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Thursday April 29th, 2004 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
The Apes, Silent Drive, Capital Radio, & Stolen Bike Crusade
Amanda Kleinman of The Apes
Zach Jordan of Silent Drive
??? of Capital Radio
Erik Scott of Stolen Bike Crusade
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Sorry folks, photos only again. I just never had time to do a proper account as I split town immediately after the show. Quickly, the night was a essentially a hardcore show with a sizeable turnout for Silent Drive. They're definitely the boy band version of screamo -- big hardcore crunch, great death metal shrill screams, but then heart felt sissy-ass breakdowns and out-right ballads. What gives? After the hardcore was over, nearly everyone left, and The Apes played their organ-driven, arty indie rock to the twenty or so folks who hung around (that includes other band members). It was an odd show for so many reasons (the least of which being The Apes asked to play with all the house lights on), and I'm not even sure I had a good time. THE END.