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Friday July 5th, 2019 at Lawrence Public Library in Lawrence, KS
Bill Callahan, & Heidi Lynne Gluck

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Note: No time for a write up here, but here's some info about the videos if that helps set the scene.

The townies enjoyed a wonderful summer night with Bill Callahan and Heidi Gluck on the green lawn of of the Lawrence Public Library.

Lawrence has seen a number of its summer festivals fall victim to extreme weather this year, but when Heidi Gluck took the stage on Friday evening there were nothing but blue skies. Here we see Gluck debut the Arthur Dodge-penned "Losin' Your Mind" — a track she learned for one of those earlier rainout events.

As Bill Callahan looked across the library lawn, packed with camp chairs, picnic blankets, and greying hair, he mused that the secret to a packed crowd must be to play for free. Although some of the crowd were curious townies, temporary diverted from their evening strolls, the audience was also full of devoted fans — the sort that hooted appreciation when Callahan launched into "Jim Cain," the lead track from 2009's "Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle" (Drag City Records).