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Sunday January 31st, 2016 at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO
The Band That Fell to Earth KC

This is interesting. For some reason I didn't process the photos of this show in the days that followed. It could have been that I was just busy. Or that I was having computer issues. It could have been that I hated the photos. Or it might have been that something upset me at the show, souring me on the night. Instead, the raw photos sat in an unnamed forgotten folder untouched for nearly 8 years until they were rediscovered earlier today. With whatever time constraint removed or grudge forgotten, I thought I'd edit them and post them to the site. Nearly eight years late.

Noticeably I didn't write about the show either. That was nothing strange – I often didn't write about shows when I had a more than full-time job – but luckily a few other sources did, and those contemporaneous sources are linked to the right. If you don't feel like reading those proper reviews, then here's a little background information as I recall it and with the benefit of eight years of hindsight.

Michelle Bacon put together the band that would come to be known as The Band That Fell to Earth KC to pay tribute to David Bowie in late 2015. While Bowie knew he had cancer, he kept it secret, so the timing of the band's debut performance only two weeks after Bowie death was coincidental. Of course after Bowie's passing, the announced gig took on greater significance and it had to be moved to a venue three or four times the size of the one originally planned to accommodate the massive interest. So, in January 2016 over a thousand fans gathered at the Uptown Theater for the show. It was a long glam affair delivered by a large band of local musicians, with a portion of the proceeds donated to The Midwest Music Foundation. Fans celebrated and mourned, while the musicians on stage felt the same catharsis. It was a smashing success. In the years that followed, the tribute grew into yearly celebration that continues today – sometimes lasting three nights, mostly with the same line-up of performers, and always benefiting a local charity.