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Jorge Arana

A curious bill handpicked by Guy Slimey brought Jorge Arana Trio, Bird Girls, & Neptune out to support Witch Jail as that band launched its new album.


Podcast #442 will turn on you so keep an eye on Jan Panter, Steve Conte, Fightmilk, The Bombpops, Wye Oak, Kississippi, Julien Baker, & Charmer.

Durand Jones

On 4/8 Durand Jones and Instant Karma brought hot soul to cold Kansas City.


Julien Baker

Julien Baker stopped by a suburban record store in Kansas for a intimate midday performance that served as tasteful appetizer or economy replacement for her headlining gig later that night.


Heather Baron-Gracie of Pale Waves

The underage set packed recordBar for a night with buzz band Pale Waves and compatriot opener Inheaven.


Podcast #441 leans heavily on covers with music from Casanovas In Heat, Hop Along, The Smithereens, Juliana Hatfield, John Paul Keith, Sloan, & Sonia.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

It's only rock 'n' roll but The Whiffs, Flesh Panthers, & Woolly Bushmen all love it in their own way.


Brook Worlledge of Lovergurl

Women ruled the night as Lovergurl, Natural Velvet, and Abandoned Bells played dark sets at the even darker miniBar on 3/22.


Podcast #440 is sketchy w/ music from Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, The Pandoras, Alma Cogan, Those Unfortunates, Wreckless Eric, A Deer A Horse, Pale Kids, & Stars Hollow.

John Joseph of Cro-Mags

NYHC legend Cro-Mags made its first trip to KC where it got the pit swirling with help from the swampy EyeHateGod and local hardcore devotees Altered Beast & Devil's Den.


Podcast #439 has something for you including new music from Hot Snakes, The Decemberists, Hidden Pictures, Night Flowers, Radio Days, Telephone Lovers, Midnite Snaxxx, & ELO.

Nate Cook of The Yawpers

Local openers Witch Jail and Deco Auto warmed the recordBar stage for touring headliner The Yawpers and its rowdy, unfamiliar fans.


Greg Baker of Via Luna

Via Luna headlined a four-band bill that included Lobby Boxer, Le Grand, Microdoser, and enough finger taps, odd time signatures, and virtuosity to choke a punk.


Podcast #438 sets the mood w/ The Hold Steady, The Pony Collaboration, Hurry, Nap Eyes, The Electric Lungs, The Titans, Rancid, & Crack Cloud.


The dream of the '90s was alive in Kansas City as Bully and Melkbelly brought grungy guitars and big alt rock hooks to recordBar.


Podcast #437 offers a hand up w/ Titus Andronicus, Lucy Dacus, The Breeders, The Dollyrots, American Nightmare, Dicta, & Andrew W.K.

Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh

Septicflesh, Dark Funeral, and Thy Antichrist turned Riot Room into loud, putrid, seizure-inducing sauna packed with happy metalheads.


Podcast #436 isn't afraid to play music from Screaming Females, The Not Amused, Camp Cope, Turnspit, The Regrettes, Pale Waves, & Abbath.

Red Kate

Red Kate celebrated the release of its new TMR single with good friends Reacharounds, Arson Class, VidCo Kult, and so much rock & roll.


Podcast #435 spotlights a very odd music collector w/ Shannon & the Clams, Turnspit, Murph & The Gazorpos, A Light Within, Amiensus, & Belle & Sebastian.

Nick Sloan of A Light Within

The recordBar was hit with wave after wave of volume as A Light Within, Giants Chair, & Sundiver pummeled the audience with guitars.


Pedro the Lion

Old feelings came rushing back as a reformed Pedro the Lion packed the recordBar. Check out my photos and video of the resurrected headliner along with openers Marie/Lepanto.


Podcast #434 feels about right w/ The Lovely Eggs, Death By Unga Bunga, Red Kate, Brian Fallon, Awakebutstillinbed, & Marie/Lepanto.

Alex Luciano of Diet Cig

LFK punched above its weight class as Diet Cig, Great Grandpa, Spook School, & MK Ultra sold out the White Schoolhouse for a night of radical inclusiveness and indie pop.


Podcast #433 is pure TMR w/ music from Superchunk, Dirty Fences, Rubs, Drippies, Go Generation, Happy Accidents, Constant Insult, & Turbonegro.

New Too Much Rock Single

Too Much Rock is happy to announce that the seventh installment of its vinyl-only singles series will feature Kansas City's Red Kate. The band's fiery, working class lyrics and no-frills pub-rock sound make this a perfect fit for Too Much Rock. A-side "Iraqi Girl" latches onto a groove that just doesn't let go, while B-side cover of TSOL's "American Zone" fits so perfectly into the band's mission that it became a staple of its live set months before the single was even announced. The limited-edition vinyl-only single is available on both black (400 copies) or clear (100 copies) vinyl, each with its own complementing artwork starting on 2/23. Pre-orders are available today on the band's bandcamp page.

Watch for an exclusive stream on Modern Vinyl starting next week, then catch the band on KKFI's Under the Radar and Wednesday Midday Medley next week as well. See the band at the official launch at Davey's on the 23rd, or at the all-ages launch at Mills on 3/3.

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Zach Phillips of The Architects

Comrades The Architects and Hipshot Killer brought loud guitars and outsider anthems to the First Fridays crowd.


Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

Power-pop was out in delightful force as Whiffs, Dirty Fences, Rubs, & Drugs & Attics played a cycle shop in the bottoms.


Andrea Lo of Belle Game

A dedicated Monday-night crowd got an evening of atmosphere and textures from Belle Game, Spirit Is The Spirit, & Jake Wells.


Podcast #432 requires an explanation w/ Selector Dub Narcotic, Club 8, BV's, ONSIND, Listener, Tiny Moving Parts, & Belle Game.

Calvin Johnson is Selector Dub Narcotic

Selector Dub Narcotic played a rare all-ages matinee at Riot Room that drew few fans and no one under 21. And I want it to happen over and over until I die.


Kody Templeman of The Lillingtons

NKC's Rino earned its punk rock stripes hosting Lillingtons, Company Retreat, Rackatees, & Red Kate.


Podcast #431 comes with a cup of herbal tea and music from Belle & Sebastian, Math and Physics Club, Long Neck, Spook School, Anna Burch, First Aid Kit, & Obedient Wives Club.

Dan Bejar of Destroyer

KC audiences cheered as Destroyer and Mega Bog delivered sophisticated pop sets tinged with jazz.


Podcast #430 feels like an overshare w/ Daniel Romano, Wall, Bombs Over Broadway, Number Ones, Records, Styx, & Belle & Sebastian.

Claire Adams

On 1/12 KC basked in the sounds of the Claire Adams and Abandoned Bells.


Podcast #429 cools its jets w/ Crazy Squeeze, Electric Needle Room, Yucky Duster, Pale Lights, Jason Molina, Daniel Romano, & Kid Dakota.

Mike Alexander of Hipshot Killer

On 1/6 Hipshot Killer, Ex-Acrobat, & VidCo Kult played wonderful sets for a small assemblage of the midtown rabble.


Jordan Josephsen of Make Your Mark

KC's Oi! family rung in the new year with locals The Uncouth and Bombs over Broadway, and with help from Iowa's Make Your Mark.


Podcast #428 comes home w/ Demons, Menzingers, Telethon, 88 Fingers Louie, Lemuria, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Billy Bragg, & Elva.

Top 35 Songs of 2017

As is tradition, here are my Top 35 Songs of 2017. These are songs that I loved when I first heard them, and songs that I was excited to hear again when I started compiling this list just before Christmas. These aren't the "best" songs, and certainly are not the ones I listened to most (those Spotify lists are useless), but they are my favorites. As always I've also included three tracks from 2016 that I just didn't hear in time to make last year's list, but they definitely would have made the cut if I had.

see the full list

top songs, best of, 2016

Podcast #427 counts down the top 9 tracks of 2017 including Mountain Goats, Wyldlife, BA Johnston, Noel Gallagher, Cave Girls, Morrissey, Black Kids, Aimee Mann, & A Giant Dog.

Mookie Ninja of The Iron Question

Iron Question made a rare appearance playing punk rock covers for a good cause and with good friends Nature Boys and Jewelry.


Adam Davies of Mysterious Clouds

New Order was prepared 6 different ways as a parade of KC artists took the stage to pay tribute to the seminal act.


Guy Slimey of Witch Jail

KC's Witch Jail celebrated the winter solstice with some help from the surfy Pono AM & a far out set from Josiah Hunter.


Meredith McGrade of Emmaline Twist

KC crowds packed The Ship for 3 hours of heady dark wave from Emmaline Twist and Sona.


Ross Brown of Fullbloods

The new Kansas City sound is breezy lo-fi pop and the Record Bar audience got it in spades from Fullbloods, Mysterious Clouds, Jim Button & the Beholders, & Akkilles.


Kianna Alarid of Yes You Are

KC broke out its dancing shoes for some post-Thanksgiving festivities from Yes You Are, Rachel Mallin, & Y God Y.


Podcast #426 is the 2017 Christmas Spectacular starring Charly Bliss, The Spook School, Dude York, Lisa Prank, The Liminanas w/ Pascal Comelade, Seafang, Bis, & Cheap Trick.

Podcast #425 is about as perfect as it gets w/ Noel Gallagher, The Searchers, The Summer Suns, The She's, American Poetry Club, Kicking Giant, & Morrissey.

Hopyard Mathison of Employer

Emo nostalgia and reunion tours are all the rage, but the genre has always been alive in Midwestern basements. On this night Employer, Stars Hollow, Charmed, and Bobby's Oar all played to a delighted audience.


Podcast #424 doesn't care about Black Friday sales, just the music of Dori Freeman, Bedroom Eyes, Last Leaves, Forty Nineteens, Two Knights, Leg Day, Cadiecowden, & Frankie Rose.

Johnny Peebucks of Swingin' Utters

Punk rock anthems rung out as Swingin' Utters wrapped up its tour with friends Western Settings, Darius Koski, and Company Retreat in KC on 11/19.


Matt Mozier of Truck Stop Love

The party lasted for hours when Truck Stop Love reunited to celebrate the release of its vintage '90s material. Pedaljets, Red Kate, & Chris Tolle all helped fuel the party.


Darlene Deschamps of Pine

A common shoegaze thread connected Pine, I Was Afraid, and Youth Pool as the trio of young bands played The Rino on 11/14.


Podcast #423 gets the job done w/ Johnny Madcap, Emmaline Twist, The Phantoms, The Professionals, Arson Class, Natural Man, Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts, & Worriers.

The Bad Ideas

Bands butted heads with a surly crowd when The Bad Ideas, Reacharounds, & Stiff Middle Fingers played miniBar on 11/10.


Podcast #422 invites you to enjoy the ride w/ Corner Boys, David George, Margo Price, Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Rude Pride, Evil Conduct, & Quicksand.


A new DIY venue materialized just in time to host Shellshag, Bad Ideas, Burnt, and a lot of slam dancing.


James Alex of Beach Slang

Hearts were on sleeves as Beach Slang, Dave Hause, & Hannah Racecar played KC on 11/5.


Jeff Eaton of Split Lip Rayfield

Midwest Music Foundation's 10th annual fundraiser Apocalypse Meow featured 11 bands, dozens of items up for auction, and the mayor.


Halliday Bertram of No Fun

No Fun gave Blind Tiger a Halloween farewell with help from the witchy Nitecrawlers and the misanthropic Anti-Seed.


Stephen Egerton of Descendents

Milo came to KC and everyone from mohawked children to greyed geezers rejoiced. Click for my photos and video of show that featured Descendents, Less than Jake, and Season to Risk.


Podcast #421 lets the heart rule w/ Iron Chic, Sammi Lanzetta, Sports, Bully, The La's, The Orchids, Berwanger, & Henry Jamison.

Brent Toler of Diarrhea Planet

Those not already wrecked by Halloween were given a punch to the gut by a rockin' Diarrhea Planet with support from year-round spooks Witch Jail.


Richard Stanley of Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

Sam Coffey brought rock & roll roaring into the Brick with help from compatriots Drugs & Attics and the contrarian Salty.


Podcast #420 is your guide to Apocalypse Meow X w/ music from Brandon Phillips, Headlight Rivals, Chris Meck, Split Lip Rayfield, Sandoval, & Expassionates.


The allure of seeing 3 new bands at a new venue was too much for me to resist. Here are my photos of Runt, Bikes, & Jeff Means at Rino.


Podcast #419 is spooky good w/ Kurt Baker, The Connection, The Coax, GWAR, Pardoner, Wick and the Tricks, Grrrl Gang, & The Mountain Goats.

Rose Marshack of Poster Children

The Lotuspool 25th anniversary show flourished with powerful notes of Poster Children, Heidi Gluck, & Suneaters, before finishing with subtle nostalgic undertones.


Podcast #418 makes it look easy w/ Deer Tick, Last Leaves, Makthaverskan, Quiet Slang, Har Mar Superstar, & Snapped Ankles.

Ken Horne of The Bronx

Fans got their money's worth when The Bronx, Plague Vendor, & '68 wrecked The Riot Room on 10/12.


Podcast #417 is insistent w/ music from Who Is She, Tom Petty, Jeremy Porter, High Waisted, Company Retreat, Luna, Deer Tick, & Schwervon.

Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females

Screaming Females returned to its basement roots during a 10/4 tour stop that also featured Street Eaters, Leggy, The Rubs, & The Whiffs.


Stefan Babcock of Pup

Bodies were flying and personal items lost when Pup, Partner, & Architects played to an enthusiastic audience on 10/1.


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