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Tuesday March 29th, 2022 at The Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS
Grocer, Dodging, Daniel Gum, & Flora

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I've gotten behind in my write ups and someone is going to get short shrift. I'm sad to report it's the four bands that played a Tuesday matinee during a terrifying thunderstorm. Maybe I can write a note or two just so this night isn't lost forever.

Flora opened. She's very young. And very shy. Her dad joined her on acoustic guitar and did all the talking. Flora did the singing though. Breathy. No backing tracks, so the pop sheen from the records was missing. And missed. Still, it was lovely. And I'm all in. Single "Dumb Little Girl" should be a hit. The sound on the patio wasn't though. It took most of the set to get the squealing under control.

Daniel Gum played next. Just Gum and his electric guitar. And some impressive winds. In hopes of beating the storm he played a short set. Four songs? Five? The venue had already decided the remaining bands would play indoors though. Chatty and witty as always. Two false starts on that Elliott Smith cover but nailed it on the third go. Worth the wait. I think Gum's songs may be better. Is that blasphemy?

Had I never seen Dodging before? I had, but it was at the Kum-N-Go basement four years ago and I remember nothing. Indie rock? Emo? Yes to both. Three vocalists. Good energy. Especially from guitarist Tre Byers. Odd Ian Curtis-esque crooning vocals from bassist Atticus vonHolten. Big variances from old to new songs. And moving the better direction. They need a new record. Someone record it so I can buy it. And remind me to see this band again. And to write good things about them.

Grocer from Philly headlined. Indie. Jazz-tinged. Lead guitar was chaotic. In a good way. Bass active. Drummer is impressive. And has a wood block. Songs are smart, but retain soul. Multiple vocalists. Multiple writers. Do they make their own instruments? And effects pedals? A lot happening on the stage, but I'm distracted – the storm is here, and Mass Ave is now a river. The band is selling a cute shirt with a rat on it that isn't in my size and thumb drives with their music. New album out in May. I'll probably buy it then.