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Thursday March 8th, 2004 at the Fox Commons in Lowell, MA
Chromelodeon, Jupiter Sunrise, Harris, The Model Sons, The Loon and Buggy, & ???
Ryan Soloby of Chromelodeon
Jupiter Sunrise
Ian Vogel of The Model Sons
Jamie McCarthy of the Loon and Buggy
Clark Da Dane
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Sorry, I just got too busy to write something up about this show. It was nice though. Chromelodeon are getting less Minibosses and more Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Jupiter Sunrise own their teeny bopper audience and make Fountains of Wayne sound mature, Lowell loves Harris and Harris loves Lowell, The Model Sons brought lots of stone-cold rock, The Loon and Buggy showed everyone what they were worth, and it seems to be qutie a bit, and a couple of rap crusaders opened the show by rapping over their own CD. Wow. There are 99 pictures to the right there which tell the story.