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Friday July 20th, 2007 at Davey's Uptown Rambler in Kansas City, MO
In the Pines, The Belles, & The Caves
Laurel Morgan and Hannah
Kendle of In the Pines
Darren Welch of In the Pines
Christopher Tolles of The Belles
Andrew Ashby of The Caves
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[17.5M mp4 video]

Note: Photos and video only. No time for a proper account. The quick version is that The Caves were generally quiet, tasteful, but didn't really pull me in. The Belles were a two piece on this night, and it wasn't the same as when I fell for the "Never Said Anything" video a few years back. In the Pines, however, were very good. Lovely blending of all the strings and voices. Enough energy from frontman Brad Hogdson, but never escaping from the bounds of the mournful music. However a show that doesn't start until 11pm, and runs until after 2am, and is held in a smoky bar, well, that's a bundle of suck.