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Saturday April 23rd, 2005 at Great Scott in Allston, MA
Shipping News, Taxpayer, & Shark and Bear
Jason Noble of Shipping News
Jeff Mueller of Shipping News
Jared Marsh of Taxpayer
BASS of Shark and Bear
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Note: Hmmm. This was my first time shooting at Great Scott and boy does it look like it. My colours are all over the place. It's pretty embarrassing actually. Good thing I have no artistic integrity or I wouldn't even share these. Anyway, I'm too bummed about the photos to write about this show, so here's the quick version: Shipping News were tiring and epic and grand and trying in very Slint-y sorta way. Boston's Taxpayers will require a bit more research but they seemed like a one-trick pony with dense rock songs abutted with clean guitar and a vocalist that sounds like Jeff Buckley. Worcester's Shark and Bear will get a full account at another show, but they deliver on the chaos of noisy math rock, creating warm music with movement rather than merely cold robotic technical proficiency. Also there is no video from this show as Great Scott is just too dark to film.