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Monday April 24th, 2004 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
The Dresden Dolls, The Good North, The Model Sons, The Information, & Harris
Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls
Leo Crowley of The Good North
Ian Vogel of The Model Sons
Deb Grant of The Information
Mike Nastri of Harris
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Wow it's probably my duty to account for this show as it is a celebration of great local music, but it seems unlikely I'll brave that task. The show was just too long, and I was too tired and too busy to take notes. Instead, here's a quick encapsulation:

Harris brought raw and jagged indie rock, and despite this being their fourth or fifth visit to the big stage, they still seem more at home in the all-ages venues. It's their choice. The Information is starting to move me evermore with its rock remake of new wave cheese. The Model Sons are 120% rock. Sometimes that gets in the way of their smarter compositions and that's sad, but rock is rock after all. When the set ends with the band and audience soaked in beer, all you can say is "rock." The Good North are an exact melding of their disparate influences – namely: U2, The Sheila Divine, & The Cure. However it fell a little flat to me largely because frontman Luke O'Neil just doesn't meet my definition of a frontman. Hey, it's my fantasy! The Dresden Dolls were everything they are. Folks love them or hate them, but that's really of no consequence. Their theatrical rock built upon drums and piano is a hectic surge of a goth Tori Amos. The band pulls it off and pleased the crowd with a surprisingly true version of War Pigs as well trying to fit the mood with a 'Mats cover too. Mostly their set was about 100 grrls up front, singing along to every word that Amanda spits angrily into her microphone. So yeah no show account, but that's the rundown.

There aren't many photos because I was working a merch booth most of the night. Even when I was shooting, the packed club wouldn't allow me close access to the stage, so I had to try to snap them from the side and that never works. Also, there is no video of the show because I fucked up and didn't change a camera setting. I'm a bad, bad cameraman. There were at least two folks videotaping The Dresden Dolls though, so I'm sure you can see that if you ask around.