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Too Much Rock's favorite local releases of 2021
Added: 01/02/2022

Too Much Rock's favorite 50 albums of 2021
Added: 01/01/2022

Too Much Rock's favorite 50 albums of 2020
Added: 12/31/2020

Too Much Rock's favorite 30 albums of 2019.
Added: 12/31/2019

Too Much Rock's favorite 30 albums of 2018.
Added: 12/31/2018

Too Much Rock's favorite 25 albums of 2016.
Added: 12/31/2016

So many wonderful albums to recognize this year. Here are my favorite 50 of 2015.
Added: 12/31/2015

While the Too Much Rock Podcast is built around singles either catchy or impossible to deny, I also like to recognize bands who put together entire albums of wonderful songs that set a consistant mood. Here are my favourites of 2014.
Added: 12/31/2014

I just realized that admid all of the holiday hubbub I never posted my top albums of 2013. So here they are, in particular order, my favourite albums of 2013
Added: 12/31/2013

Let's take a moment here to celebrate the great albums of 2012. Albums that not only contained a great single, but were fantastic trips from the first track to the last.
Added: 12/31/2012

Right now the search is pretty literal, so if you didn't find what you wanted by searching "Davey's" try "Davey's Uptown Rambler" for example. I've currently metadata keywords in for bands, for venues, some musicians, some genres. What did I miss? Also the results are pretty ugly, but we're getting there.