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Too Much Rock presents its Top 35 Songs of 2016 along with 3 adventure picks in memory of WQAX. Follow along with a video playlist containing each track.

Podcast #277 samples the bands playing the Center of the City Fest: Red Kate, Bad Ideas, Molotov Latte, Stiff Middle Fingers, Itch, Hipshot Killer, Rackatees, & Smash the State.

Podcast #343 is nothin' but punk w/ Titus Andronicus, Hipshot Killer, Seaside Rebels, Old Firm Casuals, Lion's Law, Gimp Fist, & Sie Lieben Maschinen.

Podcast #378 is all treat and no trick w/ new music from The Beat, Joyce Manor, Hipshot Killer, Maid Of Ace, Conor Oberst, Gruff Rhys, & MONO.

For 3 years KC's punk and hardcore community has thrown its own festival called Center of the City. 12 bands played the second night including headliners Iron Guts Kelly. Check out my photos and video of the night.

The Cute Lepers brought its punk rock revival to KC on 8/23 performing with Something Fierce, Hipshot Killer & The Puritans. Click for my account, photos, and video of the night.

Punk rock should not be trusted to the kids. Check out my photos and video of Hipshot Killer and The Big Iron captured in the friendly confines of Minibar.

Punk shows in cold basements are as Midwestern as corn. Check out my pics and video of Rackatees, Smash the State, Stinkbomb, Hipshot Killer, & Lazy Ol' Bitch.

Information about the Too Much Rock Singles Series where I press singles, give them to bands for free, and lose a lot of money all for the love of vinyl.

Right now the search is pretty literal, so if you didn't find what you wanted by searching "Davey's" try "Davey's Uptown Rambler" for example. I've currently metadata keywords in for bands, for venues, some musicians, some genres. What did I miss? Also the results are pretty ugly, but we're getting there.