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Saturday May 28th, 2022 at The Easy Inn in Kansas City, KS
Manor Fest 4: Drugs & Attics, The Sluts, & Brat Pitt

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No time for a complete write up, but here are some quick notes before all memory of the show escapes me.

It must have been 10:30 when I slipped into Easy Inn to celebrate the final show of the two-week party that was Manor Fest 4. Other obligations meant I was late, and that I had missed Springfield’s Brat Pitt entirely. Shame as I’ve not seen him live, or to be honest, even listened to learn what he’s all about. Next time.

The Sluts put on a good show. It’s always about the riffs with this duo, but those cascading toms in “Summer Song” shouldn’t be ignored. Later in the set “Linger” had the packed room dancing. Closer “Victim” had the room bouncing. Quite literally. I feared for the floor.

The bar was packed. This was billed as a Manor Fest show, but looking around the room it looked just like any other gig at the bar. The young and beautiful were there showing off what makes them young and beautiful. Elaborate outfits, crazy hair, lots of skin, dilated pupils. Not many wristbands.

Drugs & Attics had the small room moving. It was chaotic. It always is. Plenty of dancers. When the band’s rock & roll turned to punk, the crowd roiled. Frontman Willie Jordan stopped the show to allow the fallen to get off the floor. “Drugs & Safety” chimed in drummer Brett Livingston. The band then played swayer “2:35” to calm things down. While the trio contemplated an encore, Alison Hawkins commandeered the microphone to recognize several Manor Fest all-stars. By the time the impromptu award ceremony was over, the band’s rhythm section had vanished, bringing both the show and the festival to a bemusing end.