Fav Local Releases of 2021

Another year where I didn't see enough bands and definitely didn't buy enough local music. I don't like the outlook for 2022 much TBH, but I did like all of these releases from 2021. So, much love to the bands, labels, and everyone in KC scene for making these happen.

Top 10 Local Releases of 2021: 10. Monta at Odds Peak of Eternal Light (Record Machine)  9. Witch Jail Ideations (self-released)  8. Hipshot Killer Guns and Gas (self-released)  7. The Shebangs Now! Is When (Fabcom!)  6. Nature Boys IV (Dead Broke)  5. Chess Club You're Lucky I Like You (Black Site)  4. Namelessnumberheadman Plot the Points (self-released)  3. The Roseline Consistancy (self-released)  2. Dan Jones and the Squids Serve Without Delay (self-released)  1. Brent Windler New Morning Howl (self-released)

Since I didn't hear everything that came out this year I've been asking everyone what I missed. I'm ask you too. Did I miss something wonderful? Tell me and I'll check it out.

When it's time to think global, you can check out my big lists of Top 50 Albums of 2021 or Top Songs of 2021.