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Ken Horne of The Bronx

Fans got their money's worth when The Bronx, Plague Vendor, & '68 wrecked The Riot Room on 10/12.


Podcast #417 is insistent w/ music from Who Is She, Tom Petty, Jeremy Porter, High Waisted, Company Retreat, Luna, Deer Tick, & Schwervon.

Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females

Screaming Females returned to its basement roots during a 10/4 tour stop that also featured Street Eaters, Leggy, The Rubs, & The Whiffs.


Stefan Babcock of Pup

Bodies were flying and personal items lost when Pup, Partner, & Architects played to an enthusiastic audience on 10/1.


Amy Farrand & the Like

KC got two big doses of rock & soul when Amy Farrand & The Like and Brandon Phillips and The Condition played on 9/29.



MiniBar got a surprisingly satisfying bill from disparate acts Sundiver, High Wasted, The Coax, & Meglacoil.


Podcast #416 knows its place w/ Omni, Radar State, Cheap Cassettes, Single Mothers, Zambonis, Swimming Tapes, & Shilpa Ray.

The Jukebox Romantics

Punk rockers Jukebox Romantics, From Parts Unknown, and Stiff Middle Fingers had a rough go of things on 9/25.


Giants Chair

There was more than nostalgia at play when the reunited Giants Chair kicked off a Midwestern tour with help from Ex Acrobat and Sweats.


Podcast #415 winds summer down w/ new music from The Bronx, Jesus and his Judgemental Father, Great Buildings, Florist, Penny Blacks, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Tina Halladay of Sheer Mag

A passive Lawrence audience earned a passive show from Sheer Mag, Laffing Gas, The Whiffs, & Nancy Boys.


Jake Burns of Still Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers celebrated its 40th anniversary w/ a first ever visit to the region. Check out my pics of the night, including shots of Norwegian openers Death By Unga Bunga.


Andrew Thomson of Single Mothers

We can't talk about the Single Mothers, Runaway Sons, & Bummer show as I'm deaf now. You'll just have to check out my photos and video of the night.


Podcast #414 likes 'em short w/ Partner, Slotface, Ted Leo, Teenage Fanclub, Lamps, Thin Lips, Loafers, Lizzie Boredom, & Single Mothers.

Willie Jordan of Drugs & Attics

Sunday was the new Friday when Drugs & Attics welcomed friends Loafers & Lizzie Boredom to the Blind Tiger basement.


Drop a Grand

Drop A Grand, Armchair Martian, Magic Cyclops, & Deco Auto gave miniBar a night of big guitars and big wigs.


Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr

On 9/5 Cherry Glazerr and Winter played fierce sets that affirmed rock & roll is in the hands of young women, and it's going to be just fine.


Podcast #413 digs deep into the crate for tracks from Best Ex, Modernettes, Shoes, The Boys, Huey Lewis, Piper, & Drugs & Attics.

Collin Rausch of Shy Boys

Labor Day ended with a pop explosion when Shy Boys welcomed EZTV and Beverly to KC.


Jennifer Clavin of Bleached

On 8/30 KC welcomed Bleached back to town with an eclectic bill that also featured a revamped Shortsweather and Dreamgirl.


Podcast #412 spends some time in the wayback machine w/ Rainer Maria, Alvvays, Material Issue, Hoodoo Gurus, Sorrows, Tommy Tutone, & Filthy Friends.


On 8/26 Schwervon, Abandoned Bells, & Folkicide Duo played a magical show under the pines on the Californos deck.



Traindodge, Ex Acrobat, & Varma Cross resurrected the complicated and robust KC sound of the late '90s for a miniBar audience on 8/25.


The Architects

A Saturday midday matinee by Architects and American Dischord filled Mills with punk rockers and their punk rock families.


Podcast #411 announces genre is over with new music from A Giant Dog, The Bombpops, Amanda X, The School, Ramona Falls, Mogwai, & Margo Price.

Sabrina Ellis of Sweet Spirit

KC danced and then danced some more as Sweet Spirt, The Whiffs, & Drugs and Attics rocked the Blind Tiger basement on 8/15.


Podcast #410 just piles it on w/ music from Sweet Apple, Gospel Music, Kepi Ghoulie, Arcade Fire, Bill Botting, & Joel Plaskett.

Brett Livingston of Drugs & Attics

Revolution Records celebrated its 2nd anniversary with a six-band, first-Fridays blow out featuring Drugs & Attics, Salty, Hipshot Killer, Black Market Translation, Witch Jail, & Deco Auto.


Podcast #409 cleans the soul w/ new music from Downtown Boys, Matt Pond PA, Hazel English, The Lovebirds, The Late Show, Baby Shakes, & Laces Out.

Kalo Hoyle of Riala

Once again Merritt turned the keys over to the DIY set allowing Riala, Narrow/Arrow, Le Grand, & Walking Oceans to pack the small store for a night of emo and math rock.


Jim Suptic and Matt Pryor of Radar State

Who's first ever gig is a headlining slot at a packed club? KC supergroup Radar State, that's who. Check out my pics and video of the band, and openers Archie Powell, & Scruffy & the Janitors.


Podcast #408 comes with no disclaimers featuring Hayman Kupa Band, Greg Kihn, Erik Voeks, Palehound, Fightmilk, Pouty, & Snapped Ankles.

Matthew Sweet

On 7/18 KC got a hot still night, the smell of diesel, and full-bore power pop from Matthew Sweet and opener Tommy Keene.


Podcast #407 is supernatural with new music from Black Kids, Allison Crutchfield, Tommy Keene, Charmpit, The Regrettes, Katie Ellen, & Lion's Law.

Lucy Dacus

An ardent KC crowd made Lucy Dacus and opener Schwervon feel welcomed on a Monday night.


Esme Patterson

On 7/13 I crawled out of the basement to witness the gloss of Esme Paterson, Brandon Phillips and The Condition, & Slights.


Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog

A late night, a sweaty basement, and no regrets. Check out my photos and video of A Giant Dog, Salty, & Shortsweather.


Podcast #406 insists you put on your seatbelt for new music from Sheer Mag, Radioactivity, Vile Bodies, Natterers, Waxahatchee, Darren Hayman, & Vintersorg.

Witch Jail

Witch Jail, Granddad and Atomic 50s played at Josey's, providing the first-Fridays shoppers just the soundtrack they deserved.


Shaun Crowley of Momma's Boy

A haphazard local bill brought everyone a little of what they needed. Check out my photos and video of Momma's Boy, Broken Heart Syndrome, & David George and Erik Voeks.


Podcast #405 celebrates the rainbow w/ Ratboys, Trigger Warning, Trampoline Team, Moby, Coathangers, Matthew Sweet, Warm Soda, & Youngblood Supercult.

Second Street

On 6/23 there was punk rock north of the river thanks to Second Street, Our Lives Yesterday, & Deco Auto.


John Larsen of Kool 100s

KC punks ducked under the police tape to see Kool 100s, Kill Vargas, & Beelzebabes on 6/22.


The Bad Ideas

KC celebrated the longest day of the year with an evening of outdoor punk rock in a gloriously deep concrete bowl. Click for my photos and video of Bad Ideas, Squelch, & RLT.


Podcast #404 hurt my head w/ Rancid, Booze & Glory, The Cherry Tops, Rays, Sweet Baboo, Helium, & Via Luna.

Britt Collis of Intrepid Hearts

A storm extinguished the East Wing fire pit, flooded the basement, and knocked out its power, but it couldn't stop the rock. Check out my photos and video of Intrepid Hearts, Shark Pact, Cherry Tops, & Fussy.


Warm Bodies w/ Hannah Carr

On 6/8 noisy art punks Warm Bodies welcomed Oakland's Rays to KC, and new locals Nitecrawlers into the world.


Podcast #403 was born to run w/ Needles//Pins, The Dirty Truckers, Duncan Reid and The Big Heads, Pale Lips, Charmpit, Jawbreaker Reunion, & The Magnetic Fields.

Hudson Falcons

On 6/3 Hudson Falcons brought its "working class rock 'n' roll" to a KC crowd with a little help from Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Braggers, & Danny Trashville.


Nan Turner of Schwervon!

Simpatico was the word of the night as Schwervon and Cat Tatt shared a bill.


Podcast #402 punches for the gut w/ Cave Girls, Salar Rajabnik, Crocodile Tears, Chastity Belt, Holy Oak, & Killing Joke.

Mattie Jo Canino of RVIVR

On 5/27 RVIVR, New Doubt, & Nature Boys proved that all-ages punk rock is thriving at the Holy Cow Market.


Podcast #401 digs that pop w/ Rat Columns, Bad Moves, Adult Mom, Wavves, Toughies, Daniel Romano, & Matt Chandler Trio.

Jake Cardwell of The Whiffs

A slow Sunday night led to some jovial sets as The Whiffs and Twen played at Blind Tiger.



On 5/19 Lovergurl celebrated the release of its new EP with its dream bill that included support from Bad Ideas and La Guerre.


Podcast #400 has flow w/ Royal Headache, Elf Power, Folkicide, Codeine, Aimee Mann, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, & Letting Up Despite Great Faults.

Noah Hayes of The Drippies

Everything was a bit off in KC when Drippies headlined a show featuring Xetas and Witch Jail.


Podcast #399 certainly is, and it features Rat Fancy, Mountain Goats, New Year, RVIVR, Cayetana, Mommy Long Legs, & Herb Alpert.

Sorority Noise

Lawrence attended a sweaty, cathartic therapy session led by Sorority Noise w/ help from Mat Kerekes, Obsessives, & Sadisfied.


Guy Slimey of Witch Jail

A weary KC audience showed up on Sunday night for mind altering sets by Witch Jail, Pop Empire, & Pale Tongue.


Wick and the Tricks

An all-local night kicked off the Middle of the Map festival on 5/4 featuring Wick and the Tricks, Vigil & Thieves, Hipshot Killer, & The Uncouth.


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11/3-5 Apocalypse Meow
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2/13 Black Rebel Motorcyle Club @ Truman
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