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Tuesday February 9th, 2010 at Czar Bar in Kansas City, MO
The Alters, Mer, & Blondie Brunetti
The Alters
The Alters
Rita Brinkerhoff of Blondie Brunetti
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Sorry there wont be a real show account for this one, but I can give you a quick rundown: Blondie Brunetti is Rita Brinkerhoff accompaying herself with a feeble 70s organ, while blending, harmonizing, or just caterwauling with friend Blaire Hines through a songbook that included everything from English folksongs to R&B. Loon's "What You Say" was the encore and highlight of the set. Minneapolis' Mer create drony instrumentals with only drums and violin. Heavy on the loops and effects, but short on dynamics. The Alters are high concept and experimental. Sequencers, keyboards, and homemade instruments clang, while a heavily distorted voice recites Grimm Brothers fairytales. It was one of those nights. Sorry the photos are so anemic. The lighting at Czar Bar was pale and pathetic and standing up front with a flash seemed gauche with only 25 people – including bar staff and all band members – present for the headliners.