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Saturday February 4th, 2006 at Great Scott in Boston, MA
Skeleton Key, The Giraffes, Eyes Like Knives, & Shark and Bear
Benjamin Clapp of Skeleton Key
Damien Paris of The Giraffes
Scott Toomey of Eyes Like Knives
VOX of Shark and Bear
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Note: Sorry I'm so late in uploading these. Work caught up with me. So here is every photo I took that night. I so should have deleted half of these and cleaned up the other half, but there just wasn't time. These photos aren't gonna win me any new fans, but in my defense, Great Scott is still the WORST venue in town to shoot. Put some lights on that stage for chrissakes! Without lights there is no focus, without focus, well you'll see... Anyway with a dark stage you don't get video either. Sorry.

Anyway no time for a full account but let me give some thoughts. Shark and Bear are the most underated band in Boston. Math rock changes with big flowing melodies. This set was much more indie than I remember, and I was amazed. Eyes Like Knives are softer and more mature than they used to be. No real screaming energy and with both guitarist now standing behind keyboards, there is no motion or action in the show. Sad. The Giraffes were resurrecting the 70s hard rock of Deep Purple or Sabbath while presenting a scumfuck vibe that The Daughters do much better. I wasn't such a fan. Skeleton kid were friggin' wonderful. Deep and enveloping but still urgent. Grating and energetic but still friendly and whisical. So there.