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Saturday June 25th, 2022 at Red Sash Brewing in Kansas City, MO
The Bad Ideas

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Just a couple of words really.

At 6pm Dropout Boogie (aka Chris Labeau) started his DJ set under a tent. I suspect he imagined it would keep the sun off his neck. Turns out it kept him dry. At 6:15 it started sprinkling. At 6:30 it rained. Speakers were covered with trash bags. Drinkers hid under umbrellas. I hid under a picnic table. At 7:00 the rain had passed but the wind was still blowing the needle off of the soul records. So the band began. And the bass cut out. And then power was futzed with for another half hour. Then the band began for real.

The Bad Ideas played. Some new material. A lot of unreleased stuff. It’s about time for another album. 2019’s Happiness was in the before times. To avoid feedback, vocalist Breaka Dawn was banished to the vast area between the band and the 20 or 25 fans that formed a semi-circle in the roped-off parking lot. Hard to have energy in the daylight with the audience so far away. But Dawn did. She always does. Bassist Matt Roberts had more energy. And more power troubles. Jay Willis just hit his drums. No power worries for him. Guitarist Britt Adair always plays it tough. So many Johnny Ramone poses with her big hollowbody Guild. Her glasses always sliding, never falling. Her shared vocals with Dawn were tight. The interplay enjoyable. Passersby stopped to record video of the spectacle. Between songs they heard about a new beer collaboration and got an earful about the recent reversal of Roe v Wade. Dirty words were said. And sung. Dawn is still pissed off about everything. After ten years of performing, the band seems to have settled into a roiling Dead Kennedys vibe. You know, urgent 80s punk with a tiny bit of complicating post-punk. That’s a good place to land. It keeps me coming out ever time.

Thirty minutes later the quartet were done with their twelve-song set. Dropout Boogie fired up again (after his power was restored). The sun was out once more. And Suzanne and I walked across the street to Mission Taco for dinner.