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Sunday July 11th, 2004 at the Revere YMCA in Revere, MA
Letterday, The Loon and Buggy, Eyes Like Knives, Harris, Mercury Switch, My Pet Demon, The Call Up, Next to None, Allison Model One, In the Arms of Providence, & The Run Down
Pat Politano of Letterday
Al Frasier of The Loon and Buggy
Rebekka Takamizu of Eyes Like Knives
Jon Day of Harris
Sam of Mercury Switch
Ken Pellegrino of My Pet Demon
Mike Shepherd of The Call Up
Torre Cioffi of Next to None
Clark Erb of Allison Model One
Chris Moulton of In the Arms of Providence
Anthony End of The Rundown
[more photos]

Okay just 171 photos for you now, but a full account of this show is coming. No video as there were no lights by the end of the night, I shot pictures in total darkness so focus was impossible. Oh well, be gentle.