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Podcast #640 looks in Too Much Rock's shopping cart to find tracks from Via Luna, Death Valley Girls, King Tuff, Screaming Females, Civic, & Thorr's Hammer.

Kenneth Kupfer of Wayne Pain & The Shit Stains

Wayne Pain wrapped up the weekend with a sloppy rager supported by Doldrums and Total Sham.



Ringworm hopped off the Cro-Mags tour for a one-off gig w/ support from locals Skuffed.


Podcast #639 has a tune for every dancer thanks to En Attendant Ana, Quasi, Eyelids, Lucero, Heartbeeps, Greg Wheeler & The Poly Mall Cops, & Clan of Xymox.


Abandoncy, Flooding, and Nightosphere played a propulsive and tricky release party for their new split cassette on Manor Records.


Podcast #638 returns with unexpected delights from Pink Phase, The Telephone Numbers, Silver Biplanes, The Whiffs, Star Collector, & Abandoncy.


Ears all over the Crossroads are still ringing after sets from Unsane and Violenteer.


Matt King of Portrayal of Guilt

Farewell hosted a night of bombastic hardcore and beyond including Portrayal of Guilt, Flooding, and Missouri Executive Order 44.


Podcast #637 visits the land of forgotten albums to hear Silver Jews, Laura Jane Grace, Blanketman, Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy, PJ Harvey, The The, & Mensa Deathsquad.

Debra Long of Slutbomb

There were somersaults, cartwheels and plenty of two-stepping as Slutbomb hit Farewell with locals Sexhater and Genre.



Hollowed celebrated the release of its debut album with help from Daffy in the Bikini Zone and Pink Phase.


Podcast #636 is a roadtrip with Lola Lola, Ramones, Kepi Ghoulie, King Tuff, Dot Dash, Pool Kids, & Hollowed.

Podcast #635 hopes that you're paying attention to Fucked Up, Billy Tibbals, Blunt Bangs, First Base, For Tracy Hyde, Sweet Baboo, & Moscow Puzzles.

Evan Little of Nerver

Farewell was like a bag of chips on Friday night - loud and crunchy. Check out my coverage of Nerver, Littered With Arrows, Big Water, & Full Clips Emptied.


Luke Iliff of Sarin Reaper

Sarin Reaper, Giallo, Limb Dealer, & Joust created a united front of loud aggression.


Podcast #634 hopes you like songs from Juniper, The Chisel, Boogie Hammer, Margo Price, Tim Kasher, Field School, Belle & Sebastian, & The Roseline.

The Back that Fell to Earth KC

All-star Bowie tribute The Band That Fell to Earth KC returned to Record Bar for a 3-night stand to lift spirits and raise money for KC Common Good.


Jorge Arana Trio

A bill consisting of Jorge Arana Trio, Moscow Puzzles, & Jellymin covered a lot of ground on a fun Saturday night.


Joshua Allen of Various Blonde

Various Blonde, New Obsessions, & Gemini Parks slowly turned the recordBar into a dance club.


Podcast #633 time travels with records from Iggy Pop, Cozy, Epicycle, Ravagers, The Briefs, The Aislers Set, Gaze, Dear Nora, & Deerful.

Steve Gardels of The Uncouth

Things got melodic at Farewell when Uncouth welcomed in touring acts Big School and Bad Spring.


Jordan Taylor of Doldrums

The all-ages set showed up and danced to a night of punk soundtracked by Doldrums, Livid, Foil, and Petty.


Podcast #632 is still digging out from 2022 with tunes from Ravagers, Horsegirl, Cola, Happy Accidents, Kiwi jr., Decimal Dust, Static Phantoms, Weird Nightmare.

Angel of Magic

Farewell got a lot of everything at a KC Tenants benefit that featured Magic, Weaponize Chomsky, Nightosphere, & Dilettante.


Britt Adair of The Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas threw a little NYE party and invited Bruiser Queen, friends, family, and neighbors.


Podcast #631 catches up with gems from Gladie, The Loyal Cheaters, The Maharajas, The Melmacs, Blanky, Green on Red, Caitlin Rose, & Constellatia.

Cody Blanchard and CJ Wilson of The Uncouth

It was Oi! to the punks and Oi! to the skins as The Uncouth played with Doldrums and The D-Fibs at MiniBar.


Brandon Phillips is Mensa Deathsquad

Brandon Phillips did double duty, first debuting a short film he wrote and produced, and later playing the headlining set as Mensa Deathsquad. In the middle the audience was treated to Moon 17.


Podcast #630 counts down my top songs of 2022 including just the cream from Jon Spencer & the HITmakers, Dropkick Murphys, Ravagers, Wet Leg, Orville Peck, Craig Finn, & Dry Cleaning.

Top 40 Songs of 2022

We've made it through another year. 2022 was a year of ups and downs with more of the latter I'm afraid. But throughout it all there was music and for that I'm grateful. So, it is only natural that I mark the end of 2022 with a remembrance of the music that came to me during the year. I don't claim that these are the best songs of the year, just the ones that I enjoyed the most.

40. "The Year of Getting High" by Let's Whisper
Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan of The Smittens move their former band's twee into a world where things aren't all sunshine and lollipops. That slide guitar is downright melancholy and this song tugs at my heart.

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top songs, best of, 2022
Favorite Local Releases of 2022

Local is where it's at. Here are the new releases from 2022 that make Kansas City (and the region) so wonderful. Thank you to the bands, labels, venues, promoters, photographers, writers, and fans that always show up.

Top 10 Local Releases of 2022:
10. Bootkrieg The Power Storm (self-released)
 9. Static Phantoms Bathed in a Blue Light (Record Machine)

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top songs, best of, 2022 local
Top 50 Albums of 2022

I've got to find a better way to do this than re-listening to every album I got in 2022 during the month of December, but I (mostly) did that. And here is an ordered list of the albums that held together from start to finish, were stuffed with good songs, and had something to say. As always, the list is ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

50. Beachheads Beachheads II (Fysisk Format)
49. Tallies Patina (Kanine Records)

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top albums, best of, 2022
Rosegarden Funeral Party

All sorts of creatures came out for the dark wave disco of Rosegarden Funeral Party, Violator, & Redder Moon.



Once again Revolution Records packed them in for a good cause as Dreamist, Big Fat Cow, & Thonggag played a benefit for the KC Bail Fund.


Evan Dando of The Lemonheads

Lemonheads returned to KC for a broad and ramshackle show supported by Bass Drum of Death and On Being An Angel.


Tim J Harte of AKAMFDM

Revolution Records tapped a broad spectrum of bands to play a Hope House benefit show. Here are my photos, video, & thoughts on AKAMFDM, Collidescope, Major Matt Mason, Approach, and Deco Auto.


Rhian Teasdale of Wet Leg

English buzz-worthy band Wet Leg not only brought a big rock show to KC, but also pop openers Faux Real.


Podcast #629 is the 2022 Christmas Spectacular. This year we have 32 festive soon-to-be favorites from Titus Andronicus, Superkick, Boyracer, Vista Blue, The Dollyrots, Creem Circus, The Voltz, Swansea Sound, Lisa Mychols & Super 8, The Puppini Sisters, The Surfrajettes, The Photocopies, Stupidity, Cindy Lawson, Stop Calling Me Frank, Beebe Gallini, The Krayolas, The Figgs, Shy Bits, Modesty Blaise, Corvair, L.A. Exes, The Hannah Barberas, The Shop Window, Silver Biplanes, The Boy Least Likely To, The Reds Pinks and Purples, Sunturns, Rosie Thomas, Phoebe Bridgers, Daniel Gum, & Peggy Lee.

Podcast #628 believes in the magic of indie pop with tracks from Martha, Heavenly, The Photocopies, The Reds Pinks & Purples, Poster Paints, Soft Blue Shimmer, Darren Hayman, & Worriers.

Colin Halliburton of The Roseline

Holiday weekends send students away and allow the locals to play. Check out my photos, video, & thoughts on The Roseline, 95 Sweetbird, & Empty Moon.


Ross Schlesinger of Plack Blague

Farewell exploded with big beats and pulsing lights when Plack Blague, Spike Hellis, and Moon 17 pulled up.


Brent Windler

Brent Windler brought Lazy Projector, Daniel Gum and a lot of friends together to celebrate the vinyl release of his new album.


Scout Gillett

Scout Gillett returned to town to headline a grand ol' night that also featured The Whiffs, Blanky, and magician Magic Marty.


Podcast #627 continues the streak w/ Public Opinion, The Pointed Sticks, Wipers, Moving Targets, Torrey, Private Lives, The Darts, & Dark Holler.


Farewell hosted an amazing night of volume and intensity featuring Drifter, Hot Corpse, & Tenant.


Heidi Gluck

Lotus Pool Records celebrated its 30th birthday with Heidi Gluck, Suneaters, June Henry, and free booze.


Podcast #626 is just the good stuff including Dry Cleaning, Moving Targets, Archers of Loaf, Sloan, Jim Basnight, The Melmacs, Brad Marino, & Chorusgirl.

Jamie Woodard of Perfume

If guitar rock is dead, no one told Perfume, King Pink, Feverest, or Siilk.


Nathan Corsi

Apocalypse Meow returned to the Record Bar for its 15th annual fundraiser to support healthcare for area musicians. Check out my photos, videos, and thoughts of the night that featured Nathan Corsi, Pure XTC, Electric Lungs, MellowPhobia, & Eddie Moore.


Big Water

It got awfully noisy when Big Water, Venus Twins, DFITD, & Joust played Farewell.


Podcast #625 goes back to basics w/ tracks from The Lightning Seeds, Nerve Button, The Damnsels, Power Buddies, The Someloves, Rockin' Horse, & Bill Callahan.

Josh Olson of Closetalker

How come I was the only one in costume to see Closetalker, Public Opinion, Perfume, & Carrie Dairy?


Jotanar of Varlok

An evil army of metalheads took over Penn Valley Park on Halloween. Click for my photos, videos, and thoughts on the massive 8-band bill.


Suzi Moon

Suzi Moon stopped in Kansas City, KS for a last minute gig supported by The Uncouth.


JBOT of Captured by Robots

Captured by Robots returned to KC for a set of robot-powered grindcore. Check out my photos of the show, including opener Bacon Shoe.


Podcast #624 spends some time with Rhonda Lyne from MMF to hear about the Apocalypse Meow benefit featuring The Electric Lungs, Pure XTC, MellowPhobia, Nathan Corsi, & We the People.

Kenny Chambers of Moving Targets

f you knew, you knew and then you showed up for Moving Targets, Red Kate, and The Utilitarians at Record Bar.


The Bad Ideas

Four disparate acts gathered to raise money for KC Tenants. Check out my thoughts, photos, & video of the night that featured The Bad Ideas, Internet Dating, Camp Childress, & Bam & Z.


Podcast #623 revisits old friends with tunes from First Class, Alvvays, Heidi Lynne Gluck, Dewey Defeats Truman, Car Vs Driver, Rye Coalition, & Ensiferum.

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