Fav Local Releases of 2020

I normally buy local releases from bands at shows, but no shows meant I had to rely on recommendations from friends in the scene [Confession: I totally stalk your Bandcamp purchases]. You really came through. So thanks to you for your support of the scene, to the local bands that continued to create, and to the local labels that helped get us tunes during this messed up year. Here's what hit me just right this year.

Top 10 Local Albums of 2020: 10. Ebony Tusks Heal_Thyself (High Dive) 9. Shiner Schadenfreude (self-released) 8. Radkey Green Room (self-released) 7. Jordana Classical Notions of Happiness (Grand Jury) 6. The Casket Lottery Short Songs for End Times (Second Nature) 5. Jordana Something to Say to You (Grand Jury) 4. Shy Boys Talk Loud (Polyvinyl) 3. Blackstarkids Whatever, Man (Dirty Hit) 2. Harrisonics Love Songs for All Occasions (Fabcom!) 1. Daniel Gum Thirteen (Manor) Honorary Local Album of 2020: Waxahatchee "Saint Cloud" (Merge) Non-album Honorable Mentions: 7. "Here Comes Chan" digital single by Man Bear 6. "The Streets" single by Giant's Chair 5. "You're Not Gonna Like This" digital ep by LK Ultra 4. "The Cat, the Killer" digital single by Dandelions 3. "KC Belongs to Me" single by The Uncouth 2. "Rock & Roll" digital single by Arson Class 1. "Boots on The Street" digital single by Bootkrieg

Of course I didn't hear everything that came out this year so I'm sure I missed something I'd just love. Heck, I've already picked up three 2020 local releases since I put together this list last week! But tell me what I missed and I'll check it out.

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