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Podcast #665 visits with some really good new records from Thank You I'm Sorry, Ryan Allen, Jeff Rosenstock, Petite League, Nick Piunti, Seablite, Slowdive, & Gemini Parks.

Colby Bales of Black Light Animals

Lemonade Social hit its stride during a marathon second day that featured sets from Miki P and the Swallowtails, Paul Jesse, Flora, Paris Williams, Mr. Golden Sun, Steddy P, & Black Light Animals.


Ryan Wise of LYXE

The 2023 Lemonade Social kicked off with perfect weather and a couldn’t miss-lineup featuring LYXE, Static Phantoms, Dress Warm, & Surf Wax.


Podcast #664 suggests you take it easy with The Vye, The Dreaded Laramie, Cinema Hearts, The Skylarks, The Natvral, Teenage Fanclub, & Aganthros.

Shaun Penechar of Doubledrag

Doubledrag, Blushing, and Emmaline Twist packed the Minibar for a night of volume, textures, and distortion.


Podcast #663 is a delightful sampler platter featuring Worriers, The Chisel, The Uncouth, RxGhost, Constant Insult, Chronics, The Taxi Boys, & Cloak.

Steve Tulipana of The Band that Fell to Earth KC

KC celebrated the legacy of David Bowie with its homegrown, all-star tribute act The Band That Fell to Earth KC.



Enrollment was sparse for Cloak’s introduction to the dark arts class but those who showed up on a Tuesday were rewarded by an awesome set with bonus instruction from The Soiled Doves and Varlok.


The Creepy Jingles

The Warwick opened its doors for a civilized affair that featured Creepy Jingles, Killer City, Thick and the Foolish, and The Fur and the Fang.


Raven Black

The night got spookier and spookier when touring acts Raven Black, Living Dead Girl, and Owls & Aliens met up with locals Khaos Theory and What is Within.


Podcast #662 might be the cheeriest podcast ever thanks to Lisa Beat and the Liars, Funeral Cake, Smile Too Much, The Five Year Plan, Postal Blue, Soft Science, Sea Lemon, & The Radio Field.

Podcast #661 returns with some road-tested rock & roll thanks to Chris Farren, The Connells, Dan Jones and The Squids, Queen, Boogie Hammer, BBQT, & Ratboys.

The Good Life

Tim Kasher’s The Good Life took 2004’s devastating Album of the Year out on the road to the anguished delight of KC fans. This stop included local openers Dan Jones and the Squids.


Podcast #660 invites you to spend 30 minutes w/ Oil Change, The Pooh Sticks, Tamar Berk, Telethon, the 1981, Drop Nineteens, & Heidi Lynne Gluck.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

The Whiffs were joined by Field Daze in the old lounge for a dimly-list, smoke-filled debaucherous night of rock & roll.


David Chavez of Youth Pool

Youth Pool enveloped the entire Farewell audience and both opening acts Get With This and Karmic Wheels with its “Sunflower Groove” on a stormy Sunday night.


Miles Luce & the Cowtippers

It was all ages and all genres as Miles Luce & the Cowtippers played Howdy with support from Telethon and Screen Door Submarine.


Podcast #659 gets the glow up thanks to Cyanide Pills, Graham Parker & The Goldtops, Dwight Twilley Band, The Whiffs, Big Dipper, Landfill, Screen Door Submarine, Ferris Wheel Regulars, & The Ape-ettes.

Almost Enemies

Music fans kicked off their weekend with mulligan stew featuring Almost Enemies, Curious Things, and Phase Distorter.


Heidi Gluck

Brilliant musicians shone bright in a welcoming room as Heidi Gluck celebrated her album release with support from Chase Horseman and Heidi Phillips.


Jeffrey Lewis

Friends from the East Village anti-folk scene reunited in Kansas City when Jeffrey Lewis and Major Matt Mason played a midweek set at Minibar.


Podcast #658 may be a bridge too far with tunes from The Drowns, Guided By Voices, Big Dipper, Danny the K, Molly Tuttle, & Agriculture.

Company Retreat

Company Retreat ended its sabbatical with a night of fun punk rock supported by The Blast Monkeys and Strange Relic.


Richie Rich of Junkyard Royalty

Music from the dusty DIYs invaded the posh confines of Record Bar for a four-band all-ages gig featuring Junkyard Royalty, These Few Weeks, Tidal.wav, & Parry.


Podcast #657 requires you verbally consent to rock because Bryan Bielanski, Big Dipper, Crabber, Parry, Stay Lunar, Private Lives, The Ape-Ettes, Honey Spider, & Rick White.

Sweeping Promises

Sweeping Promises launched its new album in its new hometown with some help from New Obsessions and Thimastr.


Bill Goffrier of The Embarrassment

I flashed my AARP card and joined the fun as fans of The Embarrassment first saw a documentary film about the band, and then saw the band perform a 18-song reunion set.


Shawn Milke of Alesana

Record Bar got hammered by screamo act Alesana and its compatriots in Limbs, Vampires Everywhere, & Across the White Water Tower.


Podcast #656 is a power pop powerhouse featuring Cyanide, The Barreracudas, The Flashcubes, The Goods, The Barracudas, Ron Emory, The Penske File, & The Oxys.

Brett Campbell of Pallbearer

The show at Record Bar was as heavy and loud as a loud heavy thing. If that loud heavy thing was Pallbearer, Low Forest, or Drifter.


Podcast #655 spins the tunes you need to hear from Ian Hunter, The Particles, Jeanines, Skating Polly, Taxi Girls, Don't Sleep, Carissa Johnson, Militarie Gun, & Mountain Goats.

Blain Bridges of Via Luna

Tricky fingers flitted fretboards on a hot summer night at Farewell. Check out my photos, videos & recap of this Via Luna, Temp Tats, and Internet Dating gig.


Samantha Conrad of Moon 17

Synthesizers are the future but live sets from Moon 17, Child of Night, and Static Phantoms proved that they were already hip to that fact.


Podcast #654 suggests you spend your hot summer nights with Gumbo, Slip-ons, The Embarrassment, Fastbacks, Camp Cope, Sweeping Promises, The Dead Milkmen, & Spine.

Danny Fischer of Nature Boys

Friends from high and low places gathered at Record Bar to pay tribute to Britt Adair. Seven acts took the stage including some established bands Britt loved and some ad hoc groups created in her honor.


Lizard Brain Trust

Midwestern rock & roll got a chance to shine at Replay Lounge Saturday night as Lizard Brain Trust were joined by Dreaded Laramie and Headlight Rivals.


Podcast #653 takes you on a wild ride featuring Snapped Ankles, The Budweisers, Pretty Matty, The Photocopies, The Sensibles, Internet Dating, The Mountain Goats, Nature Boys, & Brennen Leigh.

Alex Kent of Sprain

Sprain headlined a challenging night of music supported by Drowse, Agriculture, Nerver, & Flooding.


Kyle Rausch of Shy Boys

KC’s High Dive Records kicked off its 10th anniversary party featuring bands from its roster past and present including Shy Boys, Arc Flash, The ACBs, Greg Wheeler & the Poly Mall Cops, & Creepy Jingles.



Ghosty returned to Kansas City for a special night supported by 95 Sweetbird and Daniel Gum.


Chris Kinsley of Arson Class

Farewell hosted some punk bands -- specifically Arson Class, Moon Mane, & Quadruple Bypass.


Trey Frye of Korine

Korine, CD Ghost, & Monta delivered mysterious synth pop sets on a stormy Tuesday night.


Podcast #652 will be blasting from every boombox at the beach thanks to Bully Pulpit, Corvair, Pony, Eggs on Mars, Fourth of July, Lo Fives, Sex Mex, & Dream Wife.

Podcast #651 powers through with help from Hard-Ons, Swimming Tapes, The Jack Cades, Panic Pocket, The Sparks, Couch Serf, & Nostalghia.

Podcast #650 is what a Too Much Rock podcast sounds like w/ new tunes from Andrew Connor, Fastbacks, Night Court, Rainy Day Cat Parade, Rancid, Aggressive, Joust, & Nightosphere.

Wurm of Tragic Fate

Night 3 of the Sk8barpalooza fest featured an eclectic lineup that included Tragic Fate, Drifter, From This Day Forward, Double Downer, Gutter Buds, and Scud.


Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore

Goatwhore headlined a hot night at the packed MiniBar with some help from Nephilim and Limb Dealer.


Podcast #649 is the gumbo you need with music from Ghost, Crass, Spider Babies, The Aquadolls, Beach Fossils, & Iris DeMent.

The Aquadolls

Aquadolls brought West Coast vibes to KC for a show with Daniel Gum.


CJ Wilson of The Uncouth

KC bid farewell to the weekend with an international oi line up that featured Uncouth, Hardsell, and Aggressive.


Colleen Dow of Thank You, I'm Sorry

Three bands played quick sets to ease us back into the working week. Check out my photos, videos, and thoughts on the Remorsefully Numb, Thank You I’m Sorry, & Lake Love gig.


Podcast #648 makes life better with tracks from Shit Present, Trash, Les Lullies, The Jackets, B.A. Johnston, The Ballet, & Dropkick Murphys.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

A capacity crowd filled a neighborhood bar for sets from The Whiffs and 95 Sweetbird.


Claire Nunez of Dryad

A late show at Farewell summoned evil sets from Dryad, Traffic Death, Goat Coffin, & Sarin Reaper.


Podcast #647 goes into overtime to catch tracks from New Pornographers, Cindy, Ashenden Papers, Pale Saints, Darkfield, Perfume USA, & Interrupters.

Blag Flag

Greg Ginn brought the latest incarnation of Black Flag to KC for a jam-happy gig that featured all of 1984’s punishing My War and a good portion of the band's hits.


Dunes Day

Green House kicked off its 2023 season with Dunes Day, Social Cinema, Junkyard Royalty, and a basement full of kids.


Podcast #646 has what you need with tunes from TV Party, The Naggs, Suzi Moon & Billy Hopeless, Why Bother?, Poison Ruïn, Blowers, The Ocean Blue, Dragon Inn 3, Dropkick.

Podcast #645 finds some pop in John Prine, Curious Things, Steve Adamyk Band, Street Sweeper, Breathless, The Hidden Cameras, Boygenius, & Chime School.

Kole Waters of Dreamist

Farewell welcomed Dreamist, Winterforever, Futureday, & Pink Phase for a night that featured indie rock in all its guises.


A.M. Merker & Friends

The second annual John Prine Tribute show was a star-studded celebration of the enigmatic troubadour.


Podcast #644 packs in the tunes from The Unknowns, Worriers, The City Lines, Sibling Rivalry, The Dollyrots, The Ophelias, Cocteau Twins, & Mork.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

The Whiffs and musical compatriots Harrisonics and Jackoffs packed fans into a dim boozy basement.


Tyler Miller of Voice of Addiction

KC welcomed punk rockers Voice of Addiction with support sets from Uncouth, Sidewalk Celebrity, and Blood Daubers.


Podcast #643 is, as always, just the records I bought this week from Calvin Johnson, Damien Jurado, Warren Zevon, Airiel, Clan of Xymox, & The Hold Steady.

Podcast #642 is all fire with cuts from The Reds Pinks & Purples, Dari Bay, The Speedways, Paint Fumes, The Bings, Ramones, & Unwound.

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