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Monday September 10th, 2007 at Schubas in Chicago, IL
May or May Not, Eagle Seagull, & Solid Gold
Zaid Maxwell of May or May Not
Steve Reidell of May or May Not
Eli Mardock & Johnny Idt of Eagle Seagull
Zach Coulter of Solid Gold
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Note: Sorry no time for a real accounting of this show. So here you are, stuck with the quick paragraph version:

Solid Gold is a Minneapolis trio augmented by a Macintosh as a drum machine and sequencer. Rhythms were all over the place from Latin to Euro pop to thumping disco, but it was all just a bit over-wrought and emotive, reminding me a bit too much of the mid-90s output of Sting. Eagle Seagull is the reason I was at the show and I was not disappointed. The band was a million different combinations of guitars and keyboards, all usually augmented by sweeping strings and live violin. Everything seemed grand and well placed. Between acts the "hosts" sang along to Peter Cetera (or was it Chicago?) and showed a live "slide" show by ripping pages off of a easel-sized pad of drawing paper. It was full of in-jokes, was only funny to people who did it, the headliner, and the three others who got it, and was totally uncalled for. I guess Schubas calls its residency program "practise space," so maybe I shouldn't have expected anything less. May or May Not came dressed in crazy costumes, with crazy glasses, and with crazy paint on their faces. At one point the band declared "Normally we wouldn't play these songs, but it's Monday night – what do you have to lose?" I dunno, the money I paid to see you? Despite all this I found myself falling in love with several of the band's songs. The band's music is thick indie rock built around swirling keyboards and dense compositions. Occasionally the band drifted into dream pop territory, but normally the sound was grounded in rock. If a band can win me over with its music after doing so much wrong, you know the songs have to be winners. Yeah, I'll see 'em again.