Fav Local Releases of 2022

Local is where it's at. Here are the new releases from 2022 that make Kansas City (and the region) so wonderful. Thank you to the bands, labels, venues, promoters, photographers, writers, and fans that always show up.

Top 10 Local Releases of 2022: 10. Bootkrieg The Power Storm (self-released)  9. Static Phantoms Bathed in a Blue Light (Record Machine)  8. Decimal Dust Now Waving, Drowning (self-released)  7. Drifter Herald (self-released)  6. Mensa Deathsquad You Will Hear Thunder (self-released)  5. Blanky Blood Harmony (Manor Records)  4. Still Ill s/t (self-released)  3. Creepy Jingles Take Me At My Wordplay (High Dive)  2. Uncouth Know Your Roots (self-released)  1. Flora Emerald City (self-released) Best Reissue: The Wilmas Songs About Girls (Leftover Records) Best of 2021 that I didn't buy until 2022: Roseline Constancy (self-released) Shebangs Now! Is When (Fabcom!) Flooding s/t (Community Gym / Manor Records)

Since I didn't buy everything that came out this year, I've been asking everyone what I missed. Did I miss something wonderful? Tell me and I'll check it out.

Also, if you care, I'm a little flexi about what I call a new release here. While one-song digital-only singles weren't considered, I did allow digital-only albums and EPs this year as we're all still dealing with too much to rely on record pressing schedules. Hopefully that's solved in 2023 as there are at least four full lengths that I'm excited to buy.

Finally, when it's time to think global, you can check out my big lists of Top 50 Albums of 2022 or Top Songs of 2022.