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Tuesday March 29th, 2016 at Blind Tiger in Kansas City, MO
Sheer Mag, Laffing Gas, Wet Ones, Beta Boys, The Drippies, & Kolumbine Kids

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Note: I just found this set of photos on an old backup drive and I realized I never did anything with them. A couple of reasons for that: One, they're horrible photos. And two, I have no photos of the opener (I guess I got there late?) amd none of Sheer Mag. The light was impossible, the crowd was insane, and I just wanted to dance and jump and sing so I put away the camera and had a blast instead. The show was incredible. I did see the band again about a year later, but that show was dull. This one was insane and one of the best shows I'd ever been a part of. Anyway here some some photos from that night. For posterity. I evidently took no video.