The records you see below are part of the Too Much Rock Single Series – a collection of 45 RPM singles that marry great songs with great bands all for the love of vinyl. Each old-school two-song single features one unique song paired with one cover chosen by the site. We press 500 limited edition copies and then simply give them away to the bands. We lose money. Bands make a little. Vinyl lives. Everyone wins.

I've been getting a lot of questions about the series, so: Yes, it's always a local band. No, I'm not taking suggestions. No, once they're gone they're gone. Yes, I just give them to the band and they can do whatever they want with them. And, whenever I feel like it. For anything else visit the about page and drop me an email. I love to talk about this project.

Red KateIraqi GirlRELEASE DATE 2/23/18

Too Much Rock is happy to announce that the seventh installment of its vinyl-only singles series will feature Kansas City's Red Kate. The band's fiery, working class lyrics and no-frills pub-rock sound make this a perfect fit for Too Much Rock. A-side "Iraqi Girl" latches onto a groove that just doesn't let go, while B-side cover of TSOL's "American Zone" fits so perfectly into the band's mission that it became a staple of its live set months before the single was even announced. The limited-edition vinyl-only single is available on both black (400 copies) or clear (100 copies) vinyl, each with its own complementing artwork.

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Witch JailSlimewave, USA!RELEASED 2/20/17

The sixth installment of the Too Much Rock Singles Series features a band with romance on its mind and brains on its breath. Witch Jail hangs in the spooky psychobilly back alleys, offering its aural candy to you bad kids, starting with the surfy A side "Slimwave, USA!" about a witch with designs on our scene. The B side is a cover of Alien Sex Fiend's "My Brain is in the Cupboard (Above the Kitchen Sink)" that lurches and staggers with every yelp from vocalist Guy Slimey. One press of 400 on black vinyl, 100 on purple vinyl.

Slimewave, USA!

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Hipshot KillerAll the Hell in the WorldRELEASED 10/21/16

The fifth installment of the singles series features a band that has roots so deep in the KC music scene that it predates Too Much Rock's 1997 arrival. Hipshot Killer aptly describes its sound as "power-punk," and the driving guitar and strong melody found on A side "All the Hell in the World" live up to that portmanteau. It's paired with the timeless "Sky Flying By" originally recorded by influential West Coast, genre-defying punks Samiam. The limited-edition vinyl-only single is available directly from the band. One press of 400 on black vinyl, 100 on colored vinyl.

All the Hell in the World:

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The Uncouth!KC UnitedRELEASED 5/15/15

The Uncouth! kick off volume 4 of the Singles Series with "KC United." This anthemic number is an old-school call for unity between the punk and skinhead scenes and celebrates KC's rich history. The B-side features a powerful take of Slade's 1972 smash "Gudbuy T'Jane" that retains all the glam stomp of the original. Pick up a copy directly from the band.

KC United:

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Josh BerwangerOh Bis!RELEASED 6/3/14

Volume 3 of the Singles Series features Josh Berwanger (of The Anniversary & Only Childen) with new power pop jam "Oh Bis!" on the A-side, and The Jags' 1978 should-have-been hit "Back Of My Hand" on the reverse. The single features a must see retro paper sleeve created by alternate movie poster guru Jay Shaw.

Oh Bis!:

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Rev GustoStill ThereRELEASED 4/19/14

The second installment of the singles series features Kansas City's Rev Gusto. The young band's brilliant blending of power pop and shaggy mod shines on A side "Still there," while the band nails the jittery emotion of Graham Parker's "Local Girls" on the B side. The limited-edition 45 is available directly from the band.

Still There:

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Schwervon!LandlockedRELEASED 11/12/13

The singles series kicks off with Schwervon, a Kansas-via-NYC band (how often does that happen?) featuring guitarist Matt Roth and drummer Nan Turner. "Landlocked" is the first song written by the duo after moving to Kansas City, so it's only right that it appears on this release. Soon after witnessing the band's blending of Roth's ferious rock with Turner's fearless ingenuity, I knew that I wanted them to tackle the Raincoats' off-kilter 1979 anthem "Off Duty Trip." To get the 45 you'll have to talk to the band – I gave away all my copies.


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