Top 50 Albums of 2023

I did it again. I spent December listening to every album I got in 2023 to build this list. It's a lot, but it was nice to visit with these ones. They held up as solid albums from front to back. As is my usual, the list is ordered, but otherwise presented without commentary.

50. The Unknowns East Coast Low (Bargain Bin Records) 49. Slowdive Everything is Alive (Dead Oceans) 48. Pretty Matty Heavenly Sweetheart (Self Aware) 47. The Interrupters In The Wild (Hellcat) 46. Gemini Parks Mom, Why is everyones a Hoe? (self-released) 45. Catbells Partly Cloudy (SQFT Reocrds) 44. Traindodge The Alley Parade (Spartan Records) 43. Sweeping Promises Good Living is Coming For You (Feel It / Sub Pop) 42. Iris DeMent Workin' On A World (Flariella Records) 41. Civic Taken By Force (ATO Records) 40. Silver Biplanes A Moment In The Sun (Wiaiwya) 39. The Dead Milkmen Quaker City Quiet Pills (The Giving Groove) 38. Aganthros Syntiset Saatanat Kurjat (Purity Through Fire) 37. Ratboys The Window (Top Shelf) 36. Stomper 98 S/T (Pirate Press) 35. Young Francis Hi Fi The Young Generation (14th Floor Music / Dirty Water Records) 34. Who Is She? Goddess Energy (Father/Daughter) 33. the 1981 Move On (Dandy Boy) 32. Night Court Humans! (Snappy Little Numbers / Debt Offensive Records) 31. Ryan Allen The Last Rock Band (Setterwind Records) 30. Swansea Sound Twentieth Century (Skep Wax) 29. Brennen Leigh Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet (Signature Sounds Recordings) 28. Eggs on Mars Warm Breakfast (self-released) 27. Dropkick Murphys Okemah Rising (Dummy Luck Music) 26. The Menzingers Some Of It Was True (Epitaph) 25. Fucked Up One Day (Merge Records) 24. Tamar Berk Tiny Injuries (self-released) 23. Dropkick The Wireless Revolution (Hurrah! / Sound Asleep / Rock Indiana) 22. Shit Present What Still Gets Me (Specialist Subject Records) 21. B.A. Johnston Argos Suck (Transistor 66) 20. Rancid Tomorrow Never Comes (Hellcat Records) 19. Death Valley Girls Islands in the Sky (Suicide Squeeze) 18. Cyanide Pills Soundtrack To The New Cold War (Damaged Goods) 17. Andrew Connor In Colorado (Eureka Records) 16. Thank You, I'm Sorry Growing in Strange Places (Count Your Lucky Stars) 15. Greg Wheeler & The Poly Mall Cops Manic Fever (High Dive Records) 14. Worriers Trust Your Gut (Ernest Jenning Record Co.) 13. Paint Fumes Real Romancer (Dig! Records) 12. Militarie Gun Life Under the Gun (Loma VIsta Recordings) 11. The Reds, Pinks & Purples The Town That Cursed Your Name (Slumberland) 10. Drop Nineteens Hard Light (Wharf Cat)  9. Erik Voeks & The Ghosters It Means Nothing Now (Hanky Panky Records)  8. The Natvral Summer of No Light (Dirty Bingo Records)  7. The Uncouth The Uncouth! (Insurgence Records / Contra Records)  6. Tough Age Waiting Here (Bobo Integral)  5. The American Analog Set For Forever (Hometown Fantasy)  4. Bonnie "Prince" Billy Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Drag City Records)  3. The Ballet Daddy Issues (Fika)  2. The Whiffs Scratch 'N' Sniff (Dig! Records)  1. Heidi Lynne Gluck Migrate or Die (self-released)

BONUS: Here are my favorite albums of 2023 that were digital only. Why weren't these pressed to vinyl for me?!

Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay... Repeat (self-released) Dari Bay Longest Day of the Year (self-released) Big School Don't Cry I'll Be Right Back (self-released)

UPDATE! The Star Collector album is available on CD and should be on Bandcamp soon. And the Big School album has just been released on vinyl, get it from their own label Chrome!

What a crazy collection of albums! Whenever I look at someone's year end list I only recognize half of the artists. Is it the same for you? There's just so much music out there. These are good ones though. So go skim the albums I listed here however it is that you do that, and if it sounds like something you'd be into, nab it as it's worth your time and money.

And for those who are into the math, this year I added 398 releases to my library. That's 398 items I bought either physically or downloaded through Bandcamp. I don't subscribe to streaming services. I deemed 144 of those eligible for this ranking meaning they were full-length albums, released physically, in 2023, weren't compilations of already released tracks, tribute albums, or Christmas albums.

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