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On the fourth day of Christmas The Brick gave to me Schwervon, The Black Creatures, and Casey Guest.


Jimmy Fitzner of Sledgehammer Sounds

Rude and Reckless - the annual Joe Strummer charity tribute concert - highlighted not only the punk of Strummer, but his love of folk and reggae too.


Podcast #502 settles those new year jitters w/ Smithereens, Peaness, Jetstream Pony, Just Joans, Ultimate Fakebook, Midnite Snaxxx, Unjust, & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Top 30 Albums of 2019

Is the album dead? Maybe. I'll admit that some of these are just lovely collections of singles, but there are some that are artistic statements that prove the whole can be more important than its components. I'll leave it to you to find out which is which. So, like last year, here's my list. Thirty great albums. Ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

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top songs, best of, 2019
Top 35 Songs of 2019

Another year distilled down to 35 songs. Unlike in years past, these are actually the best songs and not just my favorite ones (though, oddly, the two match up perfectly). So, to be clear, this is 100% and unequivocally the best music created in 2019. Objectively. If you disagree, I'm afraid you have some soul searching to do. Somethings haven't changed since last year. Like last year, I've included three tracks from 2018 that I just didn't hear in time to make last year's list, but they definitely would have made the cut if I had.

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top songs, best of, 2019

Podcast #501 in which we share our fav tracks of 2019 by Potty Mouth, Juliana Hatfield, Frank Turner, Empty Moon, The Whiffs, Bleached, & Fast Eddy.

Podcast #500 is the Christmas Spectacular! Break out the Egg nog and listen to an hour of this year's best Christmas tunes.

Podcast #499 is punk AF thanks to The Whiffs, Mini Meltdowns, Fea, The Chats, Gino and the Goons, Upset, Giants Chair, & Ben Lee.

Giants Chair

Us olds returned to KC for the holiday, left the kids with grandma, and then headed straight for The Brick to see Giants Chair, The String and Return, and Wonderful Moments.


Robyn Edwards of Lisa Prank

A criminally small crowd came out to Minibar to see Seattle's Lisa Prank with support from Stary and The Creepy Jingles -- shame on KC.


Podcast #498 pairs herbal tea w/ Jeffrey Lewis, Jeff & Laura, Juliana Hatfield, Macseal, Mess, Snail Mail, & Moana.

Allison Gliesman of Mess

Touring bands coalesced at the Rino on Saturday for a night of guitar driven indie rock. Click for my thoughts, pics, and video of Mess, Hand Out, Salt Creek, & Kill Vargas.


Via Luna

The Rino's Saturday night bill featured music for and by a particularly emo subset of Kansas City's music scene. Via Luna capped off a night that also featured Jorge Arana Trio and Tall Boys.


Mae C of NuBlvckCity

The second night of 2019's Apocalypse Meow featured a cavalcade of bands raising money for musician's healthcare.


The Sluts

Apocalypse Meow 12 kicked off at Mills Records with the DGAF primal rock of The Sluts and the bending blues rock of Chris Meck & the Second Sons.


Podcast #497 is leather jacket music with tunes from Happy Mondays, Baby Shakes, Wyldlife, White Reaper, Headlight Rivals, Bambies, & Tall Boys.

Chris Kramer of The Cowboys

It was nothing short of a rock 'n' roll blow out when The Cowboys, The Whiffs, Fast Eddy, & Drugs & Attics packed Colonial Club on 10/5.


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