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Monday March 27th, 2006 at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
The Joggers, Georgie James, Night Rally, & Riot! Riot!
Dan Wilson of The Joggers
Laura Burhenn of Georgie James
Farhad Ebrahimi of Night Rally
Nabeel Afsar of Riot! Riot!
[more photos]
[11.7M mp4 video]

NOTE: Obviously my pictures are butt. I noticed. The Middle East remodeled again, the stage probably sounds better, but man shooting with super-high black ceilings and black walls is nearly impossible. So yeah the photos are bad and I shot without flash most of the night making for icky blurry photos. The video is sooo distorted as The Joggers were loud and wonderful. They covered "Long Distance Runaround" and I wet myself. Georgie James and Night Rally had their moments, but Riot! Riot! was a bundle of suck. There was a strat and a five-string bass on stage -- that's all I should need to say. So yeah no formal show account on this one.