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Saturday October 16th, 2004 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
Camper Van Beethoven, & Stereo 360
David Lowery of CVB
Jonathan Segel of CVB
Shad Hills of Stereo 360
[more photos]
[14.4M mp4 video]

Photos and video now, probably no acount this time -- I'm just too busy. The quick version is that CVB were great, but I was sad they skipped several favourites (including "Lottery," "Good Guys and Bad Guys") replacing them in the setlist with five or so songs from the new album. They played a long set, even adding encore "Sad Lovers Waltz" to their set. The rest of the set is correct as shown in the photographed setlist. Lowery was cutely preoccupied by politics, and you could see it on his brow. The band wasn't so chatty about it until the end of the set however. Opening act Stereo 360s were high energy, generic power pop that sampled from all its related subgenres and spinoffs. Sadly the sound they were hoping was Cheap Trick, sounded more like warmed over Billy Squire riffs from a pop-punk band. They seemed to impress their mothers (who were in attendance), as well as the overly polite CVB fans.