Fav Local Releases of 2023

Local is where it's at. Here are the new releases from 2023 that make Kansas City (and the region) so wonderful. Thank you to the bands, labels, venues, promoters, photographers, writers, and fans that always show up.

Favorite Local Albums of 2023: 10. Dan Jones and the Squids - Rock And Roll Daydreams (self-released)  9. Nightosphere - Databases (self-released)  8. Flooding - Silhouette Machine (The Ghost is Clear)  7. Gemini Parks - Mom, Why is Everyones a Hoe? (self-released)  6. Sweeping Promises - Good Living is Coming For You (Feel It / Sub Pop)  5. Eggs on Mars - Warm Breakfast (self-released)  4. Erik Voeks & the Ghosters - It Means Nothing Now (Hanky Pinky)  3. The Uncouth - s/t (Insurgence / Contra)  2. Whiffs - Scratch ’n’ Sniff (Dig!)  1. Heidi Lynne Gluck - Migrate of Die (self-released) EPs/Singles: 3. Joust - Futurism (self-released) 2. Perfume USA - Kiss It Goodbye (Setterwind) 1. Via Luna - Muted Earth (self-released) Digital Only Releases: 5. RxGhost - Scaffolding (self-released) 4. Redder Moon - She Was Certainly Bit By Something (self-released) 3. Screen Door Submarine - Hey, I’m in a Band! (self-released) 2. Pink Phase - Wave (self-released) 1. Mensa Deathsquad - Personal Book of Spells (self-released) Favourite Local Releases of 2022 That I Got In 2023: 3. The Blast Monkeys - Summer Camp (self-released) 2. Parry - Recurrence (self-released) 1. Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy - Grinding of the Stars (self-released) Local Bands That I Most Want Debut Albums From: Dreamist Genre Heat Seger

Of course I didn't buy everything that came out this year, so let me know what I missed, and I'll check it out.

Just FYI I don’t include digital-only one-song singles as I assume they’re just promotion leading to a bigger release that will be eligible later. Yes I’m aware that assumes adherence to an outdated model that is no longer viable.