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Podcast #527 suggests you hang on tightly and don't let go. Music from Sunliner, Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis, Muck and the Mires, Nothin', Fenne Lily, Owen, & I Like Trains.

Podcast #526 holds steady with help from Daniel Romano, Rudy De Anda, The Crystal Furs, Emma Kupa, The Empty Hearts, The Saints, & Hop Along Queen Ansleis.

Podcast #525 carries that load with help from Graduate, Bully, Vial, Rabies Babies, Bill Callahan, Lomelda, & Cold Years.

Rex Hobart

Headliner Rex Hobart and support act Forrest McCurren combined to create a delightful night of classic country under the stars at Lemonade Park.


Meredith McGrade of Emmaline Twist

Emmaline Twist, Other Americans, & Dan Jones and the Squids soundtracked a reunion for (masked) friends who hadn't seen each other since the clubs closed.


Podcast #524 welcomes the return to normalcy with The Ophelias, Other Half, French Mouth, Jenny, Mom, The Uncouth, & Logan Farmer.

Podcast #523 manages these extraordinary times w/ Thank You I'm Sorry, Keys, Guided By Voices, Cindy, Hazel English, Susanne Sundfor, & Ages.

Podcast #522 repairs those bonds with music from Dog Day, The Rabies, Era Bleak, City Windows, Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, Librarians With Hickeys, & Sebastian Maschat and Erlend Oye.

Podcast #521 tells a crazy story featuring Easy Love, The Speedways, Shehehe, Eyedress, Monograms, The Ire, & Kalmhain.

Joshua Allen of Various Blonde

Lemonade Park continued its summer concert series with a trio of synthy bands that included Various Blonde, Yum, & Redder Moon.


Podcast #520 gives you permission to have fun w/ music from Illuminati Hotties, The Rabies, Harrisonics, Tommy and the Commies, Skewbald, Phoebe Bridgers, Finish Flag, & Inter Arma.

Podcast #519 has gotten a little surly with help from The Beths, Cocktails, Yum Yums, The Budweisers, Margo Price, The Bobby Lees, & Ensiferum.

Steve Tulipana of Men of Men

Temporary outdoor venue Lemonade Park opened this weekend with live music from Men of Men, The Whiffs, & Wick & the Tricks.


Podcast #518 is alright alright alright with tunes from The Putz, High On Stress, Nick Piunti, Jerry Lehane, Neutrals, Dream Wife, & Bad Cop/Bad Cop.

Podcast #517 is running scared with tunes from The Cleaners From Venus, The Spitfires, Mash, Tanka Ray, Jordana, Bad Moves, & Gordon Lightfoot.

Podcast #516 pushes on with new music from Melenas, Savak, Giants Chair, Red Forty, Coriky, Kiss Disease, The Fallout, & Darren Hayman.

Podcast #515 is applied like a balm featuring Archers of Loaf, Jeff Rosenstock, The Cudas, Darren Hayman, High Waisted, Best Ex, & Oxford Remedy.

Podcast #514 covers the bases with Magnetic Fields, Jetstream Pony, Diet Cig, Damien Jurado, Spiral Stairs, Daniel Romano, & Shiner.

Podcast #513 is made mighty with music from Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, Fake Names, Ramonas, Daniel Romano, Spiral Stairs, & Winterfylleth.

Podcast #512 catches up with Shaun Crowley to talk about Keep the Change, a new complition of KC artists to benefit workers at business impacted by Covid-19.

Podcast #511 is a well-stocked smorgasbord of City Steps, The Rubinoos, David Werner, Goldie Dawn, The Movement, Daniel Romano, X, & Days N Daze.

Podcast #510 flames on with music from Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros, Wyldlife, Rookie, John Prine, the snogs, The Mountain Goats, & Semihelix.

Podcast #509 is as turbulent as the times w/ music from Milk Teeth, Ultimate Fakebook, The Merinuks, Teenage Bottlerocket, Twinkle, Lynn Anderson, & The Lovely Eggs.

Podcast #508 feels about right thanks to Waxahatchee, Neutrals, The Chats, Vista Blue, Rat Fancy, Stiv Bators, Man Bear, & John Vanderslice.

Desmond Poirier of Red Kate

Red Kate headlined a lovely survey of the scene's disparate punk bands including Mad City Cruisers, Arson Class, & Chernobyl Dogs.


Podcast #507 is demands action with help from Bacchae, The Exbats, Mammoth Penguins, Worriers, The Bombpops, Best Coast, & The Ratboys.

Podcast #506 returns to soothe the hurt with music from Ratboys, The Prissteens, Shadow Show, Jim Basnight, Isobel Campbell, Heart Bones, & Guided by Voices.

Podcast #505 keeps its word with music from The Flys, Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphys, Out, Church Girls, Cheerbleederz, Sløtface & Paul Kelly.

Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary

The Anniversary celebrated the 20th anniversary of its debut album with a packed show and support from old friends Matt Pryor and Other Americans.


Podcast #504 appreciates the art of Frances Quinlan, The Flys, that dog, Destroyer, Torres, & Paul Kelly.


The LYXE, Moose, and Knife Crime show featured old friends, new bands, and some old friends in new bands.



Boundaries were pushed as HXXS, New Obsession and R.I.Peter played Stray Cat Film Center on Saturday night.



Touring bands Sarchasm and Benadriil braved an ice storm to play a Friday night show at Revolution Records.


Podcast #503 is pure Too Much Rock with music from Racetrain, Beach Slang, Big Eyes, Big Baby, Speedways, Rubinoos, Marshall Crenshaw, & Sarchasm.

Brad Trinkl of Existem

I threw myself into the deep end of the KC death scene at a Riot Room show w/ Existem, Sedlec Ossuary, Migrator, & Kohnerah.



On the fourth day of Christmas The Brick gave to me Schwervon, The Black Creatures, and Casey Guest.


Jimmy Fitzner of Sledgehammer Sounds

Rude and Reckless - the annual Joe Strummer charity tribute concert - highlighted not only the punk of Strummer, but his love of folk and reggae too.


Podcast #502 settles those new year jitters w/ Smithereens, Peaness, Jetstream Pony, Just Joans, Ultimate Fakebook, Midnite Snaxxx, Unjust, & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Top 30 Albums of 2019

Is the album dead? Maybe. I'll admit that some of these are just lovely collections of singles, but there are some that are artistic statements that prove the whole can be more important than its components. I'll leave it to you to find out which is which. So, like last year, here's my list. Thirty great albums. Ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

see the full list

top songs, best of, 2019
Top 35 Songs of 2019

Another year distilled down to 35 songs. Unlike in years past, these are actually the best songs and not just my favorite ones (though, oddly, the two match up perfectly). So, to be clear, this is 100% and unequivocally the best music created in 2019. Objectively. If you disagree, I'm afraid you have some soul searching to do. Somethings haven't changed since last year. Like last year, I've included three tracks from 2018 that I just didn't hear in time to make last year's list, but they definitely would have made the cut if I had.

see the full list

top songs, best of, 2019

Podcast #501 in which we share our fav tracks of 2019 by Potty Mouth, Juliana Hatfield, Frank Turner, Empty Moon, The Whiffs, Bleached, & Fast Eddy.

Podcast #500 is the Christmas Spectacular! Break out the Egg nog and listen to an hour of this year's best Christmas tunes.

Podcast #499 is punk AF thanks to The Whiffs, Mini Meltdowns, Fea, The Chats, Gino and the Goons, Upset, Giants Chair, & Ben Lee.

Giants Chair

Us olds returned to KC for the holiday, left the kids with grandma, and then headed straight for The Brick to see Giants Chair, The String and Return, and Wonderful Moments.


Robyn Edwards of Lisa Prank

A criminally small crowd came out to Minibar to see Seattle's Lisa Prank with support from Stary and The Creepy Jingles -- shame on KC.


Podcast #498 pairs herbal tea w/ Jeffrey Lewis, Jeff & Laura, Juliana Hatfield, Macseal, Mess, Snail Mail, & Moana.

Allison Gliesman of Mess

Touring bands coalesced at the Rino on Saturday for a night of guitar driven indie rock. Click for my thoughts, pics, and video of Mess, Hand Out, Salt Creek, & Kill Vargas.


Via Luna

The Rino's Saturday night bill featured music for and by a particularly emo subset of Kansas City's music scene. Via Luna capped off a night that also featured Jorge Arana Trio and Tall Boys.


Mae C of NuBlvckCity

The second night of 2019's Apocalypse Meow featured a cavalcade of bands raising money for musician's healthcare.


The Sluts

Apocalypse Meow 12 kicked off at Mills Records with the DGAF primal rock of The Sluts and the bending blues rock of Chris Meck & the Second Sons.


Podcast #497 is leather jacket music with tunes from Happy Mondays, Baby Shakes, Wyldlife, White Reaper, Headlight Rivals, Bambies, & Tall Boys.

Chris Kramer of The Cowboys

It was nothing short of a rock 'n' roll blow out when The Cowboys, The Whiffs, Fast Eddy, & Drugs & Attics packed Colonial Club on 10/5.


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