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Emmaline Twist

If guitar rock is dead no one told Emmaline Twist, Magnet School or Honeyrude, all of which brought dense and often swirling guitars to KC on 4/21.


The Uncouth

Soundtracked by Uncouth, Bad Engrish, and Braindead, KC punks and skins partied outside under a perfect spring sky.


Jonathan Brokaw of Salty

On 4/13 Salty brought its new new wave to a small crowd of herky-jerky dancers still squirming from the psychedelic surf of opener Witch Jail.


Podcast #396 is more bark than bite w/ BBQT, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Pale Kids, Lucky Malice, Vanity, The New Pornographers, Tall Friend, & Craig Finn.

Podcast #395 says yes to Diet Cig, Hooligan Crooners, B-Leaguers, People's Punk Band, Dany Laj, Slingshot Dakota, & Mysterious Clouds.

Katherine Kelly of Pleasures

Blessed are the brave that gathered at Riot Room on 3/27 to see Pleasures, Shortsweather, Witch Jail, & HMPH boldly ignore all the rules.


Podcast #394 is a perfect Canadian sandwich w/ Brunch Club, Vanity, Stiff Middle Fingers, Sorority Noise, Desperate Journalist, Spiral Stairs, & BA Johnston.

Podcast #393 just feels like sharing music from Slotface, Paul Collins' Beat, Midnite Snaxxx, Guided By Voices, The BV's, Sorority Noise, & Mob Mentality.

Zach Campbell of The Whiffs

On 3/21 punk, garage, and power pop all collided in the raucous basement of The Blind Tiger. Check out my photos and video of The Whiffs, The Bolos, & Drugs & Attics


Tim Darcy

The bold voices of Tim Darcy and Molly Burch enthralled the Riot Room audience on 3/20.


Owen Ashworth is Advance Base

Advance Base and opener Karima Walker battled the clack of billiard balls as each delivered short, intimate sets to the very small Jackpot audience on 3/19.


Podcast #392 takes no guff w/ Wire, Dude York, Rockatanskys, Sugar & Tiger, When Nalda Became Punk, The Darling Buds, & David Bazan.

Bill McShane of Ultimate Fakebook

Ultimate Facebook returned from retirement to play an important benefit, making sure to bring along friends Creature Comforts, Dead Girls, & Arthur Dodge.


Podcast #391 just feels right w/ Dream Nails, The Potentials, The Whiffs, Bleached, Manceau, Los Campesinos!, & Sun Kil Moon.

Chris Gordon of Via Luna

KC's DIY indie rock crew packed into Records with Merrittt on a winter's night to see Via Luna, Infinite Me, & Employer.


Podcast #390 brings a hint of spring w/ The Obsessives, The New Trocaderos, Tom Baker and the Snakes, Chuck Prophet, Salty, Wolf Girl, The Whooperups, & Julian Cope.

Podcast #389 packs it in w/ Wyldlife, Bleeders, Warm Bodies, Jens Lekman, Dave Hause, Fred Thomas, Cadie Cowden, Nectar, & Witch Jail.

Cadie Cowden

A fully electric Cadie Cowden headlined a 2/4 show of genre-shifting indie rock and more.


New Too Much Rock Single

The sixth installment of the Too Much Rock Singles Series features a band with romance on its mind and brains on its breath. Witch Jail hangs in the spooky psychobilly back alleys, offering its aural candy to you bad kids, starting with the surfy A side "Slimwave, USA!" about a witch with designs on our scene. The B side is a cover of Alien Sex Fiend's "My Brain is in the Cupboard (Above the Kitchen Sink)" that lurches and staggers with every yelp from vocalist Guy Slimey. You can listen to an exclusive stream of the single on The Pitch, on 2/8 I'll join Mr. Slimey on KKFI's Wednesday MidDay Medley, and you can get a signed copy at the single launch party at Mills Record Company on 2/10.

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Dave Feldman of Wyldlife

NYC's Wyldlife brought its perfect '77 sensibilities to KC on 1/19, delivery a mid-week blast with help from Bad Wheels, The Runaway Sons, & Mr. and the Mrs.


Podcast #388 gives you want you want w/ The Only Ones, Cherry Glazerr, Grandaddy, Priests, Japandroids, Maybe Don't, & Dave Dudley.

Liz Nord of Sister Mary Rotten Crotch

Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Bohemian Cult Revival, and Katy Guillen and The Girls joined forces for Rock The Twat to help fund the Rose Brooks Center's efforts to aid victims of domestic violence.


Ryan Dahmer of Trapper

On 1/19 KC combined a very small record store, a 5-band lineup featuring Trapper, With Iowa In Between, Stars Hollow, Vitamin K, & Employer, and the KCPD.


Podcast #387 changes the pace with music from Tim Darcy, Bash & Pop, The Cut Ups, Dropkick Murphys, The Donnas, & 1 Mile North.


KC got a taste of chaos as Chicago's Drool were matched with locals Boys Boys on 1/16.


Podcast #386 shouldn't be missed w/ new music from Beachheads, Crazy Squeeze, Cheap Cassettes, Connection, Fightmilk, Suggested Friends, Ramshackle Glory, & American Dischord.

Podcast #385 kicks the year off right w/ TV Crime, Jonathan Richman, The Molochs, Damien Jurado & Richard Swift, American Anymen + Lise, Bread & Roses, & LITE.

The Architects

It's tradition to ring in the new year with loud guitars, luckily Architects and American Dischord were happy to oblige, and even had help from Mr. Deadly and Dead Ven.


Matt Perrin of Bummer

KC enjoyed a late night metal quickie when Bummer and Stonehaven played to a small weeknight crowd.


Top 25 EPs of 2016

So I generally don't have a special category for EPs — those songs generally get lumped in with the Top Tracks or Top Albums lists. However there were some great EPs released this year that I thought deserved mention. So without regard to round numbers, and without rankings, here are my top 7 EPs of 2016 with links to bandcamp as you should honestly buy all of these.

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Top 25 Albums of 2016

Year ago, when consumers could first go to iTunes and buy just the song they knew, the album was pronounced dead. Lately I hear that the single is also dead, because listeners only pause only to hear a few seconds of a song pulled from a streaming service. I love singles. No question there. And I celebrate and opine on them on my Top Songs lists. In fact, this year I'm even calling out my Top EPs of the year. However every track I play on the podcast is chosen after multiple complete listens to it's album. Here I recognize the albums that were great listens from start to finish, and provide you with just enough of a description to send you off to that streaming service for a taste.

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Top 35 Songs of 2016

It seems there are less "best of" lists this year. Or maybe I care less about them. I do care about mine though. It's a nice way to put a bow on the year. So here is my Top 35 Songs of 2016 including three "Adventure Picks." In this case it's kind of an unadverturous pick as these are songs from 2015 I didn't get around to hearing until 2016, but surely would have made last year's best of list had I been more adventurous — you can't win them all.

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Podcast #384 counts down the best tracks of 2016 featuring Hayman Kupa Band, Pooches, Brimstone Coven, Beebe Gallini, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, Shotgun Jimmie, & Berwanger.

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Upcoming shows I care about:

4/28 Dressy Bessy @ Replay
4/28 Salty @ Mills
4/28 White Reaper @ Riot Room
4/28 Via Luna @ Californo's
4/29 Salty @ Blind Tiger
5/6 People's Punk Band @ miniBar
5/7 Pop Empire @ Blind Tiger
5/9 Obsessives @ Jackpot
5/16 Xetas @ Blind Tiger
5/19 Lovergurl @ recordBar
5/19 Schwervon @ Brick
5/28 Richard Buckner @ TBA