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Sunday September 25th, 2022 at Farewell in Kansas City, MO
Wayne Pain & The Shit Stains, Sick Thoughts, Kool 100s, & Doldrums

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This show was four weeks ago. The next day my life got messed up. Photos of the show got ignored for a month. Life. But also they just aren't good as the bands played off the stage in the extra darkness of the club. I never did a write up, and now the details have slipped into the ether. But here are a few notes:

Doldrums frontman Jordan Taylor wanted the crowd to dance. Except they they would only move when he did. Then they brought the hardcore steps. Doldrums played a crunching song that reminded me of SOD. Did we cancel them, or did we decide Billy Milano was engaging in thoughtful satire? Doldrums are so good.

Kool 100s were loose. I think that’s their thing. All three members seem to drift apart, sow their oats, then they occasionally sync back up. It was hard to keep up. Some songs go at 100mph. The vocals got lost. They’re still a force to be reckoned with.

Sick Thoughts were the draw. Fast. Loose. Songs piled right on top of each other. New songs. Old songs. ’77 punk. Still melody. And guitar leads. And guitar solos. And vocal harmonies. But a bit more chaos than I expected. Maybe more than I wanted. I’m a power pop kid. I’d do it again.

There was a fight. Or the makings of one. People were pushed out the door. Voices were raised. Fingers were pointed. Then the parties went their separate ways.

Wayne Pain & The Shit Stains. As advertised. Subversive punk. Naughty. Maybe with a wink. Frontman Kenneth Kupfer sang that he was gonna fornicate with my ex-wife. He said his voice was shot. It was. He introduced a song with “I’m gonna mess this one up so bad. I can’t wait.” I don’t know if he did. I know drummer Brett Livingston was winded by the ten-song set. I know the trio are a lot of fun. And it’s all in poor taste.