion, The Pointed Sticks, Wipers, Moving Targets, Torrey, Private Lives, The Darts, & Dark Holler.

Podcast #626 is just the good stuff including Dry Cleaning, Moving Targets, Archers of Loaf, Sloan, Jim Basnight, The Melmacs, Brad Marino, & Chorusgirl.

Podcast #625 goes back to basics w/ tracks from The Lightning Seeds, Nerve Button, The Damnsels, Power Buddies, The Someloves, Rockin' Horse, & Bill Callahan.

Podcast #624 spends some time with Rhonda Lyne from MMF to hear about the Apocalypse Meow benefit featuring The Electric Lungs, Pure XTC, MellowPhobia, Nathan Corsi, & We the People.

Podcast #623 revisits old friends with tunes from First Class, Alvvays, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Dewey Defeats Truman, Car Vs Driver, Rye Coalition, & Ensiferum.

Podcast #622 is the sound of an Audi flying across New Brunswick. Also it's The Smoggers, Hollywood Brats, New Junk City, Pep Talk, Advance Base, The Black Heart Procession, & Ensiferum.

Podcast #621 is a motley mix of gems from Dropkick Murphys, Starry Eyed and Laughing, The Airport 77s, Cozy Slippers, Car Vs Driver, OFF!, & Why Bother?.

Podcast #620 puts another dime in the jukebox and discovers Peel Dream Magazine, The Radio Field, Mom, Sick Thoughts, Cockney Rejects, Neutrals, B.A. Johnston, & Daniel Romano.

Podcast #619 just makes me happy. So thanks to The March Violets, The Beths, Dear Boy, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, Hayley and the Crushers, More Kicks, & Squirrel Bait.

Podcast #618 welcomes leather jacket weather with cuts from The Photocopies, Suzi Moon, The Paranoyds, Outtacontroller, Sick Thoughts, LYXE, Squirrel Bait, & The Brats.

Podcast #617 is for the real ones w/ music from Dentist, Trevor Blendour, The Chelsea Curve, The Wilmas, Still Ill, Isolation, & Flyying Colours.

Podcast #616 is for the nature lovers like Stella Donnelly, Shoulder Season, Natalie Sweet & Brad Marino, The Prize, The Happy Somethings, Ryan Allen, Piggies, & Diamanda Galás.

Podcast #615 provides all essential vitamins thanks to Pale Blue Eyes, The Smithereens, Nick Frater, Fresh, The Chats, Aunt Helen, & Russian Circles.

Podcast #614 is going to make you feel good thanks to Bishops Green, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, The Mountain Goats, The Anderson Council, The Scooters, Let's Whisper, The Reds Pinks & Purples, & Vintage Crop.

Podcast #613 reappears with gifts for the good little children from Cheekface, Teenage Halloween, Faye, Thick, Cheerbleederz, & Evilfeast.

Podcast #612 rides the roller coaster w/ Colleen Dow, Tallies, Northern Portrait, Basic English, The Tight Fits, Pigeon Pit, Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains, & Lincoln.

Podcast #611 cheats the listening audience with help from Young Guv, She & Him, The Burning Hell, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Bubblegum Lemonade, The Uncouth, Boogie Hammer, & Secret Shame.

Podcast #610 puts in that bounce thanks to Art d'Ecco, Fime, Stud Count, Marine Research, Merry Widows, Wire, The Dodgers, & Damien Jurado.

Podcast #609 is perfect for your 30-minute holiday picnic thanks to The Umbrellas, Los Recuerdos, Los Pepes, Kiss Disease, Michael Monroe, Rudi, The Mumps, & Whimsical.

Podcast #608 is for the underdogs with tracks from My Raining Stars, Janelane, The Dreaded Laramie, Queen Rat, Jonathan Richman, The Devil is Electric, Bootkrieg, & Otoboke Beaver.

Podcast #607 makes you the guinea pig with tracks from Greyson Lane, Supercrush, Extra Arms, Peaness, Dinosaur Jr., Butthole Surfers, & Dratna.

Podcast #606 offers up a musical ice cream sandwich made of Artful Dodger, Field School, Free Loan Investments, Seabear, Torrey, Sea Lemon, & Drifter.

Podcast #605 is all about discoveries with tunes from Flesh For Lulu, Sweet Spirit, fanclubwallet, Mensa Deathsquad, Lesser Care, The Loyal Seas, Flora, & Stud Count.

Podcast #604 wonders if old is new while playing tracks from Ramones, The Clams, The Dogmatics, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Craig Finn, & Yoo Doo Right.

Podcast #603 is something old, something new, and something blackened courtesy of Panic Shack, The Stroppies, The Photocopies, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, & Mortal Thrall.

Podcast #602 is a vacation to the isles of The Feelies, Jim Basnight, Night Court, Ravagers, Say Sue Me, My Idea, & Neurosis.

Podcast #601 wonders if we're winning with tracks from The Rubinoos, Guided By Voices, Cold Years, Hoorsees, Kurt Vile, Tim Kasher, & The Linda Lindas.

Podcast #600 searches for the sounds of summer with help from Romero, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, No Suits in Miami, Jeanines, Courettes, Tamar Berk, Wet Leg, & Orville Peck.

Podcast #599 invites you to rock with Love Tractor, Dany Laj and The Looks, Suzi Moon, Night Court, The Outlets, Wyld Gooms, Jon Spencer & the HITmakers, & Silicone Prairie.

Podcast #598 is the best possible way to spend a half hour all because of Simon Love, Cheap Cassettes, The Del Fuegos, Love Tractor, The Outlets, Fracture, & Even as We Speak.

Podcast #597 is meant to be listened to with open windows thanks to The Lyrics, Chubby and the Gang, Suzi Moon, Ex-Vöid, Beachheads, April March, Even As We Speak, & The Creepy Jingles.

Podcast #596 digs deep for gems from Intimidation, Mystery Girl, Here's to the Life!, Gal Gun, Funeral Candies, Midwife, & Milt.

Podcast #595 is full of smart choices. Listen to tunes from The Hannah Barberas, Superchunk, Gentleman Jesse, Beechwood, The Spitfires, The Chords UK, Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Podcast #594 is show and tell with my new records from Subterfuge, The Kinks, Cyanide Pills, Ramones, Massage, The Psychedelic Furs, & Lou Reed.

Podcast #593 does a bit of traveling to visit with Spoon, Friends of Cesar Romero, Mad Mojo Jett, Mud City Manglers, The Suede Crocodiles, Love Burns, Annika Norlin, & Boy with Apple.

Podcast #592 takes you from A to Z with tracks from The Meffs, The Gymslips, The Courettes, The Neuras, Pohgoh, Flooding, & Bill Callahan & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Podcast #591 starts pretty then works its way to ugly. Follow the crumbs with The Reds Pinks & Purples, Scars, Gustaf, Cable Ties, Vial, Ravagers, & Abhoria.

Podcast #590 is a bop thanks to Jonathan Richman, The Pinkees, Fast Eddy, The Cryptics, Kiwi Jr., Yard Act, & Pedro the Lion.

Podcast #589 urges you to enjoy the ride with Death Valley Girls, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Snotty Cheekbones, Screeching Weasel, Revenge Wife, Mod Con, Datura, & Cat Power.

Podcast #588 is friendly AF thanks to cuts from Kids On A Crime Spree, Artsick, The Pulsebeats, Nah..., Jetstream Pony, Seablite, Nobody's Flowers, & Suneaters.

Podcast #587 returns to form with a bit of everything thanks to fanclubwallet, The Anydays, The Shebangs, Steve Conte, Ramones, Kursaal Flyers, The Roseline, & Frogpond.

Podcast #586 plays only the best from Too Much Rock's Top 40 Songs of 2021. Enjoy tracks from The Exbats, Dry Cleaning, Du Blonde, Har Mar Superstar, Death By Unga Bunga, Arab Strap, & Quivers.

Podcast #585 is the 2021 Christmas Spectacular featuring 24 festive delights from Grandaddy, Four Eyes, All Ashore!, Corvair, The Cleaners From Venus, Petrol Girls, Charley Bliss, Beach Bunny, Fox Teeth, Cloaker, David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, the Popguns, The Photocopies, Boyracer, Alice Bag Band, Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8, Geoff Palmer, Kurt Baker, Nick Lowe and Los Straitjackets, Lisa Mychols, Cute Lepers, Ryan Allen, Crocodiles, & My Teenage Stride.

Podcast #584 isn't quite convinced with the tracks from Palomino Blond, Pip Blom, Marissa Paternoster, Courtney Barnett, Stella Donnelly, Chime School, The Reds Pinks & Purples, & Lars Frederiksen.

Podcast #583 is thankful for Makthaverskan, Mink DeVille, The Jim Carroll Band, Stop Calling Me Frank, A Bunch Of Jerks, Lawmaker, & Mr. Golden Sun.

Podcast #582 digs for the gems finding paydirt with Aimee Mann, The Tubs, Nick Frater, Fur, Swansea Sound, L.A. Exes, Dan Vapid And The Cheats, & Arab Strap.

Podcast #581 loses itself in long cuts from Arab Strap, The Acharis, Motrik, & Havukruunu.

Podcast #580 looks in the Halloween bag and pulls out treats from Dave Hause, Witch Jail, The Exbats, Jass, Julia Othmer, Katy Guillen & The Drive, & Shoestrings.

Podcast #579 hangs out in garages and basements w/ The Airport 77s, Fortitude Valley, The Seams, The Shadracks, The Courettes, Teenage Cavegirl, Nature Boys, Bummer, & Brian Eno.

Podcast #578 plays Jekyll & Hyde w/ cuts from The Connells, TV Crime, Killer Hearts, Teenage Joans, Boy Scouts, Nightjacket, & Elevator Division.

Podcast #577 scratches that itch w/ Motorists, The Peppermint Kicks, Dirty Fences, The Jolt, Chubby and the Gang, Mess, Oil Change, Daughn Gibson.

Podcast #576 thinks everything is spooky and beautiful. And so do The Cramps, Spearmint, Star Collector, Life Model, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, Ducks Ltd., & The Ophelias.

Podcast #575 suggests you relax and leave everything to namelessnumberheadman, Dori Freeman, Daniel Romano's Outfit, The Fluorescents, Bad Bad Hats, Sorrows, Mom, & The Coathangers.

Podcast #574 keeps it steady w/ help from Sleepers, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Bronx, Amyl and The Sniffers, Brent Windler, The Wannadies, & Violent Femmes.

Podcast #573 wants to ensure you get enough vitamin punk w/ music from The Ashenden Papers, Kurt Baker, Control Freaks, The Bambies, Chubby and The Gang, The Jorge Arana Trio, Low, & Danko Jones.

Podcast #572 battles the summer heat w/ Sharp Class, Hurry, Lemonheads, Swansea Sound, UV-TV, Telethon, Turnstile, & Redder Moon.

Podcast #571 plays bingo and records by Yum Yums, Boyracer, The Laughing Chimes, Guadalcanal Diary, Quicksand, Militarie Gun, Nonagon, & John Vanderslice.

Podcast #570 fires both barrels delivering hits from The Motorcycle Boy, Dany Laj and the Looks, The Sorels, The Dents, The Orange Peels, La Battue, The Umbrellas, & Monta at Odds.

Podcast #569 returns with help from Transvolta, Kursaal Flyers, Geoff Palmer, Guadalcanal Diary, Sloan, Descendents, The Jacklights, & Torres.

Podcast #568 is a stream of power pop w/ Tallies, Linda Ronstadt, The Seven and Six, The Finkers, Star Collector, Love Burns, The Connells, & Hipshot Killer.

Podcast #567 runs wild w/ Snapped Ankles, Quivers, Pale Lights, Kursaal Flyers, The Shang Hi Los, & Dry Cleaning.

Podcast #566 is a box of chocolates from The Go! Team, Spoilers, Divinyls, Kid Gulliver, The Mountain Goats, Pom Pom Squad, Lucy Dacus, & Toledo.

Podcast #565 suggests you work on your tan w/ Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Tommy Ray!, The Cudas, The Plimsouls, Radio Days, Los Campesinos!, Kings Of Convenience, & Kursaal Flyers.

Podcast #564 plays just the right songs from Massage, Love and Rockets, Echo & The Bunnymen, The dBs, Redd Kross, Perkele, Giuda, & Phantom Handshakes.

Podcast #563 continues to mine for classics w/ The Catenary Wires, Kursaal Flyers, Rick Derringer, Dr. Feelgood, The Human League, The Waitresses, Guns for Hire, & John Larson and The Silver Fields.

Podcast #562 digs out gems from Giuda, The dBs, The Legal Matters, The Beach Boys, Guadalcanal Diary, Jim Basnight and The Moberlys, The Only Ones, & Los Pepes.

Podcast #561 balances new releases with used gambles from Pastel Coast, The Beach Boys, The Move, Ramones, Brad Marino, Letters To Cleo, & Damien Jurado.

Podcast #560 is jam packed with adventure thanks to Tourists, Joyce McKinney Experience, Appaloosa, Needles//Pins, Guided By Voices, Juliana Hatfield, Illuminati Hotties, Molly Rankin, & Shoestrings.

Podcast #559 is your perfect vacation destination thanks to Gruff Rhys, Prima Donna, World Atlas, The Embrooks, Riff Doctors, Nah..., & The Uncouth.

Podcast #558 takes chances with tracks from Tom Robinson Band, Beach Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Meilyr Jones, Fresh, Fightmilk, Remember Sports, & Transvision Vamp.

Podcast #557 says everything new is old w/ Primal Scream, Du Blonde, Modesty Blaise, Phil Seymour, Knife Crime, The Sea Urchins, The Pale Fountains, & Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians.

Podcast #556 explores the known w/ RVIVR, Teenage Fanclub, Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, The Natvral, Ratboys, The Chessie System, & Sonic Youth.

Podcast #555 is educational with lessons from The Paranoyds, Charmpit, Marine Research, Felt, Art d'Ecco, Fazerdaze, En Attendant Ana, & The Darling Buds.

Podcast #554 just feels good thanks to Early Riser, Joe Strummer, Cornershop, The Veras, Chess Club, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Podcast #553 stretches out with songs by Arab Strap, The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Shamen, Blue Orchids, Persil, & Balmorhea.

Podcast #552 packs in the sunshine w/ Manfred Mann, Dan Jones and The Squids, Color TV, Dave Edmunds, The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness, Wasabi Monster, The Royal Landscaping Society, Axolotes Mexicanos, & Helen Love.

Podcast #551 explores the irrelevancy of time w/ The Gun Club, Poster Children, Pale Lights, The Darling Buds, Club Sinister, Sinking Ships, & Hen Ogledd.

Podcast #550 has it all courtesy of Masshysteri, Guided By Voices, Pere Ubu, Love Tan, The Burning Hell, Marshall Crenshaw, Radio Days, & Ballboy.

Podcast #549 earns its moniker with tunes from The Hold Steady, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, Death By Unga Bunga, Mogwai, Pale Blue Eyes, Mensa Deathsquad, & Phoebe Bridgers.

Podcast #548 is a rumpshaker with bangers from Har Mar Superstar, Strawberry Generation, Stereo Total, No Middle Name, Soda Fountain Rag, Sullen Eyes, Crumbs, All Girls Arson Club, & The Hold Steady.

Podcast #547 searches for home w/ Keiko Mari, Beach Bunny, Paul Collins' Beat, Corvair, Cheekface, Tamar Berk, Western Threads, & Posse.

Podcast #546 turns it up to feature Petite League, Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Gladie, This Charming Man, Raped, Surfbort, Control Top, & Iron Maiden.

Podcast #545 goes back to pick up some gems from Jacques Le Coque, McCarthy, The Hit Parade, Even As We Speak, Fanclub, Cloetta Paris, Tommy Roe, Othello Robertson, & Jose Gonzalez.

Podcast #544 plays some of that stuff you like w/ Berwanger, The Cheap Cassettes, Hayley and the Crushers, Oh-OK, Nervous Twitch, Language Of Flowers, Hospital Bracelet, Strange New Places, & Ryan Allen.

Podcast #543 wants you to find some Bubble Yum and enjoy Hayley and the Crushers, Protex, The White Wires, Groovie Goolies, Bay City Rollers, Beverly Williams, Gum Country, Sweeping Promises, & Lucky Malice.

Podcast #542 a sonic quilt built from Blackstarkids, Death Cab for Cutie, That's it it's Over, Daniel Romano, Patience, Martha & the Muffins, Little Girls, & The Appleseed Cast.

Podcast #541 is direct from my turntable to your ears with tracks from Screemer, The Exbats, Billie Joe Armstrong, The Starjets, The Glitter Kicks, Bis, Cran, & Waylon Payne.

We count down our fav songs of 2020 on Podcast #540. Listen to songs from Outtacontroller, The Budweisers, Daniel Romano, Bill Callahan, Archers of Loaf, Blackstarkids, & The Exbats.

I recorded a 2nd hour of the 2020 CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR for my Patreon subscribers. Later I was told that I didn't have a Patreon, so 17 more holidays tunes for everyone!

Podcast #538 is the 2020 Christmas Spectacular featuring 17 secular tunes that represent everything the holiday has to offer.

Podcast #537 offers you up something new from Wet Tropics, Soft Blue Shimmer, Suzie True, Radkey, Jordana, Ebony Tusks, & Daniel Gum.

Podcast #536 is alright alright alright with new tunes from Beebe Gallini, Dunes Day, The High Water Marks, Neutrals, Vintage Crop, The Snogs, All Ashore!, Helen Love, & Liturgy.

Podcast #535 lets it ride with new tunes from No Thanks, No Thank You, Mom, Die Toten Hosen, Natalie Sweet, Parsnip, Teen Angst, Ex-Void, & Filthy Friends.

Podcast #534 piles it on with Lunchbox, Superchunk, Outtacontroller, Shadow Show, Baby Shakes, The Bralettes, The Lemon Drop Gang, Descendents, & Elvis Costello.

Podcast #533 returns with new music from Blackstarkids, The Mountain Goats, Smokescreens, Supercrush, LK Ultra, The Casket Lottery, & William Elliott Whitmore.

This week Rhonda Lyne discusses the upcoming Apocalypse Meow benefit and spins tunes from some of its acts including Ha Ha Tonka, Nathan Corsi Band, Alejandro Escovedo, Jon Dee Graham, & Kadesh Flow.

Podcast #531 feels the tug of winter with new music from Kurt Baker, Lady Di, Luxembourg Signal, Mega Emotion, Milky Wimpshake, No Germ Candy, & Rapt.

Podcast #530 is a mad dash for pop with The Medicine Dolls, Nite Sobs, Gallows Birds, Attic Salt, Olivia's World, Kid Gulliver, Kitty Kat Fan Club, & Death Valley Girls.

Podcast #529 is E ticket radio with music from The William Loveday Intention, The Lurkers, Bob Mould, Militarie Gun, Ducks Unlimited, The Buoys, & In the Airport.

Podcast #528 is all comfort food with tracks from Ryan Allen, The Bookends, The Persian Leaps, Nick Frater, Shy Boys, Bartees Strange, & Amiensus.

Podcast #527 suggests you hang on tightly and don't let go. Music from Sunliner, Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis, Muck and the Mires, Nothin', Fenne Lily, Owen, & I Like Trains.

Podcast #526 holds steady with help from Daniel Romano, Rudy De Anda, The Crystal Furs, Emma Kupa, The Empty Hearts, The Saints, & Hop Along Queen Ansleis.

Podcast #525 carries that load with help from Graduate, Bully, Vial, Rabies Babies, Bill Callahan, Lomelda, & Cold Years.

Podcast #524 welcomes the return to normalcy with The Ophelias, Other Half, French Mouth, Jenny, Mom, The Uncouth, & Logan Farmer.

Podcast #523 manages these extraordinary times w/ Thank You I'm Sorry, Keys, Guided By Voices, Cindy, Hazel English, Susanne Sundfor, & Ages.

Podcast #522 repairs those bonds with music from Dog Day, The Rabies, Era Bleak, City Windows, Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, Librarians With Hickeys, & Sebastian Maschat and Erlend Oye.

Podcast #521 tells a crazy story featuring Easy Love, The Speedways, Shehehe, Eyedress, Monograms, The Ire, & Kalmhain.

Podcast #520 gives you permission to have fun w/ music from Illuminati Hotties, The Rabies, Harrisonics, Tommy and the Commies, Skewbald, Phoebe Bridgers, Finish Flag, & Inter Arma.

Podcast #519 has gotten a little surly with help from The Beths, Cocktails, Yum Yums, The Budweisers, Margo Price, The Bobby Lees, & Ensiferum.

Podcast #518 is alright alright alright with tunes from The Putz, High On Stress, Nick Piunti, Jerry Lehane, Neutrals, Dream Wife, & Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

Podcast #517 is running scared with tunes from The Cleaners From Venus, The Spitfires, Mash, Tanka Ray, Jordana, Bad Moves, & Gordon Lightfoot.

Podcast #516 pushes on with new music from Melenas, Savak, Giants Chair, Red Forty, Coriky, Kiss Disease, The Fallout, & Darren Hayman.

Podcast #515 is applied like a balm featuring Archers of Loaf, Jeff Rosenstock, The Cudas, Darren Hayman, High Waisted, Best Ex, & Oxford Remedy.

Podcast #514 covers the bases with Magnetic Fields, Jetstream Pony, Diet Cig, Damien Jurado, Spiral Stairs, Daniel Romano, & Shiner.

Podcast #513 is made mighty with music from Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, Fake Names, Ramonas, Daniel Romano, Spiral Stairs, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #512 catches up with Shaun Crowley to talk about Keep the Change, a new complition of KC artists to benefit workers at business impacted by Covid-19.

Podcast #511 is a well-stocked smorgasbord of City Steps, The Rubinoos, David Werner, Goldie Dawn, The Movement, Daniel Romano, X, & Days N Daze.

Podcast #510 flames on with music from Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros, Wyldlife, Rookie, John Prine, the snogs, The Mountain Goats, & Semihelix.

Podcast #509 is as turbulent as the times w/ music from Milk Teeth, Ultimate Fakebook, The Merinuks, Teenage Bottlerocket, Twinkle, Lynn Anderson, & The Lovely Eggs.

Podcast #508 feels about right thanks to Waxahatchee, Neutrals, The Chats, Vista Blue, Rat Fancy, Stiv Bators, Man Bear, & John Vanderslice.

Podcast #507 is demands action with help from Bacchae, The Exbats, Mammoth Penguins, Worriers, The Bombpops, Best Coast, & The Ratboys.

Podcast #506 returns to soothe the hurt with music from Ratboys, The Prissteens, Shadow Show, Jim Basnight, Isobel Campbell, Heart Bones, & Guided by Voices.

Podcast #505 keeps its word with music from The Flys, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphys, Out, Church Girls, Cheerbleederz, Sløtface & Paul Kelly.

Podcast #504 appreciates the art of Frances Quinlan, The Flys, that dog, Destroyer, Torres, & Paul Kelly.

Podcast #503 is pure Too Much Rock with music from Racetrain, Beach Slang, Big Eyes, Big Baby, Speedways, Rubinoos, Marshall Crenshaw, & Sarchasm.

Podcast #502 settles those new year jitters w/ Smithereens, Peaness, Jetstream Pony, Just Joans, Ultimate Fakebook, Midnite Snaxxx, Unjust, & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Podcast #501 in which we share our fav tracks of 2019 by Potty Mouth, Juliana Hatfield, Frank Turner, Empty Moon, The Whiffs, Bleached, & Fast Eddy.

Podcast #500 is the Christmas Spectacular! Break out the Egg nog and listen to an hour of this year's best Christmas tunes.

Podcast #499 is punk AF thanks to The Whiffs, Mini Meltdowns, Fea, The Chats, Gino and the Goons, Upset, Giants Chair, & Ben Lee.

Podcast #498 pairs herbal tea w/ Jeffrey Lewis, Jeff & Laura, Juliana Hatfield, Macseal, Mess, Snail Mail, & Moana.

Podcast #497 is leather jacket music with tunes from Happy Mondays, Baby Shakes, Wyldlife, White Reaper, Headlight Rivals, Bambies, & Tall Boys.

Podcast #496 is dialed in with tunes from Night Flowers, Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, Refused, Screaming Females, United Blood, & Mikal Cronin.

Podcast #495 was bewitched by Silver Jews, Phil Seymour, Fast Eddy, Alvvays, No Sugar, Bad Ideas, & Angel Olsen.

Podcast #494 is a bad influence thanks to Slant 6, The Muffs, Airstream Futures, The Prowlers, Chris Farren, Suggested Friends, Lisa Prank, & Stary.

Podcast #493 refuses to give up with new music from Ex Hex, The New Pornographers, Belle and Sebastian, Chastity Belt, Vivian Girls, A Giant Dog, & Gino and the Goons.

Podcast #492 senses the end is near w/ Pixies, Mick Trouble, Baby Shakes, The Control Freaks, Tommy and the Commies, The Radio Dept, Other Americans, & Darren Hayman.

Podcast #491 might have been drawn out of a hat. Listen to Sheer Mag, Esther Rose, Caitlin Rose, Thelma and the Sleaze, Psychotic Turnbuckles, Surfer Blood, & Groundzero.

Podcast #490 is covers and controversy w/ Sleater-Kinney, The Hold Steady, Frank Turner, Upset, The Reflectors, Shock Troops, Panic, & Type O Negative.

Podcast #489 wants to know if you're doing okay. Let's listen to Purple Mountains, Empty Moon, Shotgun Jimmie, Gimp Fist, The Coolies, The Regrettes, & Jawbox.

Podcast #488 sounds best in a convertible thanks to Bleached, that dog, Craig Finn, Tigercats, Guided By Voices, Suneaters, & The Appleseed Cast.

Podcast #487 demands a fist pumping singalong with Amyl and The Sniffers, Ramona, Bad Sleep, Berwanger, The Producers, Mono In Stereo, Cheap Gunslingers, & The Speedways.

Podcast #486 hits you with everything TMR has got including The Chats, The Exploding Hearts, Local Drags, Jeanines, Dressy Bessy, Bill Callahan, Bruce Springsteen, & The Producers.

Podcast #485 looks for connection with music from The Mountain Goats, The Umbrellas, No Suits In Miami, Gentleman Jesse, Stag Marks Gang, Clive Kennedy, & Pelican.

Podcast #484 is pop with a vicious streak featuring tunes from Tacocat, Brad Marino, Geoff Palmer, CJ Ramone, Romantics, Baby Grande, & Le Grand.

Podcast #483 stomps and coos with Glo Macari, Beach Slang, The Get Up Kids, Charly Bliss, Elva, The Catenary Wires, & 4 out of 5 Doctors.

Podcast #482 rolls with the punches thrown by Drugs & Attics, Priests, John Vanderslice, Thin Lips, The Gentle Isolation, Deco Auto, & The Visions.

Podcast #481 returns with everything that make TMR go including Ansel Collins, Martha, The Coathangers, Steve Adamyk, Hipshot Killer, Wild Horses, Brandon Phillips, & American Football.

Podcast #480 scratches that itch with music from Salty, The Flys, Witching Waves, Teenage Bottlerocket, Jagger Holly, Potty Mouth, Ex Hex, & France Gall.

Podcast #479 has all the cohesion and joy of a college radio program. Join me for new music from Durand Jones, Fightmilk, The Bralettes, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Bis, Dear Boy, Whoa Melodic, & BA Johnston.

Podcast #478 is an attempt to stave off the winter blahs with sunny tunes by Charmpit, Pale Lips, The Trend, Terry & Louie, The Catherines, Nah, Cheerbleederz, & The Peggies.

Podcast #476 couldn't get it all right, but it hit paydirt with new music from Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors, Guided by Voices, Bob Mould, Ratboys, Better Oblivion Community Center, Girlpool, & Eva Nagy.

Podcast #477 is the mix we all expect from TMR featuring Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers, Joe Jackson, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, The Plague, Juliana Hatfield, Pedro the Lion, & Cherry Glazerr.

Podcast #475 quenches my thirst for power pop w/ Five Eight, Radar State, The Continentals, Fast Cars, Bad Moves, Wimps, & The Decemberists.

Podcast #474 hands the reins over to listeners chose Dream Wife, Indigo De Souza, Savak, Turnstile, Tierra Whack, Metric, Anna Calvi, & Lake Street Dive.

Podcast #473 counts down the top tracks of 2018 including cuts from Wussy, The Speedways, Sloan, Screaming Females, Colour Me Wednesday, Paul Collins, The Molochs, & Damien Jurado.

Podcast #472 continues the 2018 Christmas Spectacular with Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert, The Beths, Phoebe Bridgers, The Catenary Wires, Brad Marino, Dad Brains, & JD McPherson.

Podcast #471 kicks off part 1 of the 2018 Christmas Spectacular with yuletide tunes from The Monkees, Blaire Alise, Sam Coffey, MxPx, Rat Fancy, Erik Voeks, Bill Botting, & Wavves.

Podcast #470 breaks out the big guitars with Matthew Sweet, The Rackatees, Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros, Gino and the Goons, Art Brut, Chorusgirl, & Daniel Romano.

Podcast #469 doesn't care about snow, just great music from Suzie True, Dyke Drama, Young Romance, The Stiffs, Crashcaptains, Miss Rayon, & Darren Hayman.

Podcast #468 gets down to business with new music from Neurotic Fiction, Man Bear, Amyl and the Sniffers, Telethon, Jabber, The Bottle Rockets, Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis, & Pouty.

Podcast #467 ensures TMR has a target audience of one with music from Ty Segall, Boygenius, Weakened Friends, Advance Base, Will Oldham, Wanda Jackson, & Dead Can Dance.

Rhonda Lyne from the Midwest Music Foundation joins us on podcast #466 to talk about Apocalypse Meow and spin tunes from Hot Suede, Chase the Horseman, & Bacon Shoe.

Podcast #465 is going to let you decide about new music from Kurt Vile, Calvin Johnson, Los Campesinos!, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, The Dahlmanns, The Skodas, & Mogwai.

Podcast #464 rides that flow with help from Grrrl Gang, Doe, Seasaw, Madness, Racey, The Peawees, & Spoon Fazer.

Podcast #463 digs in the crates to find music from The Windbreakers, The Chills, Fred Thomas, Swearin', Occult Chemistry, Ex Acrobat, & Pastel Ghost.

Podcast #462 feels those cool nights coming on w/ Paul Collins, William Elliott Whitmore, Kristofer Astrom, Princess Chelsea, Greensleep, Single Mothers, & The Mo-Dettes.

Podcast #461 stirs the pot with music from The Passions, Flowertruck, Alpaca Sports, Muncie Girls, Free Cake For Every Creature, & Future Usses.

Podcast #460 is the comforting sort w/ help from Giant Sand, Alien Boy, Sona, Frankie Valet, The Boygirlfriends, Those Unfortunates, & Watoo Watoo.

Podcast #459 celebrates some fine singles from Patsy's Rats, The Young Rochelles, Best Coast, Fresh, Our Girl, Say Sue Me, & Papa M.

Podcast #458 shares the many moods of TMR with help from Emmaline Twist, Young Scum, Sports, Darkle, Midnite Snaxxx, Criminal Kids, Corner Boys, & Low.

Podcast #457 checks in on some old friends including The Beths, Duck & Cover, Outtacontroller, Don't Sleep, The Smittens, Heidi Lynne Gluck, & Katie Ellen.

Podcast #456 looks back w/ help from The Rolling Stones, Shy Boys, The Molochs, Pink Floyd, Cock Sparrer, Duck & Cover, & Kylfingar.

Podcast #455 is gonna need you to open your mind to Idol Lips, Diners, Heidi Lynne Gluck, The Rolling Stones, Optiganally Yours, The Blues Busters, & Party Fridge.

Podcast #454 doesn't ask, it just gives great tunes from The Spitfires, Tru, Thin Lips, Smokescreens, Employer, Chess Club, & Rachel Sweet.

Podcast #453 is for all the boys and girls w/ Big Huge, Dentist, Lucy and the Rats, Dog Party, Racquet Club, Deafheaven, & Catbite.

Podcast #452 just wants you to feel good with music from Rachel Sweet, The Interrupters, BBQT, The Cheap Cassettes, Supercrush, Trust Fund, & Brandon Phillips and The Condition.

Podcast #451 is looking for an escape with help from The Essex Green, Lilith, The Popguns, The Catenary Wires, Dumb, Mourn, & The Blank Tapes.

Podcast #450 tries to right the ship with a power pop injection from The Speedways, Crocodile Tears, Hawk, Brad Marino, Snail Mail, Gobbinjr, & Bacchae.

Podcast #449 gets summer right w/ The Prettybads, Colour Me Wednesday, The Sidekicks, Axolotes Mexicanos, The Get Up Kids, Kurt Baker Combo, & Neko Case.

Podcast #448 wants you to breathe it all in with Damien Jurado, Dott, Shilpa Ray, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Parquet Courts, Pillow, & Quicksand.

Podcast #447 wants to thank you with music from Illuminati Hotties, Peach Kelli Pop, Charly Bliss, Mysterious Clouds, Courtney Barnett, Arms & Hearts, Quiet Slang.

Podcast #446 returns w/ tracks to love from Wussy, Marine Girls, The Catherines, Eternal Summers, Remember Sports, Arson Class, Big Ups, & Frank Turner.

Podcast #445 is for Friday nights w/ Marine Girls, Gyasi, Glitz, Say Sue Me, The Runaway Sons, The Big Iron, Descendents, & Speedy Ortiz.

Podcast #444 sums everything up with new tunes from Popincourt, Fashionism, The Longshot, Say Sue Me, Witch Jail, Quicksand, Omni, & Wussy.

Podcast #443 feels awfully good thanks to new music from The Ex, King Tuff, Spritzer, The Connection, Peach Kelli Pop, Ratboys, & Booze & Glory.

Podcast #442 will turn on you so keep an eye on Jan Panter, Steve Conte, Fightmilk, The Bombpops, Wye Oak, Kississippi, Julien Baker, & Charmer.

Podcast #441 leans heavily on covers with music from Casanovas In Heat, Hop Along, The Smithereens, Juliana Hatfield, John Paul Keith, Sloan, & Sonia.

Podcast #440 is sketchy w/ music from Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, The Pandoras, Alma Cogan, Those Unfortunates, Wreckless Eric, A Deer A Horse, Pale Kids, & Stars Hollow.

Podcast #439 has something for you including new music from Hot Snakes, The Decemberists, Hidden Pictures, Night Flowers, Radio Days, Telephone Lovers, Midnite Snaxxx, & ELO.

Podcast #438 sets the mood w/ The Hold Steady, The Pony Collaboration, Hurry, Nap Eyes, The Electric Lungs, The Titans, Rancid, & Crack Cloud.

Podcast #437 offers a hand up w/ Titus Andronicus, Lucy Dacus, The Breeders, The Dollyrots, American Nightmare, Dicta, & Andrew W.K.

Podcast #436 isn't afraid to play music from Screaming Females, The Not Amused, Camp Cope, Turnspit, The Regrettes, Pale Waves, & Abbath.

Podcast #435 spotlights a very odd music collector w/ Shannon & the Clams, Turnspit, Murph & The Gazorpos, A Light Within, Amiensus, & Belle & Sebastian.

Podcast #434 feels about right w/ The Lovely Eggs, Death By Unga Bunga, Red Kate, Brian Fallon, Awakebutstillinbed, & Marie/Lepanto.

Podcast #433 is pure TMR w/ music from Superchunk, Dirty Fences, Rubs, Drippies, Go Generation, Happy Accidents, Constant Insult, & Turbonegro.

Podcast #432 requires an explanation w/ Selector Dub Narcotic, Club 8, BV's, ONSIND, Listener, Tiny Moving Parts, & Belle Game.

Podcast #431 comes with a cup of herbal tea and music from Belle & Sebastian, Math and Physics Club, Long Neck, Spook School, Anna Burch, First Aid Kit, & Obedient Wives Club.

Podcast #430 feels like an overshare w/ Daniel Romano, Wall, Bombs Over Broadway, Number Ones, Records, Styx, & Belle & Sebastian.

Podcast #429 cools its jets w/ Crazy Squeeze, Electric Needle Room, Yucky Duster, Pale Lights, Jason Molina, Daniel Romano, & Kid Dakota.

Podcast #428 comes home w/ Demons, Menzingers, Telethon, 88 Fingers Louie, Lemuria, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Billy Bragg, & Elva.

Podcast #427 counts down the top 9 tracks of 2017 including Mountain Goats, Wyldlife, BA Johnston, Noel Gallagher, Cave Girls, Morrissey, Black Kids, Aimee Mann, & A Giant Dog.

Podcast #426 is the 2017 Christmas Spectacular starring Charly Bliss, The Spook School, Dude York, Lisa Prank, The Liminanas w/ Pascal Comelade, Seafang, Bis, & Cheap Trick.

Podcast #425 is about as perfect as it gets w/ Noel Gallagher, The Searchers, The Summer Suns, The She's, American Poetry Club, Kicking Giant, & Morrissey.

Podcast #424 doesn't care about Black Friday sales, just the music of Dori Freeman, Bedroom Eyes, Last Leaves, Forty Nineteens, Two Knights, Leg Day, Cadiecowden, & Frankie Rose.

Podcast #423 gets the job done w/ Johnny Madcap, Emmaline Twist, The Phantoms, The Professionals, Arson Class, Natural Man, Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts, & Worriers.

Podcast #422 invites you to enjoy the ride w/ Corner Boys, David George, Margo Price, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Rude Pride, Evil Conduct, & Quicksand.

Podcast #421 lets the heart rule w/ Iron Chic, Sammi Lanzetta, Sports, Bully, The La's, The Orchids, Berwanger, & Henry Jamison.

Podcast #420 is your guide to Apocalypse Meow X w/ music from Brandon Phillips, Headlight Rivals, Chris Meck, Split Lip Rayfield, Sandoval, & Expassionates.

Podcast #419 is spooky good w/ Kurt Baker, The Connection, The Coax, GWAR, Pardoner, Wick and the Tricks, Grrrl Gang, & The Mountain Goats.

Podcast #418 makes it look easy w/ Deer Tick, Last Leaves, Makthaverskan, Quiet Slang, Har Mar Superstar, & Snapped Ankles.

Podcast #417 is insistent w/ music from Who Is She, Tom Petty, Jeremy Porter, High Waisted, Company Retreat, Luna, Deer Tick, & Schwervon.

Podcast 416 knows its place w/ Omni, Radar State, Cheap Cassettes, Single Mothers, Zambonis, Swimming Tapes, & Shilpa Ray.

Podcast #415 winds summer down w/ new music from The Bronx, Jesus and his Judgemental Father, Great Buildings, Florist, Penny Blacks, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Podcast #414 likes 'em short w/ Partner, Slotface, Ted Leo, Teenage Fanclub, Lamps, Thin Lips, Loafers, Lizzie Boredom, & Single Mothers.

Podcast #413 digs deep into the crate for tracks from Best Ex, Modernettes, Shoes, The Boys, Huey Lewis, Piper, & Drugs & Attics.

Podcast #412 spends some time in the wayback machine w/ Rainer Maria, Alvvays, Material Issue, Hoodoo Gurus, Sorrows, Tommy Tutone, & Filthy Friends.

Podcast #411 announces genre is over with new music from A Giant Dog, The Bombpops, Amanda X, The School, Ramona Falls, Mogwai, & Margo Price.

Podcast #410 just piles it on w/ music from Sweet Apple, Gospel Music, Kepi Ghoulie, Arcade Fire, Bill Botting, & Joel Plaskett.

Podcast #409 cleans the soul w/ new music from Downtown Boys, Matt Pond PA, Hazel English, The Lovebirds, The Late Show, Baby Shakes, & Laces Out.

Podcast #408 comes with no disclaimers featuring Hayman Kupa Band, Greg Kihn, Erik Voeks, Palehound, Fightmilk, Pouty, & Snapped Ankles.

Podcast #407 is supernatural with new music from Black Kids, Allison Crutchfield, Tommy Keene, Charmpit, The Regrettes, Katie Ellen, & Lion's Law.

Podcast #406 insists you put on your seatbelt for new music from Sheer Mag, Radioactivity, Vile Bodies, Natterers, Waxahatchee, Darren Hayman, & Vintersorg.

Podcast #405 celebrates the rainbow w/ Ratboys, Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces, Trampoline Team, Moby, The Coathangers, Matthew Sweet, Warm Soda, & Youngblood Supercult.

Podcast #404 hurt my head w/ Rancid, Booze & Glory, The Cherry Tops, Rays, Sweet Baboo, Helium, & Via Luna.

Podcast #403 was born to run w/ Needles//Pins, The Dirty Truckers, Duncan Reid and The Big Heads, Pale Lips, Charmpit, Jawbreaker Reunion, & The Magnetic Fields.

Podcast #402 punches for the gut w/ Cave Girls, Salar Rajabnik, Crocodile Tears, Chastity Belt, Holy Oak, & Killing Joke.

Podcast #401 digs that pop w/ Rat Columns, Bad Moves, Adult Mom, Wavves, Toughies, Daniel Romano, & Matt Chandler Trio.

Podcast #400 has flow w/ Royal Headache, Elf Power, Folkicide, Codeine, Aimee Mann, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, & Letting Up Despite Great Faults.

Podcast #399 certainly is, and it features Rat Fancy, Mountain Goats, New Year, RVIVR, Cayetana, Mommy Long Legs, & Herb Alpert.

Podcast #398 asks a lot w/ new music from Cock Sparrer, Juliana Hatfield, Robyn Hitchcock, John Mellencamp, Girlpool, Slowdive, & Damnation AD.

Podcast #397 is chockablock w/ great pop from White Reaper, Cyanide Pills, Tommy And The Rockets, Dopers, Charly Bliss, Peaness, The Winter Passing, Jawbreaker, & Fresh.

Podcast #396 is more bark than bite w/ BBQT, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Pale Kids, Lucky Malice, Vanity, The New Pornographers, Tall Friend, & Craig Finn.

Podcast #395 says yes to Diet Cig, Hooligan Crooners, B-Leaguers, People's Punk Band, Dany Laj, Slingshot Dakota, & Mysterious Clouds.

Podcast #394 is a perfect Canadian sandwich w/ Brunch Club, Vanity, Stiff Middle Fingers, Sorority Noise, Desperate Journalist, Spiral Stairs, & BA Johnston.

Podcast #393 just feels like sharing music from Slotface, Paul Collins' Beat, Midnite Snaxxx, Guided By Voices, The BV's, Sorority Noise, & Mob Mentality.

Pocast #392 takes no guff w/ Wire, Dude York, Rockatanskys, Sugar & Tiger, When Nalda Became Punk, The Darling Buds, & David Bazan.

Podcast #391 just feels right w/ Dream Nails, The Potentials, The Whiffs, Bleached, Manceau, Los Campesinos!, & Sun Kil Moon.

Podcast #390 brings a hint of spring w/ The Obsessives, The New Trocaderos, Tom Baker and the Snakes, Chuck Prophet, Salty, Wolf Girl, The Whooperups, & Julian Cope.

Podcast #389 packs it in w/ Wyldlife, Bleeders, Warm Bodies, Jens Lekman, Dave Hause, Fred Thomas, Cadie Cowden, Nectar, & Witch Jail.

Podcast #388 gives you want you want w/ The Only Ones, Cherry Glazerr, Grandaddy, Priests, Japandroids, Maybe Don't, & Dave Dudley.

Podcast #387 changes the pace with music from Tim Darcy, Bash & Pop, The Cut Ups, Dropkick Murphys, The Donnas, & 1 Mile North.

Podcast #386 shouldn't be missed w/ new music from Beachheads, The Crazy Squeeze, The Cheap Cassettes, The Connection, Fightmilk, Suggested Friends, Ramshackle Glory, & American Dischord.

Podcast #385 kicks the year off right w/ TV Crime, Jonathan Richman, The Molochs, Damien Jurado & Richard Swift, American Anymen + Lise, Bread & Roses, & LITE.

Podcast #384 counts down the best tracks of 2016 featuring Hayman Kupa Band, Pooches, Brimstone Coven, Beebe Gallini, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, Shotgun Jimmie, & Berwanger.

Podcast #383 is the Christmas Specatular w/ holiday tunes from Fightmilk, Night Flowers, Connection, She & Him, Low, Emery, David Bazan, & Loretta Lynn.

Podcast #382 favors all pop flavors w/ Spelling Reform, Candy and the Stripes, When Nalda Became Punk, Blue Plutos, False Brother, Blitz, & It's Okay To Feel Alone.

Podcast #381 makes it all better w/ Kurt Baker Combo, Bettie Serveert, Mannequin Pussy, Sore Points, Stiff Middle Fingers, Hidden Cameras, Matt Pond PA, & Brunettes.

Podcast #380 knows pop can rock w/ Berwanger, Pale Lips, Murph & The Gazorpos, Hard Left, Terry Malts, Springtime Carnivore, Brunettes, & Billy Bragg & Joe Henry.

On podcast #379 MMF's Rhonda Lyne talks about the Apocalypse Meow benefit featuring Emmaline Twist, Madisen Ward, Invisible World, Nicholas St. James, Shapiro Brothers, & Rachel Mallin.

Podcast #378 is all treat and no trick w/ new music from The Beat, Joyce Manor, Hipshot Killer, Maid Of Ace, Conor Oberst, Gruff Rhys, & MONO.

Podcast #377 continues the chaos w/ Tommy Stinson, Never Young, Color TV, Boys, Skamold, Darkthrone, & American Football.

Podcast #376 changes with the season featuring Pixies, Gurr, La Sera, Juliana Hatfield, Computer Magic, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #375 is here for you w/ The Early Years, AJJ, So Cow, The Lemonheads, Duck & Cover, Steve Adamyk Band, & Ghost.

Podcast #374 plays the bands you'll see at Summer Kamp Fest III including The Blind Shake, The Big Iron, City Slang, The Itch, & Mean Ends.

Podcast #373 has a secret and new music from The Monochrome Set, Pansy Division, Beach Slang, The Boys, RazorCut, Nots, Cowtown, Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina.

Podcast #372 cares, it honestly cares w/ new music from Sex Stains, Wedding Present, BV's, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan, Cheap Girls, & Ryley Walker.

Podcast #371 gives you everything w/ Cotton Mather, Trust Fund, Breakdowns, Steve Adamyk Band, Fleas, Vitamens, Goblin Cock, Inner Altar, & Nice As Fuck.

Podcast #370 stretches out w/ The Minders, Minden, Sugar Candy Mountain, Shy Kids, Grit, The Uncouth, & The Conquerors.

Podcast #369 knows you're gonna need a soft landing w/ music from Nato Coles, Hockey Dad, Cheena, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub, Spook School, & Angel Olsen.

Podcast 368 contains all your new favorite songs by Descendents, Daddy Issues, The Potentials, The Pooches, Rooftop Vigilantes, Employer, & Russian Circles.

Podcast #367 just goes for it w/ Dear Boy, Martha, Joanna Gruesome, Big Eyes, Fireworks, Darren Hayman, Laura Hoch, & Nature Boys.

Podcast #366 gives and gives w/ new music from Goggs, Radio Days, Dahlmanns, Happy Accidents, Dentist, Chess Club, & Oddisee.

Podcast #365 may suffer from dissociative identity disorder w/ Fashionism, Interrupters, Don't, Nervous, Micronotz, Sturgill Simpson, Owen, Camp Cope, & Durand Jones.

Podcast #364 doesn't have time for your BS w/ Omni, Cave Girls, McLovings, Dyke Drama, Thin Lips, Crumbs, Lucy Dacus, Waxahatchee, & G.L.O.S.S.

Podcast #363 sneaks you new music from Julie Ruin, Struts, Diarrhea Planet, And the Kids, Wye Oak, Cosines, & Lisa Prank.

Podcast #362 proves I'm a gambler with new tunes from Hayman Kupa Band, Koufax, Thomas Cohen, Broncho, California Snow Story, Mark Kozelek, & Daniel Romano.

Podcast #361 is not afraid of drift. Hear new music from Plastic War, Jettison, Supermoon, Ancient Shapes, She's, Leapling, Fear Of Men, & Paul Simon.

Podcast #360 isn't too scary w/ Intrepid Hearts, Kid Congo Powers, Shanghais, Knife Pleats, Helen Love, Hurry, Those Pretty Wrongs, & Evil Conduct.

Podcast #359 satisfies with new music from Car Seat Headrest, Childbirth, Beverly, Peach Kelli Pop, Phantoms, Backseat Angels, & Trevor Sensor.

Podcast #358 surprises w/ Francoise Hardy, Constant Insult, A Giant Dog, John Velghe, Dead Ven, Stiff Little Fingers, & You Won't.

Podcast #357 returns w/ Deardarkhead, Close Lobsters, The Posies, The Connection, Mean Jeans, The Freeze, & Atoms and Void.

Podcast #356 comes with an apology as well as music from Har Mar Superstar, Coathangers, Baby Ghosts, Simpletones, Margo Price, Nudie, & Amon Amarth.

Podcast #355 resurfaces w/ Burning Hell, Weezer, Tacocat, Beebe Gallini, Colour Me Wednesday, Lush, & Comsat Angels.

Podcast #354 packs 'em in w/ Tacocat, Damien Jurado, Parquet Courts, Grubs, Free Cake For Every Creature, Milky Wimpshake, Red Kate, Low Levels, & T.S.O.L.

Podcast #353 wants you to rock out w/ Bob Mould, Puff Pieces, B-Movie, Fake Boyfriend, Leggy, Thermals, & Brian Fallon.

Podcast #352 is a paradox w/ Bleached, Dead on the Wire, Sheer Mag, Warm Bodies, Via Luna, Tortoise, & Slingshot Dakota.

Podcast #351 is dyn-o-mite w/ Shotgun Jimmie, Wussy, Big Ups, Wolf Girl, Muncie Girls, Sheer Mag, & Smog.

Podcast #350 provides sunshine in the form of new music from Wall, Eureka California, Witching Waves, Peaness, I Don't Cares, Fullbloods, Boyscott, & Hospital Ships.

Podcast #349 where I talk to much and play Teddybears, Rob Crow, Sun Kil Moon, Prettiots, Endless Mike, & Mickey Finn.

Podcast #348 really satisfies w/ Milk 'N' Cookies, Knucklehead, Unlovables, Boy Parts, La Sera, Dressy Bessy, & Your Friend.

Podcast #347 covers the bases w/ Booze & Glory, Pouty, Soda, Jank, DIIV, Black Tambourine, & Bill Callahan.

Podcast #346 opens the cupboards w/ Pete Astor, Maybe Don't, Impo & the Tents, Katie Ellen, Thee Tsunamis, Shearwater, New Order, & Hank Thompson.

Podcast #345 is the honey badger of podcasts w/ Cayetana, Wimps, T-Shirt Weather, Spells, Courtney Barnett, Savages, & Brimstone Coven.

Podcast #344 feels like home w/ Murder By Death, Cute Lepers, Radio Stars, For Keeps, Hermit Crabs, DIRTYGIRL, Mommy Long Legs, & Kitty Wells.

Podcast #343 is nothin' but punk w/ Titus Andronicus, Hipshot Killer, Seaside Rebels, Old Firm Casuals, Lion's Law, Gimp Fist, & Sie Lieben Maschinen.

Podcast #342 counts down my favorite songs of the year w/ Ought, BA Johnston, Rev Gusto, Tufthunter, Sheer Mag, DIRTYGIRL, & Sweet Baboo.

It's the TMR Holiday Spectacular! w/ Helen Love, Sunturns, Sharon Jones, Bill Botting, Sweet Baboo, Cassie Ramone, I Am Robot And Proud, & Summer Camp.

Podcast #340 is all indie pop until it isn't w/ Mantles, T-Shirt Weather, Trust Fund, Elizabeth Morris, Ratboys, Bruising, & Manegarm.

Podcast #339 has it both ways w/ Dirtygirl, Wreckless Eric, Tesco Bombers, Berwanger, DM3, State Lottery, & Parquet Courts.

Podcast #338 wears its heart on its sleeve w/ Most Serene Republic, Sunny Day in Glasgow, Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Suzy & Los Quattro, Woolen Men, Darren Hayman, Frankie Cosmos, & Conner Youngblood.

Podcast #337 comes with a mosh pit warning and features Skeletal Shakes, Beach Slang, Shellshag, Jeffrey Lewis, Bad Ideas, Deacons, Blindside USA, & Julien Baker.

EPs carry most of weight on podcast #336 w/ Kurt Vile, Dyke Drama, Muncie Girls, Sports, Expert Alterations, Wolf Girl, & Unalaska.

Podcast #335 highlights the upcoming Apocalypse Meow benefit w/ Noise FM, Drop A Grand, Federation of Horsepower, Westerners, Chris Meck, & Yes You Are.

Podcast #334 proves late is better than never w/ Michael Monroe, Martha, Laura Stevenson, Mammoth Life, Shopping, Pere Ubu, & Vulgar Boatmen.

Podcast #333 lets it rip w/ Worriers, spoonboy, Spook School, Alpaca Sports, Kurt Baker, Stiff Middle Fingers, & Deafheaven.

Podcast #332 favors pop with music from Beat Happening, Potty Mouth, The Front Bottoms, The Decemberists, Chapin Sisters, The School, & Riala.

Podcast #331 takes it easy on you w/ Yo La Tengo, Expert Alterations, Hooton Tennis Club, Fidlar, Craig Finn, Lou Barlow, & Pussy Cat.

Podcast #330 brings the buzz w/ Brideshead, Beverly, All Dogs, Kate's Party, Low, Battles, & Donovan Wolfington.

Podcast #329 cares deeply about you w/ Sweet Baboo, Nate Allen, Muncie Girls, Totally Mild, Tigers Jaw, Radkey, Publicist UK, & Wussy.

Podcast #328 is a warm embrace from Mammoth Penguins, Seapony, Dog Paper Submarine, Daniel Romano, Margo May, Advance Base, & Frank Turner.

Podcast #327 pleases w/ Mary Lou Lord, Diet Cig, Gal Pals, The School, Camera Shy, Michael Sherwood & Christian Nesmith, & Popguns.

Podcast #326 is deja vu all over again w/ Rev Gusto, The Connection, Patsy's Rats, The Bird and the Bee, Destroyer, & Ought.

Podcast #325 has winners and losers w/ Veruca Salt, Pomplamoose, Front Bottoms, Legends, Matt Pond PA, Alex Winston, & Golden Dawn.

Podcast #324 walks the line w/ Great Cynics, Bully, All Dogs, Slouch, Mono In Stereo, Craig Finn, & Yukon Blonde.

Podcast #323 is solid like a rock w/ Pale Lips, Eternal Summers, Spoonboy, Graham Parker, Ben Lee, Mates of State, & Jimmy Holiday.

Podcast #322 cares w/ Girlpool, Eux Autres, Hidden Pictures, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Los Pepes, No Ditching, & Sun Kil Moon.

Podcast #321 makes with the punkrock featuring Downtown Boys, Joanna Gruesome, Upset, School, Lovely Eggs, Angelic Upstarts, Expelled, & David Bowie.

Podcast #320 presents the new guard featuring Hop Along, Terry & Louie, Warm Soda, Dazies, Beach Slang, Mat Shoare, Slade, & Gridlock.

Podcast #319 finds the sweet spot w/ Sheer Mag, Torres, Violent Femmes, Mikal Cronin, Best Coast, DTCV, & Uncouth!

Podcast #318 hits the spot w/ Speedy Ortiz, Built To Spill, Wire, Peach Kelli Pop, Milky Wimpshake, Spoonboy, & Emo Side Project.

Podcast #317 stays to the right side of the Atlantic w/ tunes from Tufthunter, I'm from Barcelona, Stornoway, Evans the Death, Directions, Death Cab For Cutie, & Adna.

Podcast #316 lets go of some old frieds w/ new music from Mountain Goats, Chastity Belt, Go! Team, Matt and Kim, Billy Sherwood, GY!BE, & Mean Jeans.

Podcast #315 stretches out and unwinds w/ Nick Piunti, Modest Mouse, Stanley Brinks & Freschard, Glen Hansard, Sufjan Stevens, & Merle Travis.

Podcast #314 is punk rock in a strange strange wrapper w/ music from Leadbelly, Slutever, Rats Rest, Dwight Twilley, Modern Kicks, Mystery Date, & Hulrunar.

Podcast #313 is like the honey badger with music from Screaming Females, Ben Lee, Hello Saferide, Juliana Hatfield, Wave Pictures, Velvet Underground, & Gang of Four.

Podcast #312 asks if you smell something funny w/ Tigercats, Waxahatchee, Mecca Normal, Blank Tapes, of Montreal, Colleen Green, Buck Owens.

Podcast #311 gets it right w/ Makthaverskan, Martha, Spoonboy, Hop Along, Diet Cig, Doe, & Darren Hayman.

Podcast #310 is totally awesome w/ Bloods, Radical Dads, Sidekicks, Jellybricks, Fashionism, Jeanies, & Nanaki.

Podcast #309 promises a wild ride that would sicken even Mr. Toad w/ Decemberists, Anomie, BA Johnston, Mountain Goats, Pop Group, RA, & Pelican Movement.

Podcast #308 pops and punks w/ Belle and Sebastian, Sleater-Kinney, Good Throb, Neighborhood Brats, Deco Auto, Riptides, & New Basement Tapes.

Podcast #307 is stricty schizo w/ Hidden Pictures, Popguns, Lemuria, Cayetana, Radical Face, Sun Kil Moon, & Cracker.

Podcast #306 counts down the best songs for 2014 w/ Ex Hex, Shellac, Family Bed, Comet Gain, Bob Mould, New Pornographers, & The Cry.

Podcast #305 is the 2014 Christmas Spectacular w/ Living Sisters, Sons of Great Dane, Over the Rhine, Wild Child, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Los Campesinos!, Dollyrots, Reel Big Fish, & Mark Kozelek.

Podcast #304 seems to favor the UK w/ Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Bangs, Ay Carmela!, She & Him, Trash Kit, Drink, Mogwai, & Vic Godard.

Podcast #303 love an underdog w/ Empty Moon, Dead Girls, Diarrhea Planet, Billy Thermal, Lunchbox, Lovin' Spoonful, & Adna.

Podcast #302 covers the bases w/ Amanda X, Wolfhounds, Parkay Quarts, TV Smith, A Pregnant Light, Fugazi, & Frosttide.

Podcast #301 feels like TMR w/ The Cry, Jazz June, Mineral, Chumped, Boyracer, Hulaboy, Colour Me Wednesday, & Desertshore.

Celebrate podcast #300 w/ Nude Beach, Rancid, Single Mothers, Sallie Ford, Erlend Oye, Jen Wood, & Trophywife.

Podcast #299 isn't afraid of you. Listen to T.O.Y.S, Crayon, Cats, Kittyhawk, Lucinda Williams, Moe Bandy, & O'Death.

Podcast #298 rocks out w/ Ex Hex, Black on Black, Stiff Middle Fingers, Allo Darlin', Popguns, Vaselines, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #297 rises from the ashes w/ Shellac, Martha, Schwervon, Coed Pageant, Mikal Cronin, John Mellencamp, & Graham Parker.

Podcast #296 is simply incongruous w/ Primitives, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Scruffy The Cat, Richard Hell, Teen Death, Folkearth, & Miles Davis.

Podcast #295 leans Nordic w/ Chastity Belt, Sun Days, School, Hello Saferide, Alpaca Sports, Tetherball, Robyn Hitchcock, & Game Theory.

Podcast #294 blasts back w/ Diarrhea Planet, God Help the Girl, Skinny Dipper, Literature, Posies, New Pornographers, & Pop Group.

On podcast #293 I just can't seem to shake my pop obsession w/ No Ditching, #1s, Trust Fund, Sondre Lerche, Rentals, Popguns, & Cleaners from Venus.

Podcast #292 pumps up the power w/ Bishop Allen, Paul Collins, Sugar Stems, Muffs, Life And Times, Gaslight Anthem, & Spoon.

Podcast #291 is rife with the pop you need w/ Candy Hearts, Reigning Sound, Neil Diamond, Lovely Eggs, Cosines, Helen Love, & Jenny Lewis.

Podcast #290 is all pop w/ Withered Hand, Wendy Darlings, Just Joans, Very Most, ONSIND, Smittens, Shy Boys, & Dean Wareham.

Podcast #289 surprises w/ gutsy moves from Comet Gain, Tyrannosaurus Dead, Ace Bushy Striptease, Braid, Wussy, Morrissey, & Vintersorg.

Podcast #288 feels like home w/ Perkie, PS I Love You, Flashlights, Donovan Wolfington, Matt Pond, John Doe, & Freschard.

Podcast #287 pops w/ new music from Bentcousin, Spoonboy, Front Bottoms, Stegosaurus Wrecks, Family Bed, White Lung, & Phox.

Podcast #286 loves the summer heat w/ Cocktails, Those Dancing Days, Vulkano, First Aid Kit, Camper Van Beethoven, Sweet Baboo, & My Iron Lung.

Podcast #285 presents your best options w/ Close Lobsters, bis, Parquet Courts, Bob Mould, Forrester, & Margo May.

Podcast #284 recalls the best w/ Dated, Berwanger, John Velghe, La Sera, Jazz June, Tiny Moving Parts, 7 Seconds, & Capsules.

Podcast #283 tries to keep it pop w/ Makthaverskan, Owl & Mouse, Conor Oberst, Guided By Voices, Cat Smell, Shonen Knife, & Ensiferum.

Podcast #282 shares my RSD finds w/ Cowboy Indian Bear, Japanese Motors, Veruca Salt, Joy Division, Burial Teens, American Dischord, & Leona Williams.

Podcast #281 comes on heavy w/ Sweet Apple, Cheap Girls, Soccer Mom, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Eternal Summers, Mary Onettes, & Lucky.

Podcast #280 goes the distance w/ Owls, Paradise, The School, OFF!, Tweens, Ghost Mice, & Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra.

Podcast #279 is jumbled and brave w/ Bob Mould, James Supercave, Pixies, Chad VanGaalen, Art Contest, Perfect Pussy, & Call To Mind.

Podcast #278 skips the theme and delivers new music from Hold Steady, Fireworks, Drowners, Faint, Rev Gusto, Foster the People, & Bird and The Bee.

Podcast #277 samples the bands playing the Center of the City Fest: Red Kate, Bad Ideas, Molotov Latte, Stiff Middle Fingers, Itch, Hipshot Killer, Rackatees, & Smash the State.

Podcast #276 shares some of the bands playing this year's Middle of the Map Fest inc. John Velghe, Me Like Bees, Those Darlins, Your Friend, CS Luxem, S. Carey, & Fanfarlo.

Podcast #275 seldom plays it straight w/ Tokyo Police Club, Muscle Worship, Water Liars, Thee Ahs, Dott, Cosines, Stanley Brinks and Wave Pictures, & War On Drugs.

Podcast #274 takes it easy on you w/ Sun Kil Moon, Randolph's Leap, Francoise Hardy, Just Handshakes, Spook School, Boy Parts, & Beck.

Podcast #273 comes at you w/ Guided By Voices, Eagulls, Tunabunny, Rev Gusto, Talulah Gosh, Snowbird, & John Holt.

Podcast #272 wonders if you like twee and black metal too. Potty Mouth, Colour Me Wednesday, Anorak Girl, Dum Dum Girls, Hospitality, Morgan Delt, & Anagnorisis.

Podcast #271 puts the ladies up front w/ Wharves, Joanna Gruesome, Bleeding Rainbow, Cars Can Be Blue, Tripping The Light Fantastic, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, & +/-.

Podcast #270 covers the bases w/ Speedy Ortiz, Damien Jurado, Making Marks, Northern Portrait, Nudie, Stanley Brinks and Wave Pictures, & Mogwai.

Podcast #269 finishes easy w/ Math and Physics Club, Young Girls, Big Ups, British Sea Power, Avett Brothers, Watson Twins, & Okkervil River.

Podcast #268 starts the year right w/ Sons Of Great Dane, Margo May X Elias Abid, Shy Boys, Advance Base, Swearin', Mikal Cronin, & Hecate Enthroned.

Podcast #267 counts down my favourite tracks of 2013 including music by Blank Tapes, Bleeding Rainbow, Kate Nash, Shotgun Jimmie, Heaven, Caitlin Rose, Josh Berwanger, & Superchunk.

The 2013 Too Much Rock Holiday Extravaganza features Nick Lowe, Dan Bern, Tammy Wynette, Tuts, Eux Autres, New Found Glory, Bad Religion, & Josh Atkinson w/ Suzannah Johannes.

Podcast #265 is all business with music from Pity Sex, Schwervon!, Kristofer Astrom, Arcade Fire, Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle, Nick Cave, & Bibby & the Astronauts.

Podcast #264 flits around carelessly w/ Man Bear, Colin Meloy, Andrew Bird, Reggie And The Full Effect, Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs, Latex Novelties, & Russian Circles.

Pocast #263 celebrates the bands that I saw while on tour: TK Webb, Warm Ones, Northern Lands, Awkward Terrible, Infinity Shred, & Hawk and Dove.

Podcast #262 blasts you in the face w/ Los Campesinos!, Au Revoir Simone, Upset, Quasi, Real Kids, Black on Black, & Head and The Heart.

Podcast #261 returns w/ music from Tim Kasher, Best Coast, The Tunes, Manual Scan, Elf Power, of Montreal, & Eagulls.

Podcast 260 isn't afraid of anything with w/ new music from Radkey, Lazy, Parquet Courts, Upstairs Downstairs, Mammoth Life, Matt Pond, & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Podcast #259 features new music from Bill Callahan, John Paul Keith, Dismemberment Plan, Grooms, Hellsongs, Driving Mrs. Satan, & Tyr.

Podcast #258 wows w/ new music from Pixies, Richard Buckner, Neko Case, Deer Tick, Steve Kowalski's Army, Holograms, & The Julie Ruin.

It's all coming up roses on Pocast #257 w/ music from Ghost Mice, Josh Berwanger, Take, Mark Kozelek & Desertshore, Laura Veirs, Belle and Sebastian, & Primitives.

Podcast #256 paces the 8-bit milestone w/ music from Jet Boys, Lovely Bad Things, Sky Larkin, Mascott, Typhoon, Ghost Mice, & Bob Marley. Seriously.

Podcast #255 features bands doing it for themselves w/ Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel, Superchunk, Man Bear, Grenadina, Tanya Donelly, La Guerre, & Spaceships.

Podcast #254 has a creamy center of hazy indie pop w/ Darren Hayman, Ski Lodge, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Bleeding Rainbow, Ghost Wave, Swimming Pool Q's, & Deafheaven.

Podcast #253 confuses w/ Speedy Ortiz, Grant Hart, Radkey, Handsome Family, Heirlooms of August, Mark Kozelek, & Mindtroll.

Podcast #252 surprises w/ B-Movie, Prairie Cat, You Me & Us, Robert Pollard, Pedaljets, BELLS, & Making Marks.

Podcast #251 is bound to confuse w/ Heaven, Week of Wonders, Aye Nako, Pride of Erie PA, Owen, Noah and the Whale, & Amon Amarth.

Power pop is the heart of podcast #250 w/ Secret History, Tie These Hands, Eux Autres, Missing Monuments, Sugar Stems, Shivvers, & John Vanderslice.

Podcast #249 is a mostly sunny affair with Blank Tapes, Rogue Wave, Painted Palms, John Vanderslice, Tyrannosaurus Dead, Tigermilks, & Downfall of Gaia.

Podcast #248 announces summer w/ Pastels, Skypiper, Hidden Pictures, Hospital Ships, Radio Birdman, DNA, & Lucas Oswald.

Podcast #247 lists toward indie pop w/ new tracks from Laura Stevenson, Boy Least Likely To, Camera Obscura, City and Horses, Savages, Hotel Year, & Low.

Podcast #246 is full of new names w/ music from Hobbyist, Royal Headache, Lemuria, Cub Scouts, Shellshag, Highness, & The Uncluded.

Podcast #245 catches up w/ music from Har Mar Superstar, She & Him, Matt Pond, Destroy This Place, Big Eyes, Skinny Girl Diet, & Smoke Fairies.

Podcast #244 surprises with new music from Billy Bragg, Wilco, Son Volt, Daniel Romano, Cosines, Tullycraft, & Damon & Naomi.

Podcast 243 roars back w/ Penny Blacks, Peach Kelli Pop, Colleen Green, Digits, Grandchildren, Strictly Ballroom, Regrets, & Black On Black.

Podcast #242 focuses on songwriters w/ Waxahatchee, Will Courtney, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Caitlin Rose, Iris DeMent, Townes Van Zandt, & Golden Grrrls.

Podcast #241 previews bands playing Middle of the Map Fest incl. Fourth Of July, Detective, White Lung, La Guerre, Dots Not Feathers, Schwervon!, & Caves.

Podcast #240 asks if any combination of good songs make a good podcast. Feat. Kate Nash, Soft Reeds, Wild Belle, Cowboy Indian Bear, Lordi, VREID, & bentcousin.

Podcast #239 shines with fresh new faces Paradise, Team Spirit, Texas Is The Reason, Radical Dads, Shotgun Jimmie, Country Mice, & Fear of Men.

Podcast #238 is all bounce w/ Chalk and Numbers, Capsules, Jacco Gardner, Bam! Bam!, Wimps, Screaming Females, & Acid Baby Jesus.

Podcast 237 requires your undivided attention and your headphones for music from Jenny O, Woodpigeon, Yo La Tengo, Torres, Sin Fang, & Frightened Rabbit.

Podcast 236 isn't afraid of pop w/ ACBs, Veronica Falls, Chapin Sisters, Dead Girls, Warm Soda, Big Eyes, & Dropkick Murphys.

Podcast 235 gets complicated with music from Roll-Ups, Parquet Courts, FIDLAR, Highasakite, Team Me, Foxygen, & Joy Formidable.

Podcast #234 is a oddly schizophrenic affair w/ Tunabunny, Sweater Girls, Tina & The Total Babes, Free Energy, Eureka California, A Fucking Elephant, & Clamfight.

Podcast #232 covers the bases w/ Bleached, Single Mothers, Bronx, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Avett Brothers, Gents, & Cowboy Indian Bear.

Podcast #232 returns to form w/ mylittlepony, Babies, Western Medication, Neil Halstead, Pascal Pinon, & Fig Dish.

Podcast #231 features the best tracks of 2012 by Brendan Benson, Allo Darlin', Corin Tucker Band, Hidden Pictures, Team Genius, & Bob Mould.

Podcast #230: The Holiday Spectacular w/ Sufjan Stevens, Hey Rosetta!, Office Romance, Rosie Thomas, Zolof, Head and the Heart, Polyphonic Spree, & Burl Ives.

Podcast #229 has a punk rock heart with new music Evens, Gentleman Jesse, King Tuff, Big Eyes Band, Dexys, Leonard Cohen, & Crystal Castles.

Podcast #228 features You Won't, Gentleman Reg, Rainmakers, Julie Doiron, Andrew Bird, & Octopus Project.

Podcast #227 is dedicated to Marla Gibbs and features Black On Black, Now, Now, Ross Brown, Nude Beach, Larry and His Flask, Coffee Project, Johnny Horton, & The Devil.

Podcast #226 asks you about punk w/ Freelance Whales, FIDLAR, Plateaus, Punks on Mars, Teenage Sweater, Casket Lottery, Trash Talk, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Podcast #225 could just be about cars w/ Nikki and The Corvettes, Tame Impala, Sleigh Bells, Alan Parsons Project, Maserati, & Quiet Corral.

Podcast #224 is good for what ails you with music from Mountain Goats, Mary Onettes, Angel Olsen, Future of the Left, Zig Zags, Hallelujah the Hills, & Soley.

Podcast #223 is another dynamo w/ Great Caesar, Field Music, Tilly & the Wall, Kraftwerk, Lust For Youth, & PS I Love You.

Podcast #222 is solid gold with Corin Tucker Band, Regal Degal, GRMLN, Making Marks, Communist Daughter, Radical Face, & OBELYSKKH.

Podcast #221 invites you to lose yourself w/ Seapony, Menomena, Cat Power, Frightened Rabbit, Balmorhea, & Ensiferum.

Podcast #220 lays it bare w/ Jens Lekman, Fresh & Onlys, My Jerusalem, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Suburban Living, & Calm Blue Sea.

Podcast #219 wonders if you feel like I do w/ mc chris, Team Genius, Frightened Rabbit, Sons of Great Dane, DIIV, Rangda, & Judge Dread.

Podcast #218 thrives on big personalities w/ new music from Bob Mould, Gentleman Reg, Ariel Pink, Frankie Rose, Earlimart, & Swans.

Podcast #217 works somehow with music from Grenadina, Sean O'Sean, Sea Wolf, Hunx, Spits, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #216 honors the past and embraces the future w/ Holograms, Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause, So Many Wizards, Olivia Tremor Control, Sophie Madeleine, & Rodan.

Podcast #215 celebrates diversity w/ Gaslight Anthem, High Diving Ponies, Modern Airline, Transmittens, Parallels, Tin Hat, & Wodensthrone.

Podcast #214 will surprise you with music from Merchandise, Empty Spaces, Eternal Summers, Chairlift, It's A Musical, & Kontravoid.

Podcast #213 shines with a powerful pop core featuring California Wives, Hidden Pictures, Deco Auto, Ghosty, MV & EE, Uncle Tupelo, & Mum.

Podcast 212 feels good w/ music from Japandroids, Kotki Dwa, Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Legendary Lovers, Mike Andrews, & Steph Castor.

Podcast #211 is pop perfection w/ new music from Guided by Voices, Tigercats, Smittens, Stevie Jackson, Frances England, Tallest Man On Earth, & Alice Cooper.

Podcast #210 covers all the bases w/ Class Actress, Datura Seeds, Legendary Lovers, Destroyer, Sun Kil Moon, & BEAK>.

Podcast 209 returns to form w/ new music from PIL, Cosmo Jarvis, Walkmen, Owl City, Regina Spektor, & Burzum.

Podcast #208 pops and punks with Lissy Trullie, Rebecca Gates, Advance Base, Avengers, GG Allin, & Screaming Females.

Podcast #207 covers it all including Alton Ellis & the Flames, Horse Feathers, Hiss Golden Messenger, Cuddle Magic, Connie Francis, & The Cribs.

Podcast 206 will rev you up with new music from PS I Love You, Brendan Benson, La Sera, Ramona Falls, Fawn, & Phenomenal Handclap Band.

Podcast 205 is dynamite w/ music from Arrows, Railway Children, Allo Darlin', Best Coast, Hands, Boys Who Say No, & Giant Giant Sand.

Podcast #204 springs w/ new music from Cuffs, Violens, Magic Wands, Maps & Atlases, Bear in Heaven, & Kalispell.

Podcast #203 explores the Middle of the Map Fest lineup w/ music from Fun, Sleepy Kitty, Everyday/Everynight, Jonquil, Neon Indian, & Murder By Death.

Podcast #202 features new music from Hospitality, Mindtroll, Magnetic Fields, Lumineers, Loch Lomond, Lambchop, & Kalispell.

Podcast #201 is vast and wonderful with new music from Cursive, of Montreal, Alex Winston, Andrew Bird, David Sylvian, & Nine Covens.

Milestone podcast #200 continues the streak with great new music from Adam & The Amethysts, Deer Tick, Plimsouls, Damien Jurado, Sinead O'Connor, School of Seven Bells, & Dirty Three.

Podcast #199 is just delightful with music from Yukon Blonde, Tiny Victories, Sleepy Sun, Steve Shiffman, Mary Lou Lord, Scruffy The Cat, & Total Control.

Podcast #198 isn't shy with new music from Spielgusher, Secrets Between Sailors, Blank Fight, Laura Gibson, Prinzhorn Dance School, & Sigh.

Podcast #197 proves music is universal w/ Capybara, Cardinal, Dojo for Crooks, Caitlin Rose, First Aid Kit, Rosie and Me, & Sexy Accident.

Podcast #196 has it all w/ new music from Tommy Stinson, Real Kids, Fleming, Lighthouse and The Whaler, Life And Times, Loincloth, & Craig Finn.

Podcast #195 hums along nicely with new music from Dead Girls, Deer Tick, Guided By Voices, Halloween, Alaska, Darcys, & Black Fortress of Opium.


Podcast #194 reaches back to pick up recent releases from Grouplove, Frank Turner, F*cked Up, Head and the Heart, Belle Brigade, & Devil's Blood.


Podcast #193 reviews my top 6 tracks of the year featuring CSS, Foster the People, We Barbarians, Boston Spaceships, Cute Lepers, Scattered Trees, & Low.


Podcast 192 is the holiday spectacular w/ Patti Page, Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman, She & Him, Cristina Black, Fear, & Kate Bush.


Podcast 191 comes potpourri style w/ music from Los Campesinos!, Hidden Pictures, Hands & Teeth, Can, Radiation City, Gillian Welch, & Rex Mundi.


Podcast #190 is an embarrassment of riches w/ music from Jonathan Coulton, Cloud Control, The Dø, Penny Blacks, A Stick And A Stone, & Kimya Dawson.


Podcast #189 is an aural smorgasbord w/ Wounded Lion, Unicycle Loves You, The Darcys, Team Genius, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Is Tropical, & PTAHIL.


Podcast #188 presents Rob Crow, Sakert!, Summer Camp, Decemberists, Tom Waits, & Bonnie "Prince" Billy in hotel room fidelity.


Podcast #187 comes on the heels of a long vacation w/ new music from Wilco, St. Vincent, MEN, Foster the People, Sin Fang, Melpo Mene, & Opeth.


Podcast #186 shares new favourites from Jens Lekman, Jeffrey Lewis, Dan Mangan, Wild Flag, Chevin, CSS, & St. Lucia.


Podcast #185 embraces the new (and new-to-me) music of Russian Futurists, Ladytron, Girls, Glen Campbell, Richard Taylor, Testors, & Mogwai.


Podcast #184 reaches back to pick up some music it missed with tunes from Two Door Cinema Club, Vaselines, Watson Twins, PJ Harvey, Superhumanoids, & Damien Jurado.


Podcast #183 is odds and sods while I'm off enjoying the end of summer. Music from Widowspeak, Dave Stewart, Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, & Falloch.


Podcast #182 is a hobo's stew of rock w/ new music from Erasure, Cute Lepers, Something Fierce, We Barbarians, A Lull, & Alestorm.


Podcast 181 flitters all over the indie pop spectrum w/ new music from Cosmo Jarvis, Beirut, Pocketbooks, Pree, Prussia, Spirit Is The Spirit, & SSION.


Podcast #180 is a pleasant slow down with music from Archers of Loaf, Comet Gain, Fourth Of July, William Elliott Whitmore, Richard Buckner, & Horrors.


Podcast #179 is a polite taste of summer with new music from Mates Of State, My Tiger My Timing, Human League, Boston Spaceships, Mekons, & Postelles.


Podcast #178 is full of solo efforts and bands that you'll learn to love. Music from Shotgun Jimmie, Gardens & Villa, Cults, Wu Lyf, Destroyer, Bon Iver, & Tune-Yards.


Podcast 177 just feels like summer with music from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Acid House Kings, Gardening, Not Architecture, Austra, Builders And The Butchers, Hangman's Alphabet, & Cat's Eyes.


Podcast #176 is full of gems from Arctic Monkeys, Kishi Bashi, Jonathan Richman, Moby, Hospital Ships, & Riverside.


Podcast #175 is all American with new music from Mammoth Life, Okkervil River, Death Cab for Cutie, Battles, Manorlady, & Eddie Vedder.


Podcast #174 has it all with music from Secrets*, Times New Viking, I'm From Barcelona, Fleet Foxes, Lali Puna, Brendan Perry, & Vintersorg.


Podcast #173 brings you friends old and new with music from Cars, Love Inks, Pursesnatchers, Malajube, Thao & Mirah, Mick Harvey, Jolly Boys, & Max Burgundy.


Podcast #172 is the TMR variety you've come to love with music from Secrets*, John Vanderslice, Vincent Minor, Cass McCombs, Hunx and his Punx, & Explosions in the Sky.


Podcast #171 is a bit dark with tracks from Tweeds, O'Death, Son Volt, Ugly Stick, Penny Blacks, Samiam, & Yourself and The Air.


Podcast #170 is a lovely ride with new music from Lenka, Art Brut, Figurines, Manchester Orchestra, Paul Simon, Low, & Glasvegas.


Podcast #169 bounces along with Joy Formidable, TV On The Radio, Oneironauts, School Of Seven Bells, Architecture In Helsinki, Hidden Pictures, & Thermals.


Podcast #168 delivers gems from Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Beast Make Bomb, An Horse, Mountain Goats, Bill Callahan, & Parallels.


Podcast #167 is a fun one with odds and ends from Pelle Carlberg, Noah and the Whale, Poi Dog Pondering, J Mascis, Daniel, Fred & Julie, & PS I Love You.


Podcast #166 asks you to be the critic with new music from Admiral Radley, Wye Oak, Kurt Vile, Ben Lee, R.E.M., Killing Joke, & Amon Amarth.


Podcast #165 has it all with new music from Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, Apples in Stereo, Streets, East River Pipe, Dream Diary, Rival Schools, & Watain.


Podcast #164 catches up with music from Ted Leo, Wrong Words, Paul Weller, Empress Hotel, Burzum, & Mumford & Sons.


Podcast #163 might surprise you with new music from Killdozer, Bright Eyes, Scattered Trees, Alex Winston, Pujol, Mogwai, & Waylon Jennings.


Podcast #162 plays it retro with new tracks from Go! Team, Sleepy Rebels, Smith Westerns, Anchorless, Gang of Four, Chikita Violenta, Chamberlin, Giant Sand, & Casiotone...


Podcast #161 urges you to free your mind as you listen to Hot Club De Paris, Wire, Radio Dept., Big Eyes Family Players, Mates of State, Chris Bathgate, Wive, & Crystal Viper.


Podcast #160 rocks more than pops with new music from Charlene Kaye, Positions, Typhoon, L'Altra, Some Community, Megaphonic Thrift, & Neurosis.


Podcast #159 is a ray of needed sunshine. Listen to new music from Free Energy, Iron & Wine, Pepper Rabbit, Regina Spektor, Asobi Seksu, Cee-Lo Green, Mark Ronson, & Chumbawamba.


Podcast #158 is a bit unexpected with music from Decemberists, Narcoleptic Dancers, Beatles, Maximum Balloon, Blood Red Shoes, Plimsouls, OFF!, & Jimmy Cliff.


Podcast #157 comes to you without rhyme or reason. Listen for music from Japanese Cartoon, Lelia Broussard, Deerhunter, Jim Stafford, Against Me!, Holcombe Waller, National, & Lordi.


Podcast #156 features more fractured indie pop from Darwin Deez, Fergus & Geronimo, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Loveable Tulips, Yeasayer, La Femme, Pas Chic Chic, & Joan Jett.


Podcast #155 doesn't always play it straight with new music from Sleepy Rebels, Bear Hands, Violens, Pomplamoose, Gary Wilson, Ben Wilkins, Diane Birch w/ Phenomenal Handclap Band, & Agalloch.


Podcast #154 might be the cutest podcast ever with new music from Gospel Music, Ace Bushy Striptease, Best Coast, Jenny O., Hellsongs, Sakert!, Hidden Pictures, Mammoth Life, & Braids.


Podcast #153 brings the year to an close by exploring its top singles and albums. Listen to tracks from Mammoth Life, Hidden Pictures, Pernice Brothers, She & Him, Canasta, & Belle and Sebastian.


Podcast #152 is chock-full of goodness with new music from Extra Lens, Stereo Total, Orange Juice, Les Savy Fav, !!!, Girl Talk, & Bruce Springsteen.


Too Much Rock wishes you a Happy Holidays with Podcast #151 featuring festive music from Jenny O., Little & Ashley, Pomplamoose, Joan Jett, Twisted Sister, Billy Idol, Andy Williams, The Puppini Sisters, & Darlene Love.


Podcast #150 slips of a bit of metal into your indie pop diet with music from Matt & Kim, Lovely Eggs, One Happy Island, Essex Chanel, Shugo Tokumaru, Lordi, Tyr, & Corin Tucker Band.


Podcast #149 is full a rainbow of indie pop flavours from Grinderman, Belle and Sebastian, Allo, Darlin', Azure Ray, Blonde Redhead, Sufjan Stevens, & even John Denver.


Podcast #148 proves that mining is a delicate affair with new music from Chromeo, The Waylons, The Chapin Sisters, Michelle Anthony, Superchunk, Shipping News, & Winterfylleth.


Podcast #147 is solid as it comes with new music from Tallest Man On Earth, Chad Vangaalen, John Vanderslice, The Drums, Allo Darlin', Downtown/Union, Shuteye Unison, & Alex Winston.


Podcast #146 is just want you wanted with music from Bush Tetras, Broken Social Scene, Ra Ra Riot, Arcade Fire, Walkmen, William Elliott Whitmore, & Turbonegro.


Podcast #145 gies you orchestral pop and more with songs from Someone Still Loves You..., Elliott Smith, Shearwater, Candy Claws, Sufjan Stevens, Flying Burrito Brothers, & Symarip.


Podcast #144 keeps hold of summer with new music from Northern Portrait, Stornoway, Unicycle Loves You, New Collisions, Apache Beat, Menomena, & Meursault.


Podcast #143 is good for barn raisings and barn burnings featuring music from Avett Brothers, Elliott Brood, Sunparlour Players, Black Francis, Ultimate Fakebook, & Bruce Springsteen.


Podcast #142 is a schizophrenic dance and chill affair with music from Constellations, Kele, The Smittens, Alexi Murdoch, Sun Kil Moon, & Jim Croce.


Podcast #141 might be perfect for you next bbq with music from Pernice Brothers, Gaslight Anthem, Maps & Atlases, Tokyo Police Club, Hot Hot Heat, Tender Trap, Pipettes, Ceo, & Stars.


Right on schedule with great pop, podcast #140 brings you new music from New Pornographers, Mammoth Life, Teenage Fanclub, Sexy Accident, Wild Nothing, Radio Dept, & Au Revoir Simone.


Podcast #139 is full of simply epic tunes by the likes of Canasta, Dead Man's Bones, Sleigh Bells, Japandroids, Hold Steady, Bruce Springsteen, & Tallest Man on Earth.


We're back on schedule with pop variations from MGMT, Dr. Dog, Aloha, hollAnd, The Black Atlantic, Matt Pond PA, & Bill Callahan.


Podcast #137 covers so much time and so much music with songs from Walter Schreifels, Sally Seltmann, Love Is All, Jónsi, Freelance Whales, Black Francis, Depeche Mode, & Ancestors.


Podcast #136 proves I'm still alive with music from Richard Thompson, She & Him, Morning Benders, Audiovox, Sexy Accident, LiLiPut, Galaxie 500, & Bright Eyes.


Podcast #135 has a lot more energy than I do. Check out new music from Mary Onettes, Direct Hits, Dropkick Murphys, Fang Island, LoneLady, Double Dagger, & A Sunny Day In Glasgow.


Podcast #134 features delightful dities from OK Go, Pavement, Twin Atlantic, Icarus Himself, Cowboy Indian Bear, Seabear, Sambassadeur, & Thieves.


Podcast #133 is pure indie pop with music from Rogue Wave, Frightened Rabbit, Bob Mould, Shout Out Louds, Bear Hands, Gigi, Slow Club, & The Box Tops.


Podcast #132 features new music from These New Puritans, Everybody Was In The French Resistance, JT & The Clouds, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Dragonette, Hot Chip, & Thee Silver Mt. Zion.


Podcast #131 stretches out with music from You Say Party! We Say Die!, (International) Noise Conspiracy, Stricken City, Invaders, Cave In, Pelican, & Album Leaf.


Podcast #130 showcases some great pop from KC and beyond. Listen to new music form Magnetic Fields, Hidden Pictures, Mammoth Life, Danny Pound, Biarchy, Delphic, Yeasayer, & Charlotte Gainsbourg.


Podcast #129 brings out a bit of everything with music from Los Campesinos!, Talking Heads, Lemonheads, Jeffrey Lewis, Beach House, First Aid Kit, & Hard Skin.


Podcast #128 should satisfy all with new music from Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend, Toro Y Moi, Laura Veirs, Field Music, Spoon, & Seven Saturdays.


Podcast #127 hits the spot with new music from Bonny Billy, Mighty Tiger, Antlers, Come Hithers, Headlights, American Dollar, & Them.


Podcast #126 catches up with some of 2009's greatest hits that I somehow missed. Listen to list-toppers from Avett Brothers, Andrew Bird, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Bravery, Rakes, Editors, & Flaming Lips.


Podcast #125 is a damn good podcast full gems from underdogs The Idle Hands, Maps, Dappled Cities, Atlas Sound, Little Dragon, Pixel Panda, & Bill Callahan.


Podcast #124 is a happy mix containing new music from Weezer, Cribs, Billy Idol, Brunettes, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Bear in Heaven, & Ensiferum.


Podcast #123 is a special hour long podcast that counts down the top 15 songs of 2009.


Podcast #122 has something new for all of us. Check out tunes from Class Actress, The Blakes, Deer Tick, Holiday Shores, Real Estate, Do Make Say Think, & Olafur Arnalds.


Podcast #121 is perhaps a sign of the winter to come with music from Vivian Girls, The Clientele, The Balconies, Singing Bridges, Oh No Forest Fires, Wilderness Pangs, & Sufjan Stevens.


Podcast #120 appears to be themeless, so just listen for new music from Karen O, Owl City, Six Red Carpets, My First Earthquake, Swell Season, Jeffrey Lewis, & Russian Circles.


Podcast #119 is full of fine music from Passion Pit, Charlotte Hatherley, 7 Worlds Collide, I Was Totally Destroying It, White Rabbits, Deer Tick, Carrie Rodriguez, & Depreciation Guild.


Podcast #118 requires a cold day and a warm cup of tea. Listen for new music from Kings Of Convenience, Hellsongs, Lou Barlow, Built To Spill, Mum, Car Stereo Wars, Kate Miller-Heidke, & Brilliant Colors.


Podcast #117 has a little something for everyone with music from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Yo La Tengo, Yes, Ultravox!, Mountain Goats, Monsters of Folk, Black Heart Procession, & Har Mar Superstar.


Podcast #116 builds you up and then brings you back down. Listen to new music from Thermals, Six Finger Satellite, Chinese Stars, Princeton, Melpo Mene, Owen, & Tennors.


Podcast #115 is for these sunny autumn days. Listen to new music from Glorytellers, Hidden Cameras, Smittens, Sourpatch, Noise Addict, Timber Timbre, & The Race.


Podcast #114 introduces you to new music from Hazel O'Connor, Petracovich, Camera Obscura, God Help The Girl, The Bird Names, Chll Pll, & Billy Talent.


Podcast #113 is just plain good, check out new tunes from Most Serene Republic, Manda Rin, Modernboys Moderngirls, Conor Oberst, Dr. Dog, Jarvis Cocker, & Mogwai.


Podcast #112 had to wait until my honeymoon was over. Listen to great power pop and more from Iggy Pop, Nerves, Plimsouls, Denny Ward, Quick, Vom, & Mastodon.


Podcast #111 is a delightful affair with music from Alexi Murdoch, Regina Spektor, Dirty Projectors, So Many Dynamos, Dandy Warhols, Charlie Louvin, Nimrod Workman, & Sharon Jones.


Podcast #110 finds me on the wrong side of the fence re: heralded new releases from Franz Nicolay, Secrets Between Sailors, Still Life Still, John Vanderslice, Robyn Hitchcock, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, & Tortoise.


Podcast #109 bring you the cream of the crop from Softee, Bishop Allen, Dead Girls, Bob Mould, Peter Bjorn and John, Via Audio, St. Vincent, & Decemberists.


Podcast #108 is full of underdogs. Listen to winners from The Builders and The Butchers, Chris Garneau, Jeremy Enigk, Gentleman Reg, Haymarket Riot, Man At Arms, & Sleepy Sun.


Podcast #107 is as sunny and bright as May. Listen to new music from Phoenix, Asobi Seksu, Soldout, Art Brut, Hunters, Run!, Cheap Trick, & Koop featuring Ane Brun.


Podcast #106 comes with a heaping helping of Pretty & Nice, Up Set, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hold Steady, New Pornographers, Handsome Family, & Halloween, Alaska.


Podcast #105 is a little late in coming but makes up with it in crazy variety featuring The Bird And The Bee, Neko Case, Morrissey, Malajube, Cursive, Fucked Up, & Goblin Cock.


Podcast #104 is an international affair that might just get you dancing with new music from Franz Ferdinand, Shout Out Out Out Out, Polly Scattergood, Bell Orchestre, Matt & Kim, & Loney Dear.


Podcast #103 is an all midwestern affair with new music from Peasant, The Republic Tigers, The Bitter Tears, Pravada, Speck Mountain, & Bon Iver.


Podcast #102 explores some music that you're supposed to like featuring Glasvegas, Antony & the Johnsons, The Week That Was, Fleet Foxes, Pronto, & Earth.


Podcast #101 starts things new in KC with music new and old from The Cars, FM Belfast, Justice, She & Him, Emily Wells, Bug Lung Baby, Vivian Girls, & The Upsetters.


Podcast #100 proves that TMR is still alive. Listen for music from Runt, Crystal Castles, Quatre Tete, Leopold and his Fiction, Dan Wallace, Human Highway, & Emerson, Lake & Palmer.


Podcast #99 is a little late, but worth it as we play music from The Fall, The Go! Team, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Noah & The Whale, Midwest Dilemma, & Vyvienne Long.


Podcast #98 is about dodgey second albums and brilliant firsts from Those Dancing Days, Hello Saferide, Pale Young Gentlemen, Mason Proper, Kid, You'll Move Mountains, Cars Can Be Blue, Flogging Molly, & mum.


Podcast #97 represents a week where I got a little of everything. Listen to music from The Electric Pop Group, Irene, The Crimea, Juliana Hatfield, Damien Jurado, Clikatat Ikatowi, Skrewdriver, & The New Year.


Podcast #96 gives you just the right mix of adorable and audacious. Listen to new music from The Smittens, Stars, Alan Cohen Experience, Dressy Bessy, Cold War Kids, Dianogah, & Mogwai.


Podcast #95 is a TMR podcast through and through. Listen to new music from TV On The Radio, Hospital Grade, Freshkills, Okkervil River, Chumbawamba, Parenthetical Girls, & My First Days On Junk.


Podcast #94 gives you just enough indie rock to keep up appearances. Check out new music from KatJonBand, Frank Turner, Conor Oberst, The Darling Downs, Dog Day, Oxford Collapse, & The Presets.


Podcast #93 is themeless with new music from Wendy McNeill, The Faint, Bloc Party, Pigeon Detectives, Alan Cohen Experience, Donovan, & Fujiya & Miyagi.


Podcast #92 finds a few rising stars with new music from CSS, Wire, Ra Ra Riot, Air France, The Lodger, Frank Turner, Times New Viking, & oRSo.


Podcast #91 can only be called pop. Featuring music from Sleepless Nights, Mates of State, Oh Darling, Kaiser Cartel, Brian Eno, Beck, & Modest Mouse.


Podcast #90 is all about that second album with new music from Panic At The Disco, Black Kids, The Virgins, TAB The Band, Wolf Parade, & Gus Black.


Podcast #89 is happily intense with new music from The Walkmen, Dri, Earlimart, Sybris, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Jeremy Jay, & Sigur Ros.


Podcast #88 is a bit of everything with new music from Elvis Costello & The Imposters, The Black Ghosts, Rose Hill Drive, The Notwist, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, & Gentleman Auction House.


Podcast #87 isn't afraid of the obvious choices with new music from The Hold Steady, The Bird And The Bee, Scarlett Johansson, The Last Shadow Puppets, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, & Death Cab For Cutie.


Podcast #86 is a smattering of tasty bits from The Cuties, The Foals, Portishead, Jukebox The Ghost, Karl Blau, Frightened Rabbit, & Russian Circles.


Podcast #85 brings few similarities but lots of great music from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Cut Copy, Northern Portrait, Submarines, Silver Jews, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, & Bobby & Blumm.


Podcast #84 is a quick blast of indie pop featuring new music from The Indelicates, Islands, Tokyo Police Club, Ladytron, Brix E. Smith, & The Maytals.


Podcast #83 is just mellow enough. Features new music from Jealous Girlfriends, Dean & Britta, Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan, Sun Kil Moon, Long Blondes, Battle Royale, Apes, & Genesis. Yes, Genesis.


Podcast #82 is bound to confuse with new music from Los Campesinos!, R.E.M., Lisa Bouvier, Ministry, Genghis Tron, Billy Bragg, Drew O'Doherty, & Make Believe.


Podcast #81 visits some big names and some smaller ones you're going to want to remember. Featuring music from The Long Blondes, Vampire Weekend, Jonathan Richman, We Are Scientists, White Denim, Tapes 'n Tapes, Hot Chip, & Tobias Froberg.


Podcast #80 features both kinds of music -- indie pop and indie rock. Listen for Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Santa Maria, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Villains Of Verona, Andrew Bird, Bottomless Pit, & Fuck Buttons.


Podcast #79 cover all the bases with new music from The Rosebuds, Evangelicals, Dirty On Purpose, Retribution Gospel Choir, 4-Skins, Cockney Rejects, & Black Fortress Of Opium.


Podcast #78 packs great indie pop in little bands featuring music from Strip Squad, Elias and The Wizzkids, Bella, White Rabbits, Glorytellers, The Mountain Goats, The Magnetic Fields, & Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia...


Podcast #77 matches a run down host with perky music from Holly And The Italians, Taken By Trees, Say Hi, Arctic Monkeys, Switches, Flogging Molly, The Tossers, & Buck Owens.


Podcast #76 is high on the buzz of The Virgins, Black Kids, Jupiter One, The Young Tradition, Josh Fix, The Forms, Ida, Cat Power, & Emmett Miller.


Podcast #75 might rock you just a little with music from Cassettes Won't Listen, Colin Clary, Tullycraft, Blueblood, Stately Gentlemen, These New Puritans, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Okkervil River, & iLiKETRAiNS.


Podcast #74 is a delightful mix of indie pop and post punk featuring music from Pale Young Gentlemen, Math And Physics Club, Darren Hayman, Fireflies, Minutemen, Menomena, CSS, & The Field.


Podcast #73 catches up with new and not so new music from Ben Lee, The States, Mannequin Men, Bears, The Charade, The Owls, Bill Monroe, Tom Ashley, & Lydia Lunch.


Podcast #72 returns to form with tunes from Les Savy Fav, The 1900s, Head Of Femur, Pants Yell!, Afternoon Naps, 2 from The Lucksmiths & Le Loup.


The 2007 countdown wraps up with podcast #71. Hear #6 - #1 from Los Campesinos!, Sakert, Bishop Allen, Pelle Carlberg, Ra Ra Riot, & Jens Lekman.


The countdown continues in podcast #70. Hear #13 - #7 from Oh No! Oh My!, Ted Leo, Elias and The Wizzkids, Brunettes, Okkervil River, Bright Eyes, & Architecture In Helsinki.


We're counting down the top 20 songs of 07 in podcast #69. Listen to MONSTER JAMS 20 thru 14 from Gravy Train!!!!, Palomar, Stars, Mystery Jets, LCD Soundsystem, John Vanderslice, & Great Lakes Myth Society.


Podcast #68 is a delightful little affair featuring music from Babyshambles, A Smile And A Ribbon, The Siddeleys, The Legends, Deer Tick, Phosphorescent, & Clare & The Reasons.


Podcast #67 couldn't possibly be cohesive with music from Shellac, Matt Pond PA, Siouxsie, I, Synthesist, Canon Blue, Most Serene Republic, & Chuck Woods.


In podcast #66 I reveal a bit too much about myself by playing Elias and The Wizzkids, Brunettes, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Great Lakes Myth Society, Mason Proper, Darkthrone, & Mithotyn.


Podcast #65 is totally blissed out indie pop featuring The Smittens, Los Campesinos!, Office, Club 8, The Essex Green, Cass McCombs, Ferraby Lionheart, & Namelessnumberheadman.


Podcast #64 is all the indie pop you can handle with new music from The Russian Futurists, Figurines, Hell On Wheels, The Lucksmiths, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Liars, The Cave Singers, & Monkey Swallows The Universe.


Podcast #63 is a rockin' little affair with music from The Hidden Cameras, Oh No! Oh My!, Its a Musical!, Enter Shikari, Sweet, Ozzy Osbourne, Roky Erickson & the Aliens, & Frank Smith.


Podcast #62 highlights Appalachian hillbilly music and Swedish pop. Figure out which is which, and which is neither: Northern State, Jens Lekman, Irene, National, Black Francis, Stanley Brothers, Phipps Family, Roy Acuff, & Barons.


Podcast #61 gives you a bit of everything with new music fromPinback, Prinzhorn Dance School, Architecture In Helsinki,Leiana, Rotten Cheri, The Go, The Sonics, & She Wants Revenge.


Podcast #60 is downright classic with music from Flashing Lights, Okkervil River, Bear Hands, Moving Units, Videohippos, Archers Of Loaf, Polvo, & September Collective.


I'm back after a short break, and I've brought an incredibly solid set of primo indie featuring: Gravy Train!!!!, Ra Ra Riot, The Hard Lessons, Mystery Jets, Don Lennon, The Ladybug Transistor, Mirah, & Cinematic Orchestra.


Podcast #58 allows smart indie pop to reign supreme again as we tackle new music from Eagle Seagull, Mary Lou Lord, John Vanderslice, St. Vincent, LCD Soundsystem, Stereo Total, & Chris Murphy.


Podcast #57 returns with some heavy hitters and solid albums. Featuring music from Stars, Oh No! Oh My!, Human Television, Palomar, KaitO, Spoon, Ted Leo, & Digitalism.


Podcast #56 incidentally highlights some of the blogosphere's buzz bands: Tokyo Police Club, The Electric Pop Group, Voxtrot, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Dressy Bessy, Be Your Own Pet, Matt Pond PA, Utah Carol, & The Bleechers.


Podcast #55 covers a lot of ground on a lovely trip. Features new music from Wheat, The Chambermaids, The Chinese Stars, Iron & Wine, In The Pines, Hefner, The Runaways, & Neurosis.


Podcast #54 starts off indie pop then slowly disolves to blissful chaos. Check out tracks from The Format, The Clientele, Tender Trap, Davies vs. Dresch, Ladycop, Snowden, & Shellac


We keep rolling along in Podcast #53 with new music from Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, The Ponys, Art Brut, Static Of The Gods, The Jai-Alai Savant, Don Caballero, & Kraken Oxen.


Podcast #52 is a indie pop hook a minute affair with new music from Bishop Allen, S#228;kert!, Sean Na Na, Pelle Carlberg, California Snow Story, Warm Morning, Trembling Blue Stars, & Explosions In The Sky.


Podcast #51 demonstrates my split personality wonderfully. Listen to music from Battles, Type O Negative, Deadsy, Christine Fellows, Jade McNelis, Tara Jane O'Neil, & My Brightest Diamond.


Surely podcast #50 was worth the wait. Learn about my vanishing act while you listen to music from Franklin, Arab Strap, Peter Bjorn And John, Sparta, Career Club, & Explosions In The Sky.


Podcast #49 is a relaxing spring shower with new music from Bright Eyes, The Race, The Narrator, Looper, Lucinda Williams, RymoDee, & The Aggrolites.


Podcast #48 includes two songs about Satan. Listen to new music from Brakes, Hotshotrobot, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bloc Party, Field Music, Of Montreal, Swan Lake, & Early Day Miners.


Podcast #47 features all of my current favourites including The Ballet, Baby Calendar, Ad Astra Per Aspera, Rob Crow, The Ruby Suns, Owen, Ghost Mice, & Mouth Of The Architect.


Podcast #46 catches up on some albums received over the last few months. Enjoy new music from The Shins, The Snow Fairies, Destroyer, The Lucky Stiffs, The Ratchets, Patrick Porter, Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys, & Dark Water Transit.


#45 is a bonus-sized podcast with music from Jarvis Cocker, Memphis, Clinic, Seam, The Rapture, Cale Parks, Bobbie Gentry, Cat Power, & Black Fortress of Opium.


Podcast #44 is a varied affair reflecting the long time it took me to put this together. Music by Teddybears, DJ Cappel & Smitty, Muse, Les Georges Leningrad, Goodnight Moon, Guillermo Sexo, Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham, Francoise Hardy, & Robyn Hitchcock.


I can't figure out Podcast #43 either. It features music from Reggie & The Full Effect, Bishop Allen, The Dismemberment Plan, The Evens, Laura Veirs, The Handsome Family, Edith Frost, William Elliott Whitmore, & Donna Fargo.


Podcast #42 is an odd and sometimes embarassing mix featuring music from Kristofer Astrom, The Who, Songs:Ohia, Mountain Goats, Panic! At The Disco, Angels & Airwaves, She Wants Revenge, & Lupe Fiasco.


Podcast #41 was a long time coming. This round I feature music from The Hidden Cameras, Rainer Maria, mewithoutYou, Electric Six, The Byrds, John Cougar, The Winter Blanket, & The Gothic Archies.


Podcast #40 and we're back to sappy with new music from Hello Saferide, Math And Physics Club, Lisa Germano, Sean Lennon, Annuals, One Ring Zero, The Killers, The Thermals, & Hello Saferide once again.


Podcast #39 is darker and not so simple. We feature music from Bound Stems, The Lemonheads, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Lucky Lucky Pigeons, Richard Buckner, William Whitmore/Jenny Hoyston, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, & MC Paul Barman.


Podcast #38 and sappy songs could become a habit. New tracks from Pajo, Chin Up Chin Up, Malajube, The Hold Steady, Wolf Piss, The Album Leaf, Isobel Campbell, & Grizzly Bear


Did ya miss me? Podcast #37 is back with tracks from Field Mice, Jeremy Enigk, Electrelane, The Vaselines, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Pelle Carlberg, The Mountain Goats, & This Will Destroy You.


Podcast #36 is another indie pop extravaganza featuring new music from The Decemberists, The Besties, Cars Can Be Blue, I'm From Barcelona, Say Hi To Your Mom, Blood Meridian, DeVotchKa, Alan Sparhawk, & Nouvelle Vague.


Podcast #35 and things start to feel normal again. Listen for new music from Pelle Carlberg, So Many Dynamos, The Robot Ate Me, Hot Chip, Augie March, Judah Johnson, & Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint.


Podcast #34 is making up for lost time with new tracks from Tilly and the Wall, The Pipettes, Against Lupa, TV on the Radio, Thom Yorke, Stars of Track and Field, & The Decemberists


Podcast #33 happened sometime between Boston and Europe, and the hodgepodge of sytles reflect that instability. Music from The Rogers Sisters, Cracker, Lansing-Dreiden, The Fairline Parkway, AFI, DAT politics, & Bardo Pond.


Podcast #32 is a belated return with music from Harris, Mission Of Burma, Baker, Neko Case, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Cock Sparrer, & The Black Heart Procession.


Podcast #31 is a bucketful of winners featuring music from Built To Spill, Norfolk & Western, The Sexy Accident, The Photo Atlas, Radio 4, Bobby Baby, hollAnd, & Deadbolt.


Podcast #30 where my hoarse voice gives way to tracks by Blake Babies, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Camera Obscura, Final Fantasy, The Radio Dept., White Rose Movement, Bruce Springsteen, & Annie Watson.


Podcast #29 is a mixed bag and a fun ride featuring the music of The Redskins, Figurines, Tapes 'n Tapes, Tullycraft, Aloha, The Dresden Dolls, The Wilderness, & Geoff Farina.


Podcast #28 is a new affair with music from The Streets, The Sounds, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Charlemagne, The Appleseed Cast, Anna Ternheim, Patrick Phelan, & Stephin Merritt.


Podcast #27 is a delightfully sunny mix for dancing that features music from April March, Pants Yell!, Rose Melberg, The Essex Green, Adult., Daft Punk, & Morrissey.


So much for consistency, spike up your hair for cuts from Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames, Wall Of Voodoo, The Pop Group, Mad Man Films, The Damned, The Business, Buzzcocks, & The Television Personalities.


Back to the indie bread and butter with new tracks from Stereo Total, Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!, The Fairways, Mates Of State, Bang! Bang!, Band Of Horses, & Landspeedrecord.


With Podcast #24 we test your resolve by playing tracks from Oxford Collapse, Measles Mumps Rubella, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Some Girls, Quasi, Ten In The Swear Jar, Magik Markers, & I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness.


You're gonna have to trust me with Podcast #23. It features music from Suffering And The Hiddeous Thieves, Lying In States, Mogwai, Low Skies, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Thin Lizzy, & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.


Podcast #22 is without rhyme or reason. New Music from The Morning After Girls, The Blood Brothers, Paper Thin Stages, Colin Meloy, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, & Liars.


Podcast #21 proves I'm a sissy pop kid. Music from The Positions, Monkey Swallows The Universe, Voxtrot, Meanings, Brian Eno, & The Knife.


Podcast #20 is a silly affair with new music from Math and Physics Club, The Lucksmiths, The Secret Society, Halloween, Alaska, Pinetop Seven, The Plastic Constellations, Sharp Like Knives, & From Monument To Masses.


Podcast #19 is effin' solid. Enjoy these new tracks from The Elected, Paper Airplanes, East River Pipe, Carrie, Film School, Gogogo Airheart, and Chin Up Chin Up.


Podcast #18 rocks your socks with new stuff from Saturday Looks Good To Me, Arctic Monkeys, Nine Black Alps, The Joggers, Tortoise & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Clearlake, and Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan.


Podcast #17 is a schizophrenic affair with The Cinematic Underground, KC Fields, The Instances, Do Make Say Think, Elefant, Sparks, The National Trust, & Wolfmother.


Podcast #16 starts with an indie pop explosion with Darren Hayman, Tender Trap, The Smittens, Ester Drang, Great Lake Swimmers, Kiss Me Deadly, Chin Up Chin Up, & Kayo Dot.


Podcast #15 is a late night affair with Jens Lekman, Thee More Shallows, Corazon, Faris Nourallah, Lowlights, Criteria, Spoon, & Imogen Heap.


Podcast #14 with a heckuva lot of new music from LCD Soundsystem, Brakes, Wilderness, Deerhoof, Love Is All, Jenny Lewis, Broadcast, Serena Maneesh, & Bright Eyes.


Podcast #13 is a whopper with music from Sufjan Stevens, Harry Nilsson, All Girl Summer Fun Band, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Defiance, Ohio, Against Me!, Frog Eyes, Namelessnumberheadman, & Rogue Wave.


Podcast #12 has no holiday theme, merely music from Devendra Banhart, Sons and Daughters, Copeland, Hot Chip, The Clientele, The Album Leaf, & Low.


Podcast #11 is about a scratchy throat and a stuffed up nose. Oh and new music from Death Cab for Cutie, Broken Social Scene, Controller.Controller, P:ano, Hanne Hukkelberg, Richard Swift, & Belle and Sebastian.


Podcast #10 was recorded in a room at the Marriott next to LaGuardia. Music from Make Believe, The Subways, Nutmeg, The Constantines, Keith Pyle, Adult., Neon Blonde, & I Like Japanese Hardcore.


Podcast #9 in like a lion and out like a lamb with new music from Goblin Cock, Baby Shambles, Field Music, Don Lennon, Tristeza, The American Analog Set, & Explosions in the Sky.


Podcast #8 is a complete surprise. Bee Gees, We Are Scientists, Lost Patrol Band, The Knife, Sharks Keep Moving, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, & Ozzy. Really.


Podcast #7 and everything goes smoothly with music from The Crimea, Minmae, Sun Kil Moon, Tiger Saw, Calla, We Versus the Shark, Bear vs. Shark, & Antony and the Johnsons.


Podcast #6 where I talk real fast and play new music from Minus Story, Arab Strap, The Silver Jews, The Rakes, The Ex, Test Icicles, Tangiers, & The Bats.


Podcast #5 w/ new music from The Russian Futurists, Pants Yell!, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Nein, Dressy Bessy, Calvin Johnson, Grandaddy & Bell Ochestre.


Podcast #4 where I break the rules. New music by Chumbawamba, Art Brut, Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Ladytron, Iron & Wine / Calexico, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, & The Fiery Furnaces.


Podcast #3 featuring self-humiliation and new music from Jens Lekman, matt pond PA, Koufax, Erlend Oye, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Cerberus Shoal, & Dirty Three.


Podcast #2 featuring new music from Tullycraft, The Go! Team, Metric, Sigur Ros, The Lovemakers, Boards of Canada, Fruit Bats, & The Most Serene Republic.


Innagural Too Much Rock Podcast featuring music from The Chalets, Franz Ferdinand, stellastar*, Get Him Eat Him, The Unicorns, Wolf Parade, Skating Club, & Tiger Saw.