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Smokes Let's Go

It was only rock & roll on a Tuesday night thanks to Smokes Let's Go, Junkyard Royalty, North by North, & Saving Miles Lemon.


Podcast #619 just makes me happy. So thanks to The March Violets, The Beths, Dear Boy, The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness, Hayley and the Crushers, More Kicks, & Squirrel Bait.

Will Boyer of Remain Sedate

Farewell hosted a locals-only benefit for Missouri Abortion Fund featuring Remain Sedate, Doldrums, Sarin Reaper, & Carrie Dairy.


Dani Miller of Surfbort

Surfbort teamed up with locals Camp Clover and Midwest Telegram to give Kansas City one hell of a show.


Podcast #618 welcomes leather jacket weather with cuts from The Photocopies, Suzi Moon, The Paranoyds, Outtacontroller, Sick Thoughts, LYXE, Squirrel Bait, & The Brats.

Sarin Reaper

Black metal most foul and fun took over 22/32 on a Sunday night. Check out my iffy photos, videos, & thoughts of Sarin Reaper, Spiter, Lowest Life, & Cataphract.


Podcast #617 is for the real ones w/ music from Dentist, Trevor Blendour, The Chelsea Curve, The Wilmas, Still Ill, Isolation, & Flyying Colours.


KC fans witnessed an exhilarating and exhausting performance from Idles and special guests Injury Reserve.


Tillie Hall of Mellowphobia

The Rino hosted a night of Kansas City's next including Mellowphobia, Field Daze, & The Distant Now.


Labretta Suede

Delinquents, derelicts and deadbeats showed up early to catch matinee sets from Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 and The Mad Kings.


Podcast #616 is for the nature lovers like Stella Donnelly, Shoulder Season, Natalie Sweet & Brad Marino, The Prize, The Happy Somethings, Ryan Allen, Piggies, & Diamanda Galás.

Camp Childress

The Replay hosted the next generation in a matinee that featured Camp Childress, Daniel Gum, Blast Monkeys, & The Chloregards.


Podcast #615 provides all essential vitamins thanks to Pale Blue Eyes, The Smithereens, Nick Frater, Fresh, The Chats, Aunt Helen, & Russian Circles.


The miniBar audience got post-punk on top of post-punk when Miami's Donzii was joined by locals New Obsessions and Static Phantoms.


Podcast #614 is going to make you feel good thanks to Bishops Green, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, The Mountain Goats, The Anderson Council, The Scooters, Let's Whisper, The Reds Pinks & Purples, & Vintage Crop.

Podcast #613 reappears with gifts for the good little children from Cheekface, Teenage Halloween, Faye, Thick, Cheerbleederz, & Evilfeast.

Dimitri Giannopoulos of Horse Jumper of Love

Kansas City sent out its A team to match up against a couple of touring acts on a very sticky night. Click for my photos, videos, and thoughts of Horse Jumper of Love, Babehoven, Flooding, & Nightosphere.



Six bands played for 417 hours in a 115° club on a Monday night. Click to find out who survived the Abandoncy, Dreamist, Teenage Halloween, Junior Retreat, Pinkville, & Uncouth gig.


Bush Lush

After a seven-year nap The Buddy Lush Phenomenon woke up in a KCK dive bar and played a two-hour drive time set.


Patrick McGuire is Straight White Teeth

Three not-so-sunny solo performers played a sunny summer evening on the Replay patio. Check out my thoughts, photos, & video of Straight White Teeth, Heidi Gluck, & Blanky.


Bill McShane of Ultimate Fakebook

Ultimate Fakebook, Frogpond, & Ashtray Babyhood kept the dream of the '90s alive in front of a sellout crowd.


Podcast #612 rides the roller coaster w/ Colleen Dow, Tallies, Northern Portrait, Basic English, The Tight Fits, Pigeon Pit, Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains, & Lincoln.

Podcast #611 cheats the listening audience with help from Young Guv, She & Him, The Burning Hell, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Bubblegum Lemonade, The Uncouth, Boogie Hammer, & Secret Shame.

Douglas Dulgarian of They Are Gutting a Body of Water

If you like your bands dense and loud, and your clubs hot and packed, then the They Are Gutting a Body of Water, Nerver, & Flooding show was a dream come true.


Nan + The One Nite Stands

Friends gathered on a pleasant night for music both sincere and silly. Check out my photos and video of Nan + The One Nite Stands and Chase The Horseman.


Podcast #610 puts in that bounce thanks to Art d'Ecco, Fime, Stud Count, Marine Research, Merry Widows, Wire, The Dodgers, & Damien Jurado.

Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst brought a well-rehearsed eleven-piece version of Bright Eyes to the Uptown for a night that amplified everything the long-running project does so well.


Podcast #609 is perfect for your 30-minute holiday picnic thanks to The Umbrellas, Los Recuerdos, Los Pepes, Kiss Disease, Michael Monroe, Rudi, The Mumps, & Whimsical.

Jorge Arana of New Obsessions

It got a little dark at Farewell as New Obsessions, Secret Shame, Alina Maira, & Nightosphere took the stage on a long Tuesday night.


Breaka Dawn of The Bad Ideas

In what should be a regular Punk in the Parking Lot series, The Bad Ideas made a stage out of the Red Sash Brewing parking lot to celebrate the release of a beer collab.


Podcast #608 is for the underdogs with tracks from My Raining Stars, Janelane, The Dreaded Laramie, Queen Rat, Jonathan Richman, The Devil is Electric, Bootkrieg, & Otoboke Beaver.

Miles Luce of Midwest Telegram

Hot bands playing to hot kids in a hot basement on a hot night. Click for my photos, video, & thoughts of Midwest Telegram, Catalina, Honest Sleep, & Junkyard Royalty.


Podcast #607 makes you the guinea pig with tracks from Greyson Lane, Supercrush, Extra Arms, Peaness, Dinosaur Jr., Butthole Surfers, & Dratna.

Bob Log III

How did two blues musicians create such a wild midweek party? Find out by visiting my photos and video of Bob Log III and Rachel Ammons.


Andres Chavez of Lesser Care

Farewell went post-punk for El Paso's Lesser Care and KC locals New Obsessions.


The Whiffs

Faces were melted as The Whiffs were joined by NY's The Bobby Lees on the miniBar stage.


Podcast #606 offers up a musical ice cream sandwich made of Artful Dodger, Field School, Free Loan Investments, Seabear, Torrey, Sea Lemon, & Drifter.

The Creepy Jingles

Velo Garage hosted three local acts that shouldn't be ignored. Check out my photos and video of The Creepy Jingles, Daniel Gum, & Rachel Cion.


Podcast #605 is all about discoveries with tunes from Flesh For Lulu, Sweet Spirit, fanclubwallet, Mensa Deathsquad, Lesser Care, The Loyal Seas, Flora, & Stud Count.

Summer Newman & Jeff Sevier of Holy Locust

Booking mistakes delivered a slapdash lineup of punk bands that bordered on brilliant. Click for my photos, videos & account of Holy Locust, Stud Count, and Doldrums.


Drugs & Attics

Manor Fest came to a chaotic and drunken finale with sets from Drugs & Attics, The Sluts, & Brat Pitt.


Charlotte Bumgarner

A perfectly curated Manor Fest showcase brought together three solo performers in a welcoming bookshop on a sunny afternoon. Check out my photos and video of Charlotte Bumgarner, Maddie Razook, & Rachel Cion.


Podcast #604 wonders if old is new while playing tracks from Ramones, The Clams, The Dogmatics, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, Craig Finn, & Yoo Doo Right.

Red Kate

A beautiful afternoon gave way to a beautiful night as 5 local bands took over a city street. Check out my photos and video of Red Kate, Arson Class, Poorly Executed, Electric Lungs, & Deco Auto.


Podcast #603 is something old, something new, and something blackened courtesy of Panic Shack, The Stroppies, The Photocopies, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, & Mortal Thrall.

Jon Spencer

Jon Spencer turned recordBar into a roadhouse for some rip-roaring rock & roll. Click for my photos and video of the Spencer and openers Quasi.


Podcast #602 is a vacation to the isles of The Feelies, Jim Basnight, Night Court, Ravagers, Say Sue Me, My Idea, & Neurosis.

Suzi Moon

KC got a whole lot of rock when touring acts Suzi Moon and Ravagers played miniBar with some help from Deco Auto.


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