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Saturday August 18th, 2007 at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL
Portugal, The Man, The Photo Atlas, & Noelle Matthews
John Gourley of Portugal, The Man
Zach Carothers of Portugal, The Man
Alan Andrews of The Photo Atlas
Unknown member of Noelle Matthews' band
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[5.4M mp4 video]

Note: I just found the photos, video and mini account you see below for this show. It's three months old, but better late than never, right?

Boy are you getting screwed. I've only got nasty photos, spotty video fragments pieced together, and no time for a real show account. I will give you the quick and dirty paragraph version though: The show opened with Noelle Matthews accompanied by an awkward accomplice playing a four-song set that featured both Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Neil Young's "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)." Two acoustic guitarists that were seldom in sync, trumped by a nervous and amateur performance that would be embarrassing if it were at a high-school talent show, really sunk the set for me. The audience, on the other hand, seemed only thrilled to sing along, and clap hysterically for the goofy, yet charismatic Matthews. Despite my abhorrence of the set, Matthews' surprisingly pleasing, smokey, Edie Brickell-like voice intrigued me. The Photo Atlas played a dynamite set of quick post-punk pulled from its new album. A bit more disco punk than the previous album, but wicked mind-blowing nonetheless. Alan Andrews still sounds just like PIL-era John Lydon. Man that band sure stops to tune a lot. Portugal, The Man headlined. The kids went crazy for the band's remarkably complex light show and what was essentially Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin riffs updated for the underaged set. This reimagining of hard rock/classic rock by this six-piece was interesting though, and I found myself really enjoying a few of the more King Crimson-esque moments. Mostly, however, I felt old as audience members strained from behind me to reach out and touch bassist Zach Carothers' hand.