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Saturday August 15th, 2015 at Harling's Upstairs in Kansas City, MO
Summer Kamp II: Frontline Attack, Faultfinder, Thelma and the Sleaze, Bad Taste, Red Kate, & The Uncouth

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Note: Okay so normally I wouldn’t have written anything up on a show where I arrived late, missed bands, didn't get video of the headliner, and only caught day two of a three-day festival, but the fest is such a cool thing that I wanted to include a quick paragraph with my photos.

Due to the overlapping Sporting KC game I didn't arrive at the club until after The Uncouth and Red Kate had already finished. Sorry to both of those bands. When I did arrive, Bad Taste (or what I presume was Bad Taste) was halfway through its set. The band is hardcore with bits of crust in there, an Oi Polloi back patch on a denim jacket, and an intense singer who dove into the audience. Lots of pace from five dudes that I surmise are from Carbondale. Then was Thelma and The Sleaze from Nashville. The all-girl trio flaunts a sexuality that shifts from coy to crude, songs that range from Memphis blues to poppy punk, and feature guitar work from sludgy Sabbath riffs to bold leads. Big personalities from everyone in the band, and dirty words always sound sweeter when delivered in a southern drawl. Definitely a band to see live. The locals stepped up again next as Faultfinder took the stage. Four guys playing dystopian blackened post-metal full of screeching vocals, head-banging, and drop D tuning. Sometimes simple and repetitive, sometimes chaotic and confusing, but well received throughout. Sets ran longer than they should have, leaving Dallas's Frontline Attack only fifteen minutes, and just as few audience members. As a result, the reunited trio celebrating their twentieth anniversary gave the crowd great street punk songs with big hooks, west coast-styled "wo-ohs," finger-tapped guitar leads, but zero energy.