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Too Much Rock's favorite local releases of 2020
Added: 12/31/2020

Too Much Rock's favorite 50 albums of 2020
Added: 12/31/2020

Too Much Rock presents its Top 35 Songs of 2020 along with 3 unadventurous picks. Read my justifications and follow along with a Spotify playlist containing each track.
Added: 12/31/2020

We count down our fav songs of 2020 on Podcast #540. Listen to songs from Outtacontroller, The Budweisers, Daniel Romano, Bill Callahan, Archers of Loaf, Blackstarkids, & The Exbats.
Added: 01/04/2021

Right now the search is pretty literal, so if you didn't find what you wanted by searching "Davey's" try "Davey's Uptown Rambler" for example. I've currently metadata keywords in for bands, for venues, some musicians, some genres. What did I miss? Also the results are pretty ugly, but we're getting there.