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Podcast #389 packs it in w/ Wyldlife, Bleeders, Warm Bodies, Jens Lekman, Dave Hause, Fred Thomas, Cadie Cowden, Nectar, & Witch Jail.

Things got downright weird when Hillary Watts Riot, Sextonic Plates, & Witch Jail played KC on 12/5. Click for my photos and video of the madness.

It started weird and only got weirder. Check out my account, photos, & video of this Mistake Mondays show featuring Lil Toughies, The Drippies, & Witch Jail.

Blessed are the brave that gathered at Riot Room on 3/27 to see Pleasures, Shortsweather, Witch Jail, & HMPH boldly ignore all the rules.

On 4/13 Salty brought its new new wave to a small crowd of herky-jerky dancers still squirming from the psychedelic surf of opener Witch Jail.

Schwervon, Deco Auto, & Witch Jail teamed up for this locals-only celebration on 9/3 at The Brick.

On 12/9 I went to a drunken bawl and a hardcore show broke out. Check out my pics and video of Wet Ones, Golden Pelicans, Phantom Head, & Witch Jail.

All of downtown was buzzing with First Friday activities, but it was really noisy inside as Witch Jail, Red Kate, and Blondie Brunetti performed

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