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Saturday October 5th, 2019 at Sister Anne's in Kansas City, MO
Hipshot Killer, & Nervous Fit

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Something sad happened. I showed up an hour late. In my defense, information about this anniversary party was shockingly scant. When I arrived at 8pm I thought I might be irresponsibly early. I was not. I had missed Nervous Fit. And if word on the street is true, I missed a band that should not be missed. Here's hoping there's a next time. I did however arrive in time to browse records, for the cutting of the multiple birthday cakes, and to hear Mike Alexander check his amp with AC/DC riffs. The crowd was typical midtown rabble. Familiar faces that I've never spoken to. People's whose names I don't know, but whose chained boots or customized Iron Maiden shirts I know intimately. And a good number of kids. Kids in fancy ear protection, kids uninterested in the goings on, kids keeping time. Hipshot were loud. And like the last few times I've seen the band, full of intent. There wasn't a lot of fluff. Not a lot of banter. Most songs in the eleven-song setlist were glued together with feedback. Drummer Buddy Lush was as workman as ever. No flash. A delightful amount of struggle and sweat. And some really fast fills. Bassist Chris Wagner is lean and muscular. His playing is too. Backing vocals are full of emotion. Alexander's vocals were a bit weary. Pushed hard but falling a bit flat. His guitar buzzed. A note dropped during a solo made him smile and shake his head. I think I saw him mouth, "Come on Alexander, get your head in the game." So, I didn't see that, but I felt it. Maybe he did too. Still a middling set from Hipshot Killer packs more punch, more riffs, and more anthems than most cities' top six punk bands combined. And the room? Plenty of space in the empty storefront adjoining the shop to its east. Hopefully Sister Anne's can afford to take it over permanently. Add some lights. A monitor or two. Right now, it's basement chic. Only missing the water heater. So stop in. Buy some records. Drink some coffee. Contribute to the cause. Don't be late.