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Stevie Cruz of Heels

A local bill of Heels, The Whiffs, and The Sluts rocked The Replay on 7/31.


Podcast #568 is a stream of power pop w/ Tallies, Linda Ronstadt, The Seven and Six, The Finkers, Star Collector, Love Burns, The Connells, & Hipshot Killer.

Podcast #567 runs wild w/ Snapped Ankles, Quivers, Pale Lights, Kursaal Flyers, The Shang Hi Los, & Dry Cleaning.

Lacy Hopkins is Vanity Plates

Lacy Hopkins of Dreamgirl brought her solo project Vanity Plates to the Songbird Sessions.



The reconstituted Idaho came through KC with some help from The String and Return and Slights.


Podcast #566 is a box of chocolates from The Go! Team, Spoilers, Divinyls, Kid Gulliver, The Mountain Goats, Pom Pom Squad, Lucy Dacus, & Toledo.

Jocelyn Nixon

The 7/7 Songbird Session featured the excellent songcraft of Jocelyn Nixon from Creepy Jingles.


Griff Nelson of Chess Club

Chess Club prompted a return to dirty rock bars for Red Kate, Matthew Mulnix, Too Much Rock, and so many of their fans.


The Black Mariah Theater

The Black Mariah Theater settled into a cozy corner of Afterword for two sets of bluesy, jazzy, and witchy mood music.


Podcast #565 suggests you work on your tan w/ Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Tommy Ray!, The Cudas, The Plimsouls, Radio Days, Los Campesinos!, Kings Of Convenience, & Kursaal Flyers.

Daniel Gum

Songbird sessions welcomed Daniel Gum on 6/30 for two sets -- one featuring standout tracks from his debut album, and one of unreleased songs he plans to bring into the studio next month.


Podcast #564 plays just the right songs from Massage, Love and Rockets, Echo & The Bunnymen, The dBs, Redd Kross, Perkele, Giuda, & Phantom Handshakes.

Podcast #563 continues to mine for classics w/ The Catenary Wires, Kursaal Flyers, Rick Derringer, Dr. Feelgood, The Human League, The Waitresses, Guns for Hire, & John Larson and The Silver Fields.

Podcast #562 digs out gems from Giuda, The dBs, The Legal Matters, The Beach Boys, Guadalcanal Diary, Jim Basnight and The Moberlys, The Only Ones, & Los Pepes.

Podcast #561 balances new releases with used gambles from Pastel Coast, The Beach Boys, The Move, Ramones, Brad Marino, Letters To Cleo, & Damien Jurado.

Podcast #560 is jam packed with adventure thanks to Tourists, Joyce McKinney Experience, Appaloosa, Needles//Pins, Guided By Voices, Juliana Hatfield, Illuminati Hotties, Molly Rankin, & Shoestrings.

Brandon Phillips is Mensa Deathsquad

I was lured to my first indoor show in 15 months by a variety bill that included Mensa Deathsquad, The Creepy Jingles, and Jenna Rae.


Podcast #559 is your perfect vacation destination thanks to Gruff Rhys, Prima Donna, World Atlas, The Embrooks, Riff Doctors, Nah..., & The Uncouth.

Kianna White

Pop held the main stage as Kianna White headlined Lemonade Park with support from diverse openers The Creepy Jingles and Monta At Odds.


Podcast #558 takes chances with tracks from Tom Robinson Band, Beach Youth, Teenage Fanclub, Meilyr Jones, Fresh, Fightmilk, Remember Sports, & Transvision Vamp.

Podcast #557 says everything new is old w/ Primal Scream, Du Blonde, Modesty Blaise, Phil Seymour, Knife Crime, The Sea Urchins, The Pale Fountains, & Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians.

Meredith McGrade of Emmaline Twist

Never mind the calendar, here's the first night of summer. Emmaline Twist, Knife Crime, & Dan Jones and the Squids played a picture-perfect, sold-out, outdoor gig at Lemonade Park.


Podcast #556 explores the known w/ RVIVR, Teenage Fanclub, Blaire Alise & The Bombshells, The Natvral, Ratboys, The Chessie System, & Sonic Youth.

Podcast #555 is educational with lessons from The Paranoyds, Charmpit, Marine Research, Felt, Art d'Ecco, Fazerdaze, En Attendant Ana, & The Darling Buds.

Cody Blanchard of The Uncouth

MMF kicked off its Spring Donation Drive with a livestream event featuring The Uncouth, Slights, Sam Wells, and Jessica Paige.


Podcast #554 just feels good thanks to Early Riser, Joe Strummer, Cornershop, The Veras, Chess Club, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Wales Goes Pop 2021

Day 1 of my visit to the 2021 virtual Wales Goes Pop festival.


Wales Goes Pop 2021

Day 2 of my visit to the 2021 virtual Wales Goes Pop festival.


Podcast #553 stretches out with songs by Arab Strap, The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Shamen, Blue Orchids, Persil, & Balmorhea.

Men of Men

Kansas City dipped a collective toe back into the live music pool with an early, two-band show featuring Men of Men and Various Blonde at the outdoor Lemonade Park.


Podcast #552 packs in the sunshine w/ Manfred Mann, Dan Jones and The Squids, Color TV, Dave Edmunds, The Boys with Perpetual Nervousness, Wasabi Monster, The Royal Landscaping Society, Axolotes Mexicanos, & Helen Love.

Podcast #551 explores the irrelevancy of time w/ The Gun Club, Poster Children, Pale Lights, The Darling Buds, Club Sinister, Sinking Ships, & Hen Ogledd.

Podcast #550 has it all courtesy of Masshysteri, Guided By Voices, Pere Ubu, Love Tan, The Burning Hell, Marshall Crenshaw, Radio Days, & Ballboy.

Podcast #549 earns its moniker with tunes from The Hold Steady, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, Death By Unga Bunga, Mogwai, Pale Blue Eyes, Mensa Deathsquad, & Phoebe Bridgers.

Podcast #548 is a rumpshaker with bangers from Har Mar Superstar, Strawberry Generation, Stereo Total, No Middle Name, Soda Fountain Rag, Sullen Eyes, Crumbs, All Girls Arson Club, & The Hold Steady.

Podcast #547 searches for home w/ Keiko Mari, Beach Bunny, Paul Collins' Beat, Corvair, Cheekface, Tamar Berk, Western Threads, & Posse.

Podcast #546 turns it up to feature Petite League, Cub Scout Bowling Pins, Gladie, This Charming Man, Raped, Surfbort, Control Top, & Iron Maiden.

Podcast #545 goes back to pick up some gems from Jacques Le Coque, McCarthy, The Hit Parade, Even As We Speak, Fanclub, Cloetta Paris, Tommy Roe, Othello Robertson, & Jose Gonzalez.

Podcast #544 plays some of that stuff you like w/ Berwanger, The Cheap Cassettes, Hayley and the Crushers, Oh-OK, Nervous Twitch, Language Of Flowers, Hospital Bracelet, Strange New Places, & Ryan Allen.

Podcast #543 wants you to find some Bubble Yum and enjoy Hayley and the Crushers, Protex, The White Wires, Groovie Goolies, Bay City Rollers, Beverly Williams, Gum Country, Sweeping Promises, & Lucky Malice.

Podcast #542 a sonic quilt built from Blackstarkids, Death Cab for Cutie, That's it it's Over, Daniel Romano, Patience, Martha & the Muffins, Little Girls, & The Appleseed Cast.

Podcast #541 is direct from my turntable to your ears with tracks from Screemer, The Exbats, Billie Joe Armstrong, The Starjets, The Glitter Kicks, Bis, Cran, & Waylon Payne.

Top 35 Songs of 2020

2020 was rough on everyone. I self-medicated with music. I added more releases to my library than in any other year ever. To put a number on it, 2,835 songs that equate to 6 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes (and 31 seconds) of music. Every track listened to multiple times when it was received and rated. Then all the highly rated songs listened to again in the last few weeks to sort them into the 35 songs you see here. This list would change every day, but here is a good ranking of songs that I loved, want to hear again, and mean the most to me.

see the full list

top songs, best of, 2020

We count down our fav songs of 2020 on Podcast #540. Listen to songs from Outtacontroller, The Budweisers, Daniel Romano, Bill Callahan, Archers of Loaf, Blackstarkids, & The Exbats.

Top 50 Albums of 2020

It's no secret that I love singles. A big hook and two minutes to make your point. Albums have more to live up to. The ones below have met that bar. Listen to each of them from start to finish. Then do it again. Good tracks to be sure, but also a cohesiveness that tells you this is a real band with something to offer. My list is ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

see the full list

top albums, best of, 2020
Fav Local Releases of 2020

I normally buy local releases from bands at shows, but no shows meant I had to rely on recommendations from friends in the scene [Confession: I totally stalk your Bandcamp purchases]. You really came through. So thanks to you for your support of the scene, to the local bands that continued to create, and to the local labels that helped get us tunes during this messed up year. Here's what hit me just right this year.

see the full list

best of, 2020

I recorded a 2nd hour of the 2020 CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR for my Patreon subscribers. Later I was told that I didn't have a Patreon, so 17 more holidays tunes for everyone!

Podcast #538 is the 2020 Christmas Spectacular featuring 17 secular tunes that represent everything the holiday has to offer.

Podcast #537 offers you up something new from Wet Tropics, Soft Blue Shimmer, Suzie True, Radkey, Jordana, Ebony Tusks, & Daniel Gum.

Podcast #536 is alright alright alright with new tunes from Beebe Gallini, Dunes Day, The High Water Marks, Neutrals, Vintage Crop, The Snogs, All Ashore!, Helen Love, & Liturgy.

Podcast #535 lets it ride with new tunes from No Thanks, No Thank You, Mom, Die Toten Hosen, Natalie Sweet, Parsnip, Teen Angst, Ex-Void, & Filthy Friends.

Podcast #534 piles it on with Lunchbox, Superchunk, Outtacontroller, Shadow Show, Baby Shakes, The Bralettes, The Lemon Drop Gang, Descendents, & Elvis Costello.

Wick & the Tricks

Lemonade Park gave Halloween revelers a full bill of entertainers including drag artists, fire eaters, and performances from Wick & the Tricks, The Bad Ideas, & Thonggag.


Podcast #533 returns with new music from Blackstarkids, The Mountain Goats, Smokescreens, Supercrush, LK Ultra, The Casket Lottery, & William Elliott Whitmore.

This week Rhonda Lyne discusses the upcoming Apocalypse Meow benefit and spins tunes from some of its acts including Ha Ha Tonka, Nathan Corsi Band, Alejandro Escovedo, Jon Dee Graham, & Kadesh Flow.

Miles Grimmer of Laffing Gas

Someone must slipped the fire marshal a mickey as every KC punk packed into the Blind Tiger for Sheer Mag, Laffing Gas, Wet Ones, Beta Boys, Drippies, & Kolumbine Kids.


Podcast #531 feels the tug of winter with new music from Kurt Baker, Lady Di, Luxembourg Signal, Mega Emotion, Milky Wimpshake, No Germ Candy, & Rapt.

Next TMR Single Announced

Too Much Rock celebrates the tenth release in its vinyl single series alongside exciting new Kansas City duo No Germ Candy. For this project teens Zsofia Nemeth (vocals) and Harper Knecht (guitar) ignore genres entirely, building a sparkly world that tastes like cotton candy, and plays like Animal Crossing. It's twee. It's queer. It's indie pop. It's a musical that hasn't yet been staged.

Leading off the band's debut is "Straight Talk." This A-side is a fresh declaration of romantic intent from Zsofia who is so crushed out she can't even think straight. Cloying pop? Maybe. Adorable? Certainly. A bop? If that's what the kids say. The B-side is a cover of Beat Happening's seminal "Indian Summer" turned inside out by replacing the original weary baritone vocals with new saccharine sincerity.

Left with no responsible choices for live launch parties, the band will be promoting the single on KKFI's Wednesday Midday Medley on October 21st, features in local print press, and through a series of comics commissioned by The Pitch Magazine running from October 19th through the 23rd.

The limited-edition single will be available October 30th at area record stores and online retailers. The record will be available in both standard edition black vinyl (414 copies) and in collectible germy-green swirl (108 copies). It will NOT be available on any streaming platform.

single series, announcements, No Germ Candy

Podcast #530 is a mad dash for pop with The Medicine Dolls, Nite Sobs, Gallows Birds, Attic Salt, Olivia's World, Kid Gulliver, Kitty Kat Fan Club, & Death Valley Girls.

The Pedaljets

The miniBar was packed with us olds for an early two-band affair celebrating the Pedaljets new album and the rare performance from Dan Jones and the Squids.


Mike McCoy of Cher UK

KC's tried and true showed up on a chilly October night for Cher UK, Drop A Grand, and Schwervon.


Podcast #529 is E ticket radio with music from The William Loveday Intention, The Lurkers, Bob Mould, Militarie Gun, Ducks Unlimited, The Buoys, & In the Airport.

Andrew Ashby of The String & Return

The String & Return, Knife Crime, & Wonderful Moments shared the stage on a cool autumn night, transporting the Lemonade Park audience back two decades.


Podcast #528 is all comfort food with tracks from Ryan Allen, The Bookends, The Persian Leaps, Nick Frater, Shy Boys, Bartees Strange, & Amiensus.

Podcast #527 suggests you hang on tightly and don't let go. Music from Sunliner, Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis, Muck and the Mires, Nothin', Fenne Lily, Owen, & I Like Trains.

Podcast #526 holds steady with help from Daniel Romano, Rudy De Anda, The Crystal Furs, Emma Kupa, The Empty Hearts, The Saints, & Hop Along Queen Ansleis.

Podcast #525 carries that load with help from Graduate, Bully, Vial, Rabies Babies, Bill Callahan, Lomelda, & Cold Years.

Rex Hobart

Headliner Rex Hobart and support act Forrest McCurren combined to create a delightful night of classic country under the stars at Lemonade Park.


Meredith McGrade of Emmaline Twist

Emmaline Twist, Other Americans, & Dan Jones and the Squids soundtracked a reunion for (masked) friends who hadn't seen each other since the clubs closed.


Podcast #524 welcomes the return to normalcy with The Ophelias, Other Half, French Mouth, Jenny, Mom, The Uncouth, & Logan Farmer.

Podcast #523 manages these extraordinary times w/ Thank You I'm Sorry, Keys, Guided By Voices, Cindy, Hazel English, Susanne Sundfor, & Ages.

Podcast #522 repairs those bonds with music from Dog Day, The Rabies, Era Bleak, City Windows, Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men, Librarians With Hickeys, & Sebastian Maschat and Erlend Oye.

Podcast #521 tells a crazy story featuring Easy Love, The Speedways, Shehehe, Eyedress, Monograms, The Ire, & Kalmhain.

Joshua Allen of Various Blonde

Lemonade Park continued its summer concert series with a trio of synthy bands that included Various Blonde, Yum, & Redder Moon.


Podcast #520 gives you permission to have fun w/ music from Illuminati Hotties, The Rabies, Harrisonics, Tommy and the Commies, Skewbald, Phoebe Bridgers, Finish Flag, & Inter Arma.

Podcast #519 has gotten a little surly with help from The Beths, Cocktails, Yum Yums, The Budweisers, Margo Price, The Bobby Lees, & Ensiferum.

Steve Tulipana of Men of Men

Temporary outdoor venue Lemonade Park opened this weekend with live music from Men of Men, The Whiffs, & Wick & the Tricks.


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