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Podcast #700 gets lucky with tunes from Slitasje, The Artisans, The Fun Guy, Soul Asylum, Milly, Desolat, & Queen of Jeans.

Podcast #699 cares a lot about Bat, Soul Asylum, Radar, The Hollywood Stars, L.A. Drugz, The Proctors, Crumbs, & The Decemberists.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

The heart of rock ’n’ roll is still beating in an undisclosed warehouse in the West Bottoms. Check out my coverage of The Whiffs, Dirty Fences, & Heels gig.


Podcast #698 has its nose in everybody's business including Ramones, The Sleazoids, New Race, Soul Asylum, Las Nubes, Remorsefully Numb, Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan!, Swiftumz, & The Second Summer.

Lisa Wertman Crowe of Get Smart

Three giants of the early ‘80s Kansas scene reunited to reminisce and rock. Check out my coverage of Get Smart, Embarrassment, & Mortal Micronotz.


Podcast #697 has the hits from Motorists, Brent Seavers, 45 Adapters, Smart Pills, Quincy, Pedro The Lion, The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, & Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper.

John Agee of Sundiver

It got a little heady and very loud when Sundiver, Museum of Light, Lafayette, & Drifter played Minibar.


Austin Davis of Camping in Alaska

Bands tugged on heartstrings and kicked patrons in the chest when Camping in Alaska, Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly, Godf*ck, & Heccra came to town.


Podcast #696 offers you a charcuterie board of Neutrals, Get Smart, Shellac, Idaho, Orville Peck, Noelle and the Deserters, Dog Party, & Spiter.

Battle Beast

Lawrence rocked in the highest registers when Battle Beast and Blackbriar brought their metal to The Granada.


Krysztof Nemeth of Reviser

Monthly goth night Gallow Dance featured live music from Reviser and 90 Minute Cassette.


Podcast #695 rolls the dice with cuts from The Lemon Twigs, Blotto, The Inmates, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Hot Water Music, Les Savy Fav, Comeback Kid, & Arab Strap.

Greg Katz of Cheekface

Cheekface coalesced its community on a Sunday night in Kansas.


CJ Wilson of The Uncouth

Punks and skins sweated it out to Uncouth, River City Rejects, & D-Fibs at a sold-out Minibar.



Songs swirled and skittered and glided as RxGhost, Enemy Airship, & Still Ill played The Brick.


Podcast #694 takes you places with cuts from Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Yankee Rose, Lunchbox, Owen, Y Dail, The Uncouth, Reckless Upstarts, & Blushing.

Podcast #693 continues to pile it on with new stuff from RxGhost, Extra Arms, Surf Trash, Night Court, The Celebrities, The Artisans, Mammoth Penguins, Camera Obscura, & Arson Class.

Lachlan Jackson of Surf Trash

KC survived hump night with drinks, dancing, and live music from Australia’s Surf Trash, Parrotfish, Gibby, & Gemini Parks.


Philo Phuckphace of Moron's Morons

Poland’s Moron’s Morons joined locals Wayne Pain and Jackoffs for some nice dirty garage punk fun.


Podcast #692 stacks 'em deep and likes 'em cheap with blowouts from Steve Conte, Bottle Breakers, The Reflectors, The Yum Yums, Billy Tibbals, The Luxury Item, Go Generation, Itchy and The Nits, & Tyr.


Arson Class becomes the latest band to be featured in the Too Much Rock Single Series. The 7" will be released on 5/3 with a release party that evening at Sister Anne's Records.

Too Much Rock · Arson Class - Junior

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Bradley McKillip of Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy

Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy kicked off a sunny spring weekend with the help of opener Liney Blu.


Podcast #691 soundtracks my day with hits from Morgan and the Organ Donors, The Boyfriends, TV Fifty, Heavy Lag, Why Bother?, Rick White, & Hooded Grave.

Mark Ryan of The Marked Men

Thursday night has never felt more like Friday than when The Marked Men and The Whiffs rocked The Ship.


Shaun Penechar of Doubledrag

Everything was supersized for the Doubledrag album release show w/ support from Siilk & Wire Twins.


Podcast #690 is what just you needed if you needed tracks from Cock Sparrer, Emperor Penguin, Honeychain, Jason Blake, The Ophelias, & Joan of Arc.


Monday turned dreamy thanks to Punchlove, Still Ill, & Admin Reveal.


Jake Cardwell of The Whiffs

Night 2 of the “Lost Weekend” mini fest wrapped up with heavy hitters The Whiffs, Sparrowhawk, & Nature Boys.


Lee Todorovich of Still Animals

Primal rock & roll from Still Animals, Pet Mosquito, & Kool 100s rattled Hillsiders.


Nils Frykdahl of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

A packed room reveled in the AV assault delivered by a reunited Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Season to Risk.



Siilk, Khamsin, & Stüp picked up electric guitars and delivered rambunctious sets at The Brick.


Podcast #689 is what you came for thanks to Teens in Trouble, The Jetsons, Civil Rats, Friends of Cesar Romero, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Torrey, Secret Shine, & Waxahatchee.

Podcast #688 fires it up with zingers from The BV's, Brad Marino, Burger Weekends, The Wynotts, The Spivs, Is/Ought Gap, The Marked Men, Fast Eddy, & Cheekface.

Podcast #687 is on a roll w/ hits from Heatwaves, Still Animals, Civil Rats, TV Cop, Van Duren, Broken Hearts Are Blue, Teen Angst, & The Ire.

Teri Quinn

Teri Quinn, Ione, & They’re Theirs met for a midweek set that highlighted soft and exquisite songcraft.


Lukas Nicolai of Mental Cruelty

An international horde of metal bands including Mental Cruelty, Ov Sulfur, Ghost Bath, Extermination Dismemberment, and Aprilmist rewarded a suppliant Kansas audience.


New Obsessions

KC was down for anything on a Friday night that featured New Obsessions, RxGhost, Milk Wave, & Bryce Vz.


Podcast #686 is the podcast you can trust with tunes from Doubledrag, Shadow Show, Comet Gain, Daniel Romano's Outfit, The Names, & Aprilmist.

Militarie Gun

A package tour featuring Militarie Gun, Pool Kids, Spiritual Cramp, Spaced, and no locals sold out RecordBar on a Sunday night.


Podcast #685 changes faster than the weather w/ tunes from Maddie Moon, Matthew Sweet, Dwight Twilley Band, Mean Jeans, Sheer Mag, Nouvelle Vague, & Dwarrowdelf.

Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet brought Abe Partridge along for a bill that highlighted strengths and weaknesses.


Podcast #684 makes no sense thanks to Sex Mex, MC5, Mary Timony, Matthew Sweet, Abe Partridge, Dan Bern, & Ungfell.

The Roseline

There was a twang in the air as The Roseline celebrated its new album with assists from Empty Moon and Suzannah Johannes.


Podcast #683 is something old, something new, and something kind of blue as we visit w/ Lorne Behrman, Eggs on Mars, Ducks Ltd., Gentleman Jesse, Class, Civic, The Sleeveens, & Bill Evans Trio.

Jordan Tyler of Siilk

Siilk invited friends Ferris Wheel Regulars, Moon 17, Remorsefully Numb, & God’s Computer to help celebrate the release of its new album.


Podcast #682 is a quick 30-minute journey to somewhere good w/ The Chisel, Dust Star, J. Robbins, The Prize, Chinese Telephones, The Roseline, Torres, & The Mountain Goats.

The Band That Fell to Earth KC

The Band That Fell to Earth KC kicked off Bowie Christmas with a VIP performance that included Hunky Dory from front to back plus an encore of favorites.


Cody Blanchard of The Uncouth

An all-ages crowd supplied Howdy with the energy that fueled sets by Uncouth, Doldrums, and Violet Approach.


Podcast #681 is what happens when I get new records from Gruff Rhys, Hero No Hero, The Laughing Chimes, Green Day, Perilous, Sleater-Kinney, Smile, & The Cure.

Podcast #680 searches for power pop perfection w/ new records from The Crocodiles, Nick Frater, The Umbrellas, The Tubs, Nite Sobs, Uni Boys, Rick White, Caleb Nichols, & Wimps.

Ben Chambers of Hexicharmed

Minibar loaded up on the power trios hosting Hexicharmed, Kissy Fit, & Kool 100s.


Chris Wagner of Hipshot Killer

Kansas City said goodbye to Buddy Lush with Buddy Bash featuring Hipshot Killer, Cretin 66, Big Iron, & The Buddy-less Phenomenon.


Podcast #679 brings a potpourri of pleasure thanks to The Pandoras, The Lemon Twigs, Raspberries, Guided By Voices, In the Pines, Of Tree, & A Momentary Lapse Of Happiness.

Podcast #678 plays catch up with releases from Class, Awakebutstillinbed, The Blast Monkeys, Vial, Wednesday, Kurt Vile, & Current Affairs.


Cure tribute act Magnificent pops up once or twice a year tied to some holiday or another.


Heidi Lynne Gluck

Heidi Gluck invited her friends to help celebrate the solstice in the cozy Nostalgia Room.


The Uncouth

Saturday night and The Brick was packed with punks thanks to The Uncouth, Madman, & The D-Fibs.


Steve Tulipana of Violenteer

Violenteer, Still Ill, & RxGhost combined on a clever bill that comforted like a weighted blanket.


Podcast #677 fits in my entire Top 35 of 2023 including Bonnie "Prince" Billy, The Menzingers, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Tough Age & Danny the K.

Top 35 Songs of 2023

As each year draws to a close I always look back at the new music that soundtracked it. Here is a ranked list of my favorites. I don't claim that these are the best songs of the year, just the ones that were my favorites during a random week in December 2023 when I built this.

35. "Holding My Heart" by Paint Fumes (Dig! Records)
A power pop number with a little punk skuzz and a giant chorus. This is the formula for success.

see the full list

top songs, best of, 2023
Top 50 Albums of 2023

I did it again. I spent December listening to every album I got in 2023 to build this list. It's a lot, but it was nice to visit with these ones. They held up as solid albums from front to back. As is my usual, the list is ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

50. The Unknowns East Coast Low (Bargain Bin Records)
49. Slowdive Everything is Alive (Dead Oceans)

see the full list

top albums, best of, 2023
Favorite Local Releases of 2023

Local is where it's at. Here are the new releases from 2023 that make Kansas City (and the region) so wonderful. Thank you to the bands, labels, venues, promoters, photographers, writers, and fans that always show up.

Favorite Local Albums of 2023:
10. Dan Jones and the Squids - Rock And Roll Daydreams (self-released)
 9. Nightosphere - Databases (self-released)

see the full list

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Colby Bales of Black Light Animals

Black Light Animals, Gemini Parks, and Heat Seger graced the warm confines of RecordBar on a cold night.


Logan Park of From Me

Turnsol hosted a holiday benefit for Hope House featuring From Me, Small Victories, Deco Auto, Corey Dies in the End, & The Critterz.


Podcast #676 is the 2023 Christmas Spectacular featuring 30 artists and over 90 minutes of festive delights and holiday head-scratchers.

John Tate of Sirens in the Suburbs

Rock & Roll ruled the roost when Sirens in the Suburbs, Vedettes, & Arson Class played the Replay on a Friday night.


Jamie Woodard of Perfume USA

Perfume USA, Taking Meds, Public Opinion, & Squint ensured that a Tuesday night out was definitely not quiet


Podcast #675 is a trip to my happy place w/ Spearmint, The Odds, Autographs, Red Rockers, Geoff Palmer, Erik Voeks & The Ghosters, Raspberries, & Redder Moon.

Dean Edington of Drifter

Post_This Fest 2.0 played to the fringe with sets from Drifter, Orphans of Doom, RxGhost, & PanHead 87.


Kemet Coleman of The Phantastics

Midwest Music Foundation’s annual Apocalypse Meow benefits Abby’s Fund to support musicians healthcare. This year’s fundraiser featured The Phantastics, Nathan Corsi and My Atomic Daydream, & True Lions.


Podcast #674 is going to take you places with a soundtrack from Single Mothers, Raspberries, Dori Freeman, Olympic Size, The American Analog Set, & Damien Jurado.

Field Daze

Up-and-comers Field Daze, Tidal.wav, & Parry packed The Rino on a Friday night.


Podcast #673 celebrates the guitar with honorees Raspberries, Leatherman, Values Here, Squint, Why Bother?, Outtacontroller, Obra Negra, & Netherfrost.

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Toronto’s Tallies stopped in Kansas City for gas and to deliver a lovely dream pop set for an audience primed by Emmaline Twist.



Heilung called all the heathens to The Midland for a choreographed operatic performance of its shamanic folk.


Jordan Taylor of Doldrums

Young and old gathered to celebrate Ricky Reyes’ 50th with a bash that featured Doldrums, Burning Bush, Make No Mistake, Blood Harmonies, & his own Still Ill.


Kool Keith

A steady stream of DJs and MCs delivered beats and bars in support of the erratic Kool Keith.


Podcast #672 asks the obvious question, why not music from Brad Marino, Alice Cooper, Night Court, Catbells, Easy Match, Dirt Merchants, Drop Nineteens, & The Mountain Goats.

A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog gave Record Bar another high energy rock & roll explosion with some help from The Whiffs and touring act Trouble in the Streets.


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Interesting gigs:
6/26 Lucero/Menzingers @ Madrid 6/26 Jeff in Leather @ Farewell 6/28 Pallbearer @ Bottleneck 6/28 Mr Golden Sun @ Rino 6/29 Swallowtails @ Lemonade Park 6/29 Genre @ Penn Valley Skate Park 6/30 Amyl/Sniffers @ Granada 6/30 Bad Posture Club @ Farewell 7/2 Still Ill @ Farewell 7/2 Wayne Pain @ Minibar 7/3 Sex Mex @ Farewell 7/5 90 Minute Cassette @ Pairing 7/6 New Obsessions @ Minibar 7/6 X @ Uptown 7/8 Temptrix @ Minibar 7/10 Baseball Project @ RecordBar 7/12 Wallflowers @ Liberty 7/14 Aprilmist @ RecordBar 7/17 Blacklist Royals @ Farewell 7/18 Blast Monkeys @ Minibar 7/19 Fruit Bats @ Lemonade Park 7/19 Chuck Mead @ Bottleneck 7/19 Nan + Stands @ Velo Garage 7/20 Mates of State @ RecordBar 7/20 RxGhost @ Minibar 7/21 Jeff Rosenstock @ Bottleneck 7/22 Ra Ra Riot @ Starlight 7/25 Be Your Own Pet @ Bottleneck 7/26 Aggrolites @ Madrid 7/25 D-Fibs @ The Brick 7/26 Direct Threat @ Howdy 7/26 Ice Cube @ TVTSNBN 7/27 Violenteer @ Minibar 8/1 Pretenders @ Uptown 8/1 Orville Peck 8/1 Snooper @ Bottleneck 8/2 Shiner @ RecordBar 8/3 Big Fat Cow @ BLVD Tavern 8/8 Reviser @ Minibar 8/9 Blink-182 @ T-Mobile 8/10 Rezn @ Minibar 8/11 Old 97s @ Madrid 8/11 Giuda @ Bellentine VFW (MPLS) 8/11 Portrayal of Guilt @ Bottleneck 8/12 Childish Gambino @ T-Mobile 8/14 Smashing Pumpkins @ Starlight 8/16 Jason Isbell @ Azura 8/20 Green Day @ Azura 8/21 Bellhead @ Minibar 8/24 Thotcrime @ Howdy 8/28 Dogstar @ Uptown 8/30 Mac Sabbath @ Granada 8/31 Glass Animals @ Azura 9/4 Big Fat Cow @ Replay 9/7 Chatpile @ Bottleneck 9/12 Creepy Jingles @ Hillsiders 9/13 Get Up Kids @ RecordBar 9/14 Get Up Kids @ Bottleneck 9/15 Get Up Kids @ Bottleneck 9/19 Soulside @ RecordBar 9/24 Descendents @ Liberty Hall 9/27 Amorphis @ Bottleneck 9/28 Material Issue @ Lincoln Hall (Chicago) 10/1 Jonathan Richman @ Bottleneck 10/1 Judas Priest @ Cable Dahmer 10/4 Heart/Cheap Trick @ T-Mobile 10/6 Bad Religion @ Uptown 10/11 String and Return @ Minibar 10/15 Gel @ Bottleneck 10/18 Korn @ T-Mobile 10/19 Superchunk @ Granada 10/20 Juliana Hatfield @ Truman 10/23 Jesus And Mary Chain @ Uptown 10/24 Hatebreed @ Uptown 10/24 Xiu Xiu @ Bottleneck 11/1 Ultimate Fakebook @ Bottleneck 11/4 Chameleons @ RecordBar 11/11 GY!BE @ Liberty Hall 11/16 Billie Eilish @ T-Mobile 1/25 Aerosmith @ T-Mobile