Above is a YouTube video playlist counting down each song. I've included official videos when possible, with official audio-only "videos" as a backup. Unofficial audio streams are never used. As a result, several tracks in the countdown are unfortunately not available in this playlist. Pro tip: Click on bars in the upper left of the YouTube window to jump to a specific video.

And here's the list no one was waiting for, Too Much Rock's top 40 tracks of 2018. Are these the best? Who can tell. But these are songs that I love. Tracks that move me. And tracks that I was happy to revisit time and time again this year. Because this is a busy time of the year I've kept my thoughts short by sharing the one thing that I like best about each of the songs on my list. As a bonus, I've also included three tracks from 2017 that I just didn't hear in time to make last year's list, but they definitely would have made the cut if I had.

Top 40 Songs of 2018:

40. "If Your Prayers Don't Get to Heaven" by Brian Fallon (Island)

That bouncing backbeat is undeniable.

39. "Waiting For Summer" by Smokescreens (Slumberland)

Those guitar flourishes bridge the insistent rhythm section and the full chorus brilliantly.

38. "Reagan Youth" by Superchunk (Merge)

I was a scrubby suburban street rat in 1981 too.

37. "Like a Girl (ft Sadie Dupuis)" by Dott (Graveface)

The cadence of those initial lyrics, the simple drums, the muted guitar is splendid.

36. "Skinhead Rock & Roll" by Turbonegro (Burger Records)

I would have formed a religion based on this song in 1984.

35. "The Opener" by Camp Cope (Run for Cover)

Maq's scream is the most authentic thing in this world.

34. "Blue Again" by Weakened Friends (Don Giovanni Records)

Sonia Sturino ensures it's all laid open, bloody and raw.

33. "Wrong Side of a Cigarette" by Gino and the Goons (Slovenly Recordings)

It's punk rock distilled to its purest form.

32. "1933" by Frank Turner (Xtra Mile / Polydor)

Frank Turner mixes in just enough poetry to temper his incredulous rage.

31. "Spin Our Wheels" by Sloan (Yep Roc Records)

That syncopated hook line feels so natural and right.

30. "Afraid of Me" by Gobbinjr (Topshelf)

Emma Witmer pours layers of instrumentation here and ends up with a spot-on arrangement.

29. "Wait It Out" by Happy Accidents (Alcopop!)

That big chorus makes me want to jump up and down.

28. "Pop Princess" by Grrrl Gang (Kolibri Rekords)

The sheer exuberance in the chorus is frickin' magic.

27. "South America" by Thin Lips (Lame-O Records)

The wonderfully specific lyric that gives this song its title

26. "Shape of My Hands" by Illuminati Hotties (Tiny Engines)

I'm such a sucker for a chorus. Sarah Tudzin must know this.

25. "Soldier" by Death By Unga Bunga (Jansen Records)

That fuzzed out riff speaks to my id.

24. "Making It Right" by Remember Sports (Father/Daughter)

The space opened by the drums for the crashing guitar is revelatory.

23. "Waiting to Die Around" by Idol Lips (Wanda Records)

I wanna jump the pile at the front of the stage to sing that "Woah-woah" chorus.

22. "Haunt Me" by Death By Unga Bunga (Jansen Records)

The extravagance of three guitars played out perfectly.

21. "Walking Through My Hell" by The Peawees (Rum Bar Records / Wild Honey Records)

Power pop doesn't get any purer than this.

20. "Inmate" by BBQT (No Front Teeth Records)

The production on those vocals speaks to me on a cosmic level.

19. "Onion" by Shannon & the Clams (Easy Eye Sound)

This basher feels completely timeless.

18. "Hospital!" by Art Brut (Alcopop! Records)

I thought Art Brut couldn't get any cheekier, but then there's that Greek chorus of snark.

17. "Allison's Gone" by Hawk ("self-released")

You'll never hear a song that gets more mileage from a single down-picked chord.

16. "In the End" by The Connection (2Win Disc Records)

Such a skillful assemblage of rock & roll's building blocks.

15. "Neverending Sunshine" by King Tuff (Sub Pop)

This one's easy, that synth is just mesmerizing.

14. "Nobody Cares But Me" by Alpaca Sports (Elefant Records)

The way the bounce lurks just under the surface of the incredibly lush production.

13. "Steven" by The Pony Collaboration (North Bend Records)

The effortless delivery of these vocals feels so freeing and honest.

12. "Kind of Girl" by Paul Collins (Alive Naturalsound Records)

Paul Collins' voice just melds perfectly with that jangly guitar as the chorus revs up.

11. "Seen Better Days" by The Speedways (Gods Candy Records)

The chiming chords and open space in the chorus create a party in my heart.

10. "Right to Roam" by Sloan (Yep Roc Records)

I feel that rhythm guitar in my soul.

09. "Sloane Ranger" by The Essex Green (Merge)

The organ is the star of this show.

08. "Aliens in Our Midst" by Wussy (Shake It/Damnably)

The vocal delivery and production that supports it is simply spellbinding.

07. "In Common With You" by The Speedways (Gods Candy Records)

The way Matt Julian's vocals strain leading into that anthemic chorus floors me.

06. "Don't Stop (If It Feels Good Do It)" by Sloan (Yep Roc Records)

The tambourine makes this song the aural representation of joy.

05. "Glass House" by Screaming Females (Don Giovanni Records)

The tension builds to such an enveloping sweaty stomp.

04. "Boyfriend's Car" by Colour Me Wednesday (Dovetown Records)

The first fifteen seconds of this song has been stuck in my head all year.

03. "Midnight Special" by Paul Collins (Alive Naturalsound Records)

This is an unadulterated explanation of my relationship with music.

02. "Too Lost In Love" by The Molochs (Innovative Leisure)

Somehow simple and pure without sacrificing a bit of art.

01. "Percy Faith" by Damien Jurado (Secretly Canadian)

This song envelopes me, and nothing else exists when this song plays.

Adventure Picks:

"Tough" by Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs (Dine Alone)

Guitars. OMG those guitars.

"I Wanted To Be Yours" by Lemuria (Turbo Worldwide/Asian Man/Big Scary Monsters)

When the fidelty drops to make room for that trumpet, I get goosebumps.

"Ooh Baby I Love You" by The Crazy Squeeze (Disconnected Records)

That barrehouse piano is just the icing.

Tracks #8 through #1 can be heard on Too Much Rock Podcast #473.

Are your favourite songs on my list? If not, let me know and maybe they'll make my 2019 adventure picks.