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Sunday March 19th, 2023 at Easy Inn in Kansas City, KS
Wayne Pain & The Shit Stains, Total Sham, & Doldrums

Really just tossing this out here for posterity's sake. There was confusion on the start time, so I missed Doldrum's set entirely. You can find out plenty about the band by clicking on their name in the keywords. I also didn't get there in time to stake out a good vantage point for Total Sham's set, so I only got a few shaky shots from inside of what was a gloriously violent pit. I didn't dare divert my focus away from the dancers long enough to take video. I'm not stupid. Next time though, as the band's dangerous hardcore punk reminded me of Beta Boys and that 2015 crop of bands that punched and bled all over Blind Tiger. And as for Wayne Pain & the Shit Stains, well, let's be honest, there's never been a good band photograph taken inside of Easy Inn. My shots of the headliner only support that history. The set was good though. Frontman Kenneth Kupfer's banter was just as witty and apathetic as always. His guitar tone was as nasty as ever. And his voice, of course, was scratchy, ragged, and raw. The regular backing band of Brett Livingston (drums) and Louis Manendez (bass) know Kupfer's songs now, and have begun playing catchy new runs and fills that weren't there in earlier performances. The fifteen-song set drew heavily from the band's new cassette Heinous Action. If you didn't pick one up at the gig, you can still find it on Bandcamp.